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Since I began beauty blogging, my nails have been under a microscope, or so it feels.  Although before I started taking nail pictures a busy week or two could go by without too much nail maintenance, now that I’m taking more close-up pictures of my nails I’m much more conscious of every detail.  After seeing my cuticles on a 24″ monitor after taking close-up pictures with a pin-sharp lens, I pay attention to my hands as never before.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying Go Nails ($24.99)(website here).  Before then, I used hand moisturizers (usually L’Occitane) and AHA cuticle treatment Creative Nail Design’s Cuticle Eraser (around $8):

These worked pretty well, but I still had occasional irritation around my nail bed, uneven cuticles and some of my nails are prone to splitting.  Like almost everyone, I use my hands daily nonstop for nail-assaulting activities like typing, errands and dealing with enormously heavy pots and pans that my husband insisted on buying years ago that now, regrettably, will never wear out.

Go Nails promises better cuticles, improved nail strength, and faster nail growth, based on a combination of ingredients:

  • Lipoplastadine – Strengthening, improves thickness, nourishing and resilient, healing effects
  • Thymulen 4 – Stimulates the synthesis of keratins to improve skin barrier function
  • Biotin – Data proves that it thickens, strengthens and hardens nails
  • Keratin – Strengthening and conditioning proteins
  • Arginine Aminobenzoate – Patented DNA stimulator, promotes damage repair

Go Nails comes in a nice container–it’s a generous pump bottle, 1/2 ounce, and one uses very little. There’s a light, pleasant scent that fades after a few minutes-it’s much less apparent than many L’Occitane hand creams.  I found that about 1/2 pump worked well for all ten fingers.  I kept mine near my workstation to make sure that I used it at least once every day for the last 3 weeks.  I worked it into my cuticle area–according to Go Nails, you can apply it even if you are already wearing nail polish.  So I did.  Immediately after application, I’m able to type without leaving any residue on my keyboard–it disappears very quickly into the skin, leaving a softened feeling without residue.

For the few first days, my cuticle and nail area felt moisturized.  On the third day, I started noticing a dramatic improvement.  The skin healed to match the rest of my skin tone on the rest of my hand.  Now that three weeks has passed, my cuticle area looks perfect-the skin is healthy and my cuticles are minimal in size without any splitting.  My nails are much more pliable and they are holding up very well.  They do seem to be growing a bit faster without any peeling or breaking.  I’m continuing to see improvement, so I’m going to keep going although I’m very impressed with the results that I’ve seen so far.

I was sent a bottle of Go Nails for consideration for review.  Given how much time and care I’ve invested in my nail polish collection, I’ll be buying my next bottle.  Go Nails works, and in the context of skin and nail care, is comparatively inexpensive for the dramatic results that it delivers.  Highly recommended.

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  5 Responses to “Better Stronger Nails: Go Nails Treatment”

  1. I see how this product claims better cuticles, improved nail strength, and faster nail growth. I have a problem where I nervously bite my nails, so I can’t paint them or do anything special. I have tried acrylic nails but I don’t like the look of them. Do you think this product would be good for a nail biter?

    • I think it would help healing, Diane, but ultimately your nails aren’t going to look absolutely perfect till you can stop. 🙂 I have some good friends who managed to stop through different ways–one of the most effective was a good friend who started painting her nails beautifully so she stopped biting because she didn’t want to spoil her manicure. So this will help condition your cuticles and your nails will look better overall, and then become absolutely perfect if you can combine it with quitting. Take care and thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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