Among all of the beautiful gold, bronze and metal released this season, Lancome’s L’Wren Scott collection stands out like a quiet star.  It’s easy to overlook this lovely collaboration with fashion designer L’Wren Scott, it has a small, boutique vibe and except for the Fashion Week-famous gray nail polish released for this collection, I haven’t seen it widely discussed.

Perhaps most women think of Lancome for mascara, lip products and perfume, but I’ve always wanted to add eyeshadows to the list of their standouts. I am particularly impressed with their eyeshadows released in Europe, designated by their square pan.  When I looked at this collection, I saw that Les Gris L’Wren ($42)(“The Grays of L’Wren), had a square shape similar to those in Lancome’s European collections.  So I took a leap.  Les Gris D’Wren is a smoky eye palette that features a shimmery white highlighter, two shimmery grays and a matte black.  If you are light skinned, try dabbing your brush into the pan before diving in too deep.  The grays (even the lighter shade) goes on with some serious drama. Les Gris L’Wren absolutely delivers a very dark, sexy smoky look if you use your brushes as you normally would.


The sparkle highlighter shade is not a true white, but rather a cool very light gray.  I found the shadows extremely easy to blend without a primer or base.  Unsurprisingly, I found that I got some fallout from the glitter in the light highlighter shade.  My best result was to use a sticky eyeshadow primer (NARS, in my case) on the brow bone before applying the highlighter to grip the shadow, but not using the primer on the rest of the eye.

Note that the whites and gray of Les Gris D’Wren tended to go slightly blue when applied to my warm-toned skin, which is not unusual for gray and silver shadows on me.

Les Gris L’Wren reminded me of Chanel Smokey Eyes Palette ($56)(No. 93 Smoky Eyes Quadra Eyeshadow), so I thought it would be fun to compare them.  (Actually I thought it would be fun to compare both to a Revlon or Rimmel, leave me a comment if you’re interested in having me do that–I can pick one up this weekend).

There is a superficial similarity in the colors for both Chanel and Lancome palettes, both have a deep black, two grays (one light, one deeper), and a highlighter.  Chanel’s highlight color looks brighter in the pan, although the swatch colors are roughly similar in tone:

The Chanel palette gives the traditional silky texture, a beautiful shadow that can be worn sheerly or opaquely depending on how the brush is used and whether the shadows are layered.  I can get an easy day-friendly look or evening look.  Lancome’s Les Gris has a more pearly texture and more pronounced pigmentation.  The largest difference is between the two light gray shades–Chanel is lighter and has a touch of sparkle.  Lancomes is a deeper gray tone and there is pearl but no sparkle. Otherwise, they are both excellent quality, beautiful products.

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