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Guerlain’s Sur Mes Levres collection for Spring 2011 includes Kiss Kiss Gloss in Rosy Plum ($30.50 #867), which for me was the standout lip color of the collection.  Although Guerlain released a series of four lovely colors in the Rouge G formula in black Series Noir packaging, I did not find that any of the colors were “must haves” for me.  They are pretty, especially the Rose Desire 71 (reviewed at this link by The Beauty Look Book), but I found that I probably had enough similar colors already that I passed these lovelies by.

Instead, I went with this very unusual and dramatic gloss Rosy Plum.

Kiss Kiss in Rosy Plum looks quite dark and dramatic in the tube, and it is strewn with metallic fuchsia sparkles.  Let’s say that for someone with a pale complexion, this blue based berry red has “attention grabber” written all over it.

This Kiss Kiss Gloss has a small brush applicator inside, which so far behaves itself well without splaying:

I found that Kiss Kiss Rosy Plum has a very different character, depending on how you apply it.  When first applied, this gloss is true to its deep, plum-blueberry color that shows in the tube.  After a few minutes, as the gloss settles in, the fuchsia-pink tones become most predominant.  On the left, you can see a smudged, lighter fuchsia swatch compared with a full intensity dollop.  I’ve also included Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait in Fatale and Emoi, which look quite a bit more red (almost warm!) by comparison.  This comparison shows very cool (and how much blue) Rosy Plum really has.

Kiss Kiss Rosy Plum applied very similarly on Liz and I (although I have more color in my lips).  Rosy Plum is a highly pigmented, high shine gloss.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rosy Plum has a slight candy scent, and about a medium level of stickiness for a gloss–comparable to a Chanel Glossimer, but not as sticky as a Bobbi Brown gloss.  You can see tiny little microshimmers in the formula when applied, which add a bit of light and depth to the gloss.  Overall, this cool pink shade is gorgeous for Spring, will certainly look lovely with everything from jeans to dresses, and delivers a gorgeous, deeply beautiful color.

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  15 Responses to “Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss- Rosy Plum”

  1. WOW! I was completely enamored by the Rouge G’s that I completely passed the glosses up but I will definitely have to check them out next time I am around a Guerlain counter. That color is just beautiful on Liz.

  2. Amy, I just received my Chanel Spring Collection delivered to my door. Wonderful! I bought everything you recommended, sight-unseen, and I am not disappointed in any of it. I LOVE the Flamboyante and Coquette especially. Perfect recommendations, perfect, happy, colors, perfect for spring. Thank you. P.S. Are you going to reviewing the new Guerlain lipsticks, especially #70, the fuschia one?

    • Hi Susie–I did not order #70 from Guerlain– It looks so pretty! I had to say ‘no’ to some things! 🙂 Let me know what you think if you see it (PS I’m glad you are enjoying the Chanel!)

    • It’s absolutely amazing I have to say! Absolutely recommend it. It’s hot pink without being outlandishly neon and looks wonderful with the G blush. Oh and the formula, like butter. Divine!

  3. I feel the guerlain glosses have a better pick up than chanel. I can tell from the photo. my skin tone is medium (olive undertone) if that makes sense, so guerlain gloss would be more of a choice for me. I cannot wear reds at all, but on your lips they look beautiful as the chanel. why did the gloss take time to settle in? the kiss kiss rosy plum makes me think of the bare escentuals sugar plum both are kind of similar. I love the gloss. liz has great lips for photographing.

    • Brittany, some glosses and lipsticks change slightly as they warm up. I’ve had this effect with Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks–I have to leave them on for just a minute to see what color they “really” are! After a moment, they stay the same. Plus, I think our Guerlain experiments have used a lot(too much?) of product at the start, then it sheers slightly was we talk, etc. I found that Kiss Kiss Rosy Plum applied sheerly looks just like it does in the picture of Liz, but a heavy, heavy application will give you a more burgundy look. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  4. WOW! I was completely enamored by the Rouge G’s that I completely passed the glosses up but I will definitely have to check them out next time I am around a Guerlain counter. That color is just beautiful on Liz.

  5. Another gorgeous post, as always! =D. I was wondering if you picked up Frizzy Mango as well? It’s the gloss I am most interested in, I plan to pick it up on Friday!

    • No Julie, I didn’t. Rosy Plum is the only lip product that I bought from this collection. I believe that The Best Things In Beauty loved it–let us know how you like it?

      • Frizzy Mango is absolutely *gorgeous*! I can stare at it for hours on it, it really is beautiful in my opinion. It may not be the most unique shade, but Guerlain has a method of making even the most “common” shades extraordinary.

  6. Hey amy I wonder if you could tell me is this similar in colour to the Rouge G brilliant in Bee from the Christmas collection.

    • Hi there–Rosy Plum applies much more pink-fuchsia, than Bee which is darker and more plum. They look similar in the tube, but Rosy Plum goes on more pink. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • thanks that’s great! this new collection still hasn’t launched in Ireland – the wait is driving me crazy!!!

        • I can imagine! If you need to prioritize, and you want the Blush G, grab it first. I honestly think that not many were made–it’s gone from Nordstrom.com already & they are usually the last to sell out here in the U.S. The boutique in Las Vegas got very few. Unusual for a high priced item, but there you go. Take care! 🙂

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