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Last October, I reviewed Le Metier de Beaute’s Le Cirque Kaleidoscope Palette ($95), which is a gorgeous fall palette released for the Fall season.  Since then, I’ve discovered that The NonBlonde has uncovered names for the eyeshadows in the palette.  Further, I wanted to respond to some of the comments that asked me to post a few pictures that show the palette using Le Metier’s layering effect (called “Couches de Coleur”), which can add incredible depth and beauty to an already amazing palette.

I’ve added Le Metier’s names to the pictures this time through–here are the swatches with no layering:

Here are three of the colors, layered with the beautiful light shimmery Flamboyantes on top:

Here is the golden taupe Spectacle over Dynamique, alone and then over Enrichssant:

Just for fun, I decided to swatch all colors (the darkest Dynamique on the bottom, up to the lightest Flamboyantes on top) on the left;  and the copper red Enrichissant over the deep blue-violet Dynamique on the bottom on the right:

Once again, I’m struck by how beautiful and versatile Le Cirque is.  I love something this innovative and fun.  The colors coordinate together, can be worn separately (each is marvelously complex), plus the formula is amazing enough to apply as layers. In the end, these colors are as rich as a silk Baroque tapestry.  I am not aware of anyone else who is working with eyeshadow formulation this way, and I applaud Le Metier for doing such a gorgeous palette.

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  6 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute’s Le Cirque Kaleidoscope Revisited”

  1. There are many things that impress me about LMdB’s shadows, but in particular I love being able to layer the colors without them looking muddy or losing their identity. Even when you piled all the colors on top of each other for your last picture, you didn’t get a muddled mess. What you got was a new and beautiful color. Your swatches also illustrate something that is important for anyone who is worried that there might be a right way and a wrong way to layer the shadows. There isn’t! Have fun; let your imagination inspire you.

  2. Thank you Amy for this post – now I can’t wait to receive the Le Cirque Kaleidoscope. And also I really want to try the Peau Vierge, especially after it placed in your top 10 of 2010.
    I love your blog and your photos are always extremely helpful.

    x Klara

  3. This palette is sooo pretty! I looked at it over the holidays and think I will save up to splurge on it in the future. I just love the “Flamboyantes” shade and the deep blue-violet “Dynamique” looks amazing as well. Thanks for the review and swatches! 🙂

  4. Your pictures are terrific. I can not get swatch pictures that clear and crisp. I love the Kaleidoscope too.

  5. I am SOOO close to buying this but I just can’t get over the price tag : ( But I feel like the quality, size, and colors will be worth it. Oh the dilema…

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