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This year’s Holiday makeup has been all about shimmer, shine and metal.  Several collections were quite large, offering something for literally almost everyone.  Others were narrow and theme-focused.  After living with some of my choices for a few months, I thought it would be fun to review some of this season’s favorites.

First, Geurlain Perles D’Or Metorites, reviewed here.  A surprise hit for me, I’ve used them more than I could have imagined, and will continue to do so.  No coverage, just a beautiful, glowing finish when used as an overall powder.  True love.

Second, Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette, reviewed here.  Another delightful surprise winner.  Very high quality, and completely fool proof.  I’ve made several complete, polished eye looks already without trying very hard.  Easy, and it always looks right. I’m also enjoying the lip items–every one seems to work well, although they are all so different.

Third, Dior Five Golds Palette, reviewed here. Glamorous, gorgeous.  Excellent quality, and the five different colors provide real versatility.  For me, this is a “must have” from this season.

Fourth, Chanel Tweed Fuchsia blush, reviewed here.  This blush delivers a beautiful color that is holiday appropriate, but will look lovely year round.

Fifth, Dior Czarina Gold nail polish, reviewed here.  This color is completely unique, so far I do not now of anything like it, or found anyone who has identified anything similar.  A beautiful gold shimmer winks from underneath a patina’d brown.  Gorgeous.

Sixth, Edward Bess Moroccan Rose Blush, reviewed here. Although not technically part of a holiday collection, this blush gives a perfect red-mauve winter flush.  Beautiful and very easy to wear, even for those with pale skintones.


Seventh, Yves Saint Laurent Colorama Highlighter, reviewed here.  Great color, great texture, great glow.

Eighth, Estee Lauder Extravagant Gold, reviewed here.  Tom Pecheux once again demonstrates his genius with this very high quality, beautiful gold-based eyeshadow palette.

Ninth, NARS Sweet Disposition, reviewed here.  A set of three multiples, as adorable as little candies.  Highly usuable, a nice selection and all from NARS standard line, so if you fall in love you can always find another.

Tenth, Chanel Rouge Coco in Magnolia, reviewed here.  Highly wearable, lovely formula and always looks appropriate.  Yes, it’s a beautiful fresh color for the holidays but this will turn out to be a year-long favorite.

Those are my favorites so far, although there are still a few items that I’m waiting to receive….

Which holiday items did you love best?

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  5 Responses to “Holiday Items I Love”

  1. The Guerlain pearls look gorgeous, am desperate to give them a try!

    • Love the Rouge Coco in Magnolia! Great color on me. I look forward to your posts, Amy – your reviews are spot on and so enjoyable to read! Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Lovely choices, you have reminded me that I was rather keen on the set of multiples. 🙂

  3. YSL Colorama Highlighter is my fave, and for all year ’round!

  4. Those are definitely all favorite worthy—- I loved all of Bobbi Brown’s palettes this year

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