Dec 302010

Liz and I went to see MAC’s Cham Pale collection the other evening, and I picked up Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection Paint Pots ($16.50 each).  There’s something about a shimmery warm neutral with a strong black liner that sends me over the edge.

I was impressed with the buttery texture of these when applied with a finger, which warms the product up to a nice consistency. Although there are tiny sparkles in these, when applied to the lid I thought that they were pretty and not at all over-the-top, particularly when worn with a matte brow bone color or matte brown in the crease.  I would not likely wear Chilled on Ice on the brow bone during the day;  I tried it this morning and it was a little glittery for my own taste.

Chilled on Ice applies as a champagne color, essentially a warm cream tone with a touch of gold and silver.  Vintage Selection like a rose champagne — a greyed down soft rose with a touch of gold and silver.

Swatch comparisons with other creme eyeshadows in my collection:  RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer, RMS Beauty’s Luna eyshadow, MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot and Laura Mercier’s Metallic Creme Eye Color in Gold.  Note that these swatches were applied with a brush, I found that MAC’s Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection applied much more smoothly with finger application than you see in this swatch (here, n neutral light):

Same order, in sunlight (click to enlarge):

Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection were my top choices for an easy, neutral eye with my light skin tone.  I was tempted by the other colors, and you may be too, if you look at KarlaSugar’s swatches and Sabrina’s review at The Beauty Look Book.

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  3 Responses to “MAC Cham Pale: Chilled on Ice and Vintage Selection”

  1. Welcome back, Amy. We’ve missed you although we certainly understand the reason for your temporary absence. Sometimes a person just needs to step back and take a break. It’s good to see you blogging again, though, and about such beautiful products. That Chilled on Ice certainly is interesting. My monitor is clearly showing the glints of silver midst the gold. It adds some depth to that metallic gleam.

  2. I was relieved to see you back, Amy! Having more time online during the holidays, it is particularly a joy to receive your blog updates. 🙂

  3. I went to a MAC store to pick up a pre-order for the Vintage Selection paint pot for my pale porcelain daughter. I tried several of these shades on my NW20/25 skin and all I saw was glitter/frost. The pigmentation was a waste on my skin. I would have loved some of these pale tonal looks, but they do not work for my skin tone. The Vintage Selection which is gorgeous for my daughter vanishes on my lids!

    I did buy Feline (eye pencil) and love it, especially with copper/bronze eye shadows.

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