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Guerlain’s Spring 2011 “Sur Mes Levres” includes a limited edition blush, Guerlain Blush G Serie Noir–Secret to a Healthy Glow ($67).  This is a highly saturated blush infused with gold shimmers that melt into a highlight glow on on your cheeks.  This gasp-worthy palette is a stunning combination of finely milled powder, a versatile choice of colors, and the ability to blend colors that allows you to customize your look.

The colors are arranged in horizontal stripes:

  • The top stripe is a rich coral;
  • The second stripe is a deep pink fuchsia, which coordinates nicely with the fuchsia tone in the Rue de Rivoli Ecrin 6 eyeshadow palette;
  • The third is a soft, glowing peach; and
  • The bottom is a very light golden pink with a hint of peach.

This year, Guerlain’s limited edition blush seems designed to give a tropical glow.  When mixing all the colors, it gives a color that reminds me of a fruit punch color–deep pink, with touch of coral and peach with a visible glowing highlight.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  As Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book observed, Guerlain’s Blush G does have pigmentation.  I experimented with several brushes, and had good luck with my Shu 18R was soft enough to give me a light application.  However, I preferred to use my MAC 165, which has a very small head, with a light touch so that I could better control my choice of colors from the various choices in Blush G.

Consistent with this seasons black shiny packaging for the Rouge G lipsticks, this Series Noir Blush comes in this lacquered-themed case.

Blush G’s case appears to be made of the same material as the Ecrin 6 palettes; it has the look and cool feel of metal but the palette is not as heavy as a true metal palette might be.  You’ll notice that the Blush G case has a secret compartment on the bottom, which adds slightly to the bulk:

Inside, you can see a little coordinating fuchsia-bristled colored brush.  Using this brush gives very light application, as the bristles have a lot of give:

The top layer holds .28 ounces of the blush and a full mirror.  By the way, I was unable to detect any fragrance from the product:

Another close-up:



Bottom label:

This blush is very creative, and a nice use of the label limited edition.  This is a star product of a line that is brought out as an impressive tour de force of design and beauty. It’s a true luxury product, a pleasure to use because of its thoughtful and rather dramatic design.  Blush G is well-pigmented, gives a golden sheen in addition to color, and comes in a sturdy, yet elegant package.  As Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book observed, it may take a few tries to master the application for your skintone.  I like the results so far, it gives a beautiful candy flush that is both believable and very flattering.

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  18 Responses to “Guerlain Serie Noir Blush G”

  1. hi amy!!!! thankyou very much for all your knowledge and having, in my opinion, the best beauty website!! i am very concerned about a few things and i wonder if you could ease my mind. the new guerlain blush is fabulous, no doubt. but, for almost $70, why does it say made in italy??? to me, that ruins everything…it’s suppose to say france. i’ve heard mass production and cheaper product, distribution, etc. is the reason why…chanel’s new eyeshadow says made in japan..also, if the blush is sooo incredible why limited edition…we’re having a severe snowstorm in cincinnati…it really bothers me that i feel almost pressured to go out today and hurry and buy these products because there are only limited quanities and then it’s gone forever…..:(

    • Hi Wendy–Japan and Italy have fabulous technology, indeed many very top quality makeup items are made in both countries. I’m assuming that Guerlain thought it best to go to a manufacturer in Italy because of reasons that we may never really know, but I’m assuming the best. I just purchased a beautiful eyeliner made in Japan, and its one of the best ones that I’ve ever used! Also, Wendy, I wouldn’t brave a severe snowstorm for any makeup item–your safety comes first!! 🙂 I hope that you stay warm and dry today. (PS–I believe that Nordstrom.com has this item online for sale if you do decide to purchase it today–but, honestly, stay safe!!). Take care, Amy

  2. thankyou very much amy!!!! will you be showing liz wearing any of the new guerlain items?!! i have similar coloring as her. no, i’m not going out in the snow…you are the best!! i’m a big fan!! it’s hard to trust my beauty advisors were i live. of course, they say everything is gorgeous and the best. i learn more from you than anyone else and, i know it before the people who work at the cosmetic counters.

  3. On your recommendation, I bought this blush and I absolutely love it! It is sooooo unusual! It is more of a glow than a blush, but so soft and shimmery and extremely sexy. It is just exquisite and I think it would be so on anyone. It does not come with a brush; do you happen to know if Guerlain makes a brush that would go with this? I am thinking black resin handle with fuschia goat hair….

    • Yes-Susie–I can see by your later comment you found the secret compartment below! 🙂 There is a brush included with the product.

  4. OMG! I didn’t know about the hidden brush! How absolutely divine! Thank you! This is indeed a treasure to be cherished.

    • I got a good laugh, Susie, and am so glad I wasn’t the only one to wonder why there wasn’t a brush. When I got curious and pried open the bottom compartment, there it was in all it’s hot pink glory. All I could think was, “Well, duh!” 🙂

  5. Sorry about my reply to Susie loading twice. Hopefully you can delete one of them. If not, oh well. . . 🙁

    As always, Amy, your review and pictures are wonderful. I’m sure that out of all the spring release products by Guerlain, the blush will be the runaway hit. When I first saw pictures, I thought it might be similar to Nars Orgasm, so when I went to Nordstrom, I swatched them both and they were completely different on my skin. Orgasm had a pronounced peach effect with lots of sparkle; Blush G was a pink coral (I love your fruit punch description) and was all about the glow. I loved it when I first saw it and, as soon as I swatched it, I knew it had to come home with me along with the stunning Rue de Rivoli. Is it worth $67? For me, yes. It is a very versatile blush that has good pigmentation, glides on smoothly, builds easily, wears well, and stays color true on my skin. What more could I ask for? For me, it is the perfect spring into summer blush.

  6. Here I am telling on myself some more. I received the blush from Saks in Houston; I thought, beautiful, but at this price, where’s a brush? Without Amy’s review today, I would never, ever have looked for a secret compartment. How Nancy Drew of Guerlain, and I love them all the more. Thanks again, Amy! BTW, I have the Rue de Rivoli, too; any secrets there?

  7. This looks so beautiful! Do you think it will be flattering on cooler toned skin? I usually can’t wear oranges, but I might have to make an exception for this one.

    • Hi Adele–it probably depends on how much of the pink you use to cool off the orange. This blush changes color quite a bit, depending on where you pick up the color. I did an overall sweep, and the pink showed quite a bit. Is it possible to order it from a place with a good return policy?

  8. Hi Amy , i am very tempted by this blush and was wondering if the sheen of it was similar or more pronounced than the one of Espiègle joues contraste

  9. Thank you so much for your detailed feature! This is without a doubt the ‘pièce de résistance’ of all the Spring collections – Guerlain has simply outdone itself, and all of the other luxury brands with this particular blush (and I think the entire collection as a whole). The mix of coral, pink and peach is so fresh and flattering on everyone! I was underwhelmed with Chanel’s Spring launch – seems like a rehash of what they’ve done in the recent past. So eager to see more Guerlain! Will you also be reviewing the lipsticks and glosses that are part of the Sur Mes Levres line??? Thank you once again!!!

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