Dec 062010

Something about winter weather brings out my love of vampy nails.  Deep reds, purples, deep browns, which can looks so pretty next to fair skin.  Some polishes are deep pools of color, others have shimmer and glimmer buried below.

Here’s a very quick sketchbook-type post reviewing a few:

  • Zoya Kalista, a deep brown-red shot through with warm gold shimmer
  • OPI Bogota Blackberry, a cool deep red with shimmer, similar but not as shimmery as Zoya Isla (see below)
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Film Noir (reviewed here), a deep, very dark red creme in the tradition of Chanel Rouge Noir/Vamp
  • Chanel Rouge Noir, the deep, dark creme that lives up to its name–literally, “red black” in French.  Said to be the closest color to Chanel’s original Vamp released in 1994.  Rouge Noir is part of the regular line in Europe, and sometimes available as a special purchase or part of holiday sets in the U.S.
  • Zoya Paris, sold for only $7, this is an impressive 3-free creme that applies like a dream and bears a respectable resemblance to Chanel Rouge Noir.  No, not an exact match–Paris is slightly less red, and doesn’t have quite the je ne sais quoi of Rouge Noir, but Paris is still extremely beautiful
  • Zoya Casey, is a deep purple version of Rouge Noir/Vamp.  It’s a deep and mysterious violet-purple-black.  Lovely.
  • Zoya Blair, one of my all-time favorite Zoya’s.  A rich, deep red with a reverberant shimmer. Love. This. Red.  Applies so beautifully in two coats, and has a glow without glitter.  Gorgeous.
  • Zoya Isla, is a truer red with shimmer and glow.  Beautiful–it leans a bit cool, in a way that looks nice on warm skin tones.
  • Zoya Yasmeen, is a purple-red with glowing shimmer.  See also, Nars Purple Rain.
  • OPI Merry Midnight, from last year’s Holiday collection, this is a deep purple with colored flakes of purple and red.  Really pretty and I’m glad that I’ve brought this out for the holidays.


Thanks for looking at my little sketchbook entry.  Which deep reds are your favorites in your collection?

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  7 Responses to “Sketchbook: Deep Red Nails”

  1. I love, love, LOVE Lippmann Just Walk Away Renee. I really hate that it’s a “celebrity” color and I never would have purchased it had it not been on clearance at C.O. Bigelow’s for $3, but it’s seriously great. It’s very dark but it looks like it “glows-from-within;” it’s never dull or black in dark lighting. I can’t even describe how great it is (application is flawless too!), but I love it so much I would purchase it full price even with the stupid name.

  2. I really love OPI Midnight in Moscow, amazing colour. My latest edition is Revlon Valentine but I still have to try it on my nails.

  3. Love your blog!

  4. I’ll add to your list OPI “We’ll always have Paris”, it’s really similiar to Chanel “rouge noir”, I wore it today and it’s a beautiful deep red-black just like the Chanel one (that I have)…love them both!

  5. I have Film Noir too – I thought it was more of a blackened plum like OPI Lincoln Park in the Dark – boy was I wrong! I also love Essie’s Wicked – I think that’ll be my next pedicure color.

  6. Thank you for this, it’s so helpful.

    Deep, dark reds are timeless.

  7. well, I love these deep reds. These are the type that look great for people who have a medium complexion.

    The only shade that is missing is Sephora by OPI meet for drinks. That one is my fav and would look great with any of the reds mentioned

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