Guerlain’s Spring 2011 “Sur Mes Levres” includes a limited edition blush, Guerlain Blush G Serie Noir–Secret to a Healthy Glow ($67).  This is a highly saturated blush infused with gold shimmers that melt into a highlight glow on on your cheeks.  This gasp-worthy palette is a stunning combination of finely milled powder, a versatile choice of colors, and the ability to blend colors that allows you to customize your look.

The colors are arranged in horizontal stripes:

  • The top stripe is a rich coral;
  • The second stripe is a deep pink fuchsia, which coordinates nicely with the fuchsia tone in the Rue de Rivoli Ecrin 6 eyeshadow palette;
  • The third is a soft, glowing peach; and
  • The bottom is a very light golden pink with a hint of peach.

This year, Guerlain’s limited edition blush seems designed to give a tropical glow.  When mixing all the colors, it gives a color that reminds me of a fruit punch color–deep pink, with touch of coral and peach with a visible glowing highlight.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  As Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book observed, Guerlain’s Blush G does have pigmentation.  I experimented with several brushes, and had good luck with my Shu 18R was soft enough to give me a light application.  However, I preferred to use my MAC 165, which has a very small head, with a light touch so that I could better control my choice of colors from the various choices in Blush G.

Consistent with this seasons black shiny packaging for the Rouge G lipsticks, this Series Noir Blush comes in this lacquered-themed case.

Blush G’s case appears to be made of the same material as the Ecrin 6 palettes; it has the look and cool feel of metal but the palette is not as heavy as a true metal palette might be.  You’ll notice that the Blush G case has a secret compartment on the bottom, which adds slightly to the bulk:

Inside, you can see a little coordinating fuchsia-bristled colored brush.  Using this brush gives very light application, as the bristles have a lot of give:

The top layer holds .28 ounces of the blush and a full mirror.  By the way, I was unable to detect any fragrance from the product:

Another close-up:



Bottom label:

This blush is very creative, and a nice use of the label limited edition.  This is a star product of a line that is brought out as an impressive tour de force of design and beauty. It’s a true luxury product, a pleasure to use because of its thoughtful and rather dramatic design.  Blush G is well-pigmented, gives a golden sheen in addition to color, and comes in a sturdy, yet elegant package.  As Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book observed, it may take a few tries to master the application for your skintone.  I like the results so far, it gives a beautiful candy flush that is both believable and very flattering.

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