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Chanel Regard Perle ($56 Les 4 Ombres/ Quadra Eye Shadow #20), is one of the center pieces of Chanel’s Spring 2011 collection. Previewed on the runway featuring couture fashion, the critical component of the look hinges on the deep, dark green, as seen on the models walking the show:

On the runway:

This much-anticipated Chanel Regard Perle delivers that very delicate balance of feminine yet strong, as well as a lovely tension between that which is unusual yet always appropriate.  I wouldn’t hesitate to wear Regard Perle anytime, anywhere.  Three of these colors say “fresh, lovely and springtime,” while the deep green-black anchors the palette with a clear, modern voice.  Somehow, all of the colors work beautifully as an overall piece–the four colors are in harmony despite their very distinct differences.

The colors:

  • A creamy, shimmery white infused with subtle gold
  • A pink infused with just enough warmth
  • A shimmery gold with a touch of peach
  • That gorgeous shimmery green-black, a more conservative sibling of the deep green-black in Chanel’s Ombres Perlees palette.



Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book has some lovely pictures of Regard Perle, including some comparisons with existing Chanel quads, Murano and Winter Nights.  I agree that Regard Perle is not duplicative of either.  It’s nicely pigmented, and the colors all have a pearly shimmer that is true to the theme of this Chanel collection (as you likely already know, Coco Chanel loved pearls and they figure quite prominently in Chanel’s couture, ready to wear and accessory lines).

I haven’t had time to play with this, due to my recent distraction with the new formula in the Ombre Perles palette, however, I hope to post more pictures over the next two weeks using this palette.  For now, if you are placing a Chanel order, I would say this looks like a highly usuable, very beautiful palette that I would not hesitate to pick up.

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  2. I was really looking forward to this palette, but some have described it as glittery and having fall out. Would you agree or disgree with their descriptions? The colors are so beautiful and unusal (for me), I would love to add it to my collection (which consists of mostly neutral browns, taupes, and greys.

    • Hi Frances, Regard Perle does have microshimmers (especially the deep green). It is not the large glitter that you would see in a typical Urban Decay eyeshadow or a MAC Lustre at all, but the colors in the pan and in a finger swatch do show some tiny tiny bits.

      I did not experience fallout with any of the shades, with the U.S. version that I bought and you see pictured in my review. When I read your comment, I went to try it again with my MAC 217 on one eye and MAC 219 on the other eye. No fallout. Having said that, I would typically use a denser brush with a deep shade like this, and pat on the color–but there is no fallout that way either (at least based on what I’ve seen from the last two days). Take care and thanks for the question! 🙂

      • Thank you so much, Amy! I love your swatches and I appreciate your trying it out for me! I tend to pat on shimmery shades anyway, so this information is very helpful! 🙂

    • Hi Frances. I don’t really understand what the malfunction is for those people who are saying there is a lot of fallout. That hasn’t been my experience even with the Tentation Cuivree palette that was a baked formula. I use Kanebo Sensai eyelid base and the pigments apply smoothly and cleanly. If there is a lot of visiable glitter in the pan, I pat the shadow onto my base and then blend. And, of course, a good brush makes a world of difference. Even at the end of a busy day, the shadow is still where I put it that morning.

  3. When I first saw the promo pictures, I thought I could easily dup this by using elements from Garden Party and Murano. But, when I spoke to the very charming and honest SA/MA at my local Nordstrom Chanel counter, she said that there was enough difference in texture, finish, and overall look to justify getting the new quad. So, order it I did, and I haven’t been in the least bit disappointed with this easy to wear set of springtime colors.

    Although it might be possible to duplicate this look with some other colors you already own, they definitely won’t reflect the same hues that are found within each color of Regard Perlé nor will they have the same beautiful pearl lustre that is so evident in this new quad. And, unlike cheaper or older formulations, the glow doesn’t look like something that is just sitting on the surface of your skin; rather the luminosity looks like it is coming from within.

    As we all well know, change is the name of the game in the beauty biz. Formulations, textures, and pigments are constantly evolving; creativity abounds; and innovation is limited only by one’s imagination. With so much from which to choose, why would anyone want to limit themselves to a cosmetic technology that is now passé? Of course, there is always a financial consideration, but that is an entirely individual and personal matter.

  4. Have you used the blush from this Chanel’s 2011 spring collection? If so, what do you think about it and could you post swatches.

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