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The Invitation

Chanel’s Paris-Byzance Metiers d’Arts Pre-Fall collection, shown yesterday, is up at  The show, which took place in the intimate venue at the Chanel main location at 32 Rue Cambon, Paris, allowed viewers an extremely close-up view of this opulent collection.   Indeed, I once saw a film clip of Karl Lagerfeld’s first show for Chanel, and it appeared to be taking place in this same large room (albeit with different decor).

Paris-Byzance featured square, substantial looks with details that included stones, lace, leather, tweed and metal.  The textures invoked the old world of East Europe.

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Some of the looks:

Backstage, Makeup Creative Director Peter Philips worked his magic with jeweled burgundy eyes, deeply lined lashes, softly bronzed-nude cheeks and lips that complimented the streak of burgundy-red streaks under the brows:

The blush is quite pronounced on this model, the lip rather neutral.  A heavy, dark liner that appears to be either from a cake or liquid liner. Notice the burgundy-red line under the brow for the runway:

On this model, the bronzy-blush is quite subtle, the lip light and natural:

The lips are quite pale, the eyes very heavily emphasized:

The liner on the model in the foreground is quite runway–the wing doesn’t quite meet the liner under the eye, but works beautifully with the dramatic collection:

This intriguing cream palette is a combination of five different golds, and will be quite difficult to obtain.  Designed by Chanel’s Peter Philips, there will be only 1,500 available.

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  13 Responses to “Chanel Paris-Byzance Pre-Fall 2011 Fashion”

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m inspired! I love the eye makeup! I want the palette and the clothes. If only my knitting was sophisticated enough to design something similar…

  2. Very impressive, indeed! The eye look the models are sporting puts me in mind of Guerlain’s spring Écran 6 Couleurs in Rue de Rivoli which is a selection of luminous neutrals with a center pop of fuchsia. It looks like Chanel is headed in the same direction with that beautiful Bordeaux above the crease. I wonder if there will be a quad for us mere mortals. That opulent, golden bijou Philips has created will be snatched up by the collectors in seconds. Warm, rich, sumptuous, opulent–definitely not for the minimalists!

    • I quite agree Eileen–although I’d absolutely die to have the Philips creation, I’m sure that access will be given to editors, celebrities and the like before the rest of us (sigh!). But I am crossing my fingers that the rest of the world can get a pretty quad. And, yes, I’m dying for the new Guerlain creation as well! I cannot wait to see it–do you know if it is in stores yet?

      • Yuki’s Lazy Channel has some beautiful pictures of the Guerlain collection along with actual swatches. It is scheduled for release in Asia in January and the US in February. As we well know, release days get shuffled around a bit depending on sales related issues. In any event, come spring, we’ll all be clamoring for bright cheerful colors; especially here in La La Land :-)

  3. Interesting. I am not a fan of gold, so this will be a miss for me. Shame after the amazing and must-have spring collection. At least my wallet will be safe. :)

  4. Oh my GAWD, Amy — I can’t remember the last time I saw photos so luscious! Wow.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this with us! But is it just me or does the makeup on these women make them look like zombies? They look spaced out and literally like the “walking dead”! I understand it’s all about the “show” and the clothes, but talk about hiding your light under a bushel!

    • Close-ups of runway always look artistic to me I suppose. But the facial expressions are quite blank–the models really do look like they are very absorbed, walking down a street, not really in the room at all.

  7. This is beautiful. The make up is beyond exquisite. No more words. *)
    Thank you for posting the wonderful pictures.

  8. Came to have a look at the makeup looks in detail.. Now I am thinking, never mind the gold palette.. I dream of owning one of those tweed coats lol

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