Chanel Glossimer in ($27/ Levres Scintillants Glossimer #151) is a light, shimmering lipgloss that showcases how well Chanel executes shimmer.  There’s a beautiful fairy sparkle combination of teal, pink, purple and gold in a nearly-sheer base that imparts Chanel-signature pearly glow.

Applied (picks up flashes of light):

Although one is commonly advised to wear these as a topcoat on a favorite lipstick, I love wearing this alone.  Who needs another color?  It’s pretty on all on its own.  This is not the first Chanel glossimer that has this gorgeous 3-dimensional effect, but we’ve used up our other ones already.  Liz and I like to keep one in a pocket, they are quite easy to apply without a mirror for a quick, polished glow.

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