Dec 102010

Holiday 2010 has been all about metal textures, shimmer and shine.  To this season, Giorgio Armani adds the Gold Rush collection, which includes the Platinum Palette Sheer Shimmer Powder ($55).  Although the name infers cool toned silver tones, in fact the palette imparts a soft candle lit glow.

The round, sturdy sleek palette uses the same design which draws me to reach for Giorgio Armani when I need an elegant product that fits into virtually anything and holds up through the roughest handling.  Inside:

A close-up shows the beautiful texture of this palette:

The palette is roughly the same circumference as the Armani eyeshadow palettes, but is a solid pan of highlighting powder.  In direct flash:

It’s safe to let the pictures do the talking to demonstrate how beautiful this palette is.  The effect of this is subtle– here I’ve swatched it quite heavily over a base to bring out the color and shine:

Another, also applied heavily over a base to show the candlelight soft shimmer color:

Here’s a comparison between Giorgio Armani’s Gold Rush Platinum and Yves Saint Laurent’s Colorama Highlighter:

Do you need them both?  No, unless you like the versatility of the different color choices.  Both a beautiful, excellent quality palettes that give a soft, beautiful glow.  Gorgeous.

Here is the ingredient list for the Giorgio Armani Platinum highlighter (click to enlarge):

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  3 Responses to “Giorgio Armani Gold Rush Platinum Palette”

  1. This looks like a great highlighter (not that I need anymore)! How does it compare to the Tom Pecheux for Estee Lauder Luminous powder?

    • Connie–It has more color–the GA adds a soft champagne/color (although it’s subtle) and a touch more sparkle. The Tom Pecheux is more invisible except for the magical sheen. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  2. It’s easy to see why Armani refers to this highlighter as Platinum. In the 4th, 6th (especially), and 7th pictures, the blue is very pronounced. When I tried it at the counter, I also noticed the blue when I’d tilt the tester back and forth under the lights. Although it was incredibly beautiful, I gave it a miss because I wasn’t quite sure how I’d use it. I picked up a new bottle of my old standby, Fluid Sheer #2 instead.

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