Chanel’s Spring 2011 collection includes Ombres Perlees de Chanel ($65 limited edition), a beautiful new confection that redefines texture and glow.  This palette appears to be the product of a collaboration between artists and scientists, who have achieved something completely unique.  I have never seen an eyeshadow palette react to light like Ombres Perlees, the shadows consistency acts just like a pearl.  The effect works precisely the same way when applied to the lid.  I would not miss picking up this palette.

First things first–the palette comes in the rectangular format of a similar size and shape as Chanel’s powder foundations and bronzers, with two small double-ended brushes (3 foam/1 brush):

Inside, the palette has a sophisticated glow without a trace of glitter or shimmery bits.  The texture is a pearly-smooth powder.

In natural light:


The texture is the same throughout the palette, only the colors are distinct:

The colors:

  • A pearly warm cream highlighter
  • A soft peach with a hint of pink
  • A cranberry-violet with black reflects
  • A metallic green that is a mix of a forest, khaki and moss
  • An absolutely stunning deep gunmetal with a hint of deep green with a rainbow of reflects (red, green, blue)

I’m posting several swatches to show how this formulation reacts to light:

Another, tilted away from the light:

I’m going to post two more, because the formula is so unique:

Since this palette only arrived last evening, I don’t have extensive experience using it.  In the one experiment that I did, I found:

  • When applied to my lid, the shadow applied remarkably true to these swatches.
  • The last dark color makes a banging beautiful eyeliner shade (over my Bobbi Brown Black Ink gel liner).
  • I used the center shade as my main lid color, and touched the peach in the inner corner.
  • The peach would make a nice all over lid color (similar to Chanel Abricot, but with a more pearly texture).
  • The pigmentation is quite good–manageable but you don’t need to layer to get a good strength.
  • If you do layer, you’ll get a very pretty opaque pearl.  I would think that the green and the middle cranberry/violet would be gorgeous like this.
  • I found that tucking a little of the creamy white highlighter shade only in the arch of the brow worked best for day–just to add a little light– without placing it all over the brow bone (but do put all over the brow bone for night or for a formal day look).

I love Ombres Perlees de Chanel. Are you still on the fence?  Are you trying to kill me?  You know this is limited edition, right?  Get it, seriously you will want to be wearing this during the Spring.  I’ll be wearing mine tonight.

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