Guerlain has just introduced Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Compact ($56) in three tones– #01 in Teint Rose (light pink), #2 in Teint Beige (medium beige) and #3 in Teint Dore (deep beige).  After a telephone discussion with the Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas, I opted for #2 in Teint Beige for my coloring.  (I am Chanel Intensity 1.0/Cameo – Ivoire/ MAC NC15).

When I heard about the Meteorites Compact at a $56 price point, I was immediately curious.  After all, the Meteorites Voyage Compact Exceptional Pressed Powder sells for $170–that is a dramatic price difference.

First off, the new Guerlain compact is a bit smaller in circumference, and a bit bulkier, than the more expensive Meteorites Voyage.  The outside of the Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Compact is a darker, gunmetal with a touch of rose color, unlike the silver-toned Voyage.  The Illuminating and Mattifying is made from a lighter composite material;  the Voyage is metal and has a much heavier feel.  My highly unscientific kitchen scale experiment gave me a weight of 1.5 oz for the Illuminating and Mattifying Compact, and a weight of 6 oz for the Voyage Compact.  The Illuminating and Mattifying Compact is quite light–it weighed 1/2 oz less than Guerlain’s Blondes Halees Bronzer. Absolutely, Guerlain’s new compact is designed to be grab-and-go.

Here, you can see the difference between the slimmer Voyage and the slightly bulkier Illuminating and Mattifying Compact:

Many makeup lovers would love to own the Voyage, but the $170 price point can be daunting (I was able to pick mine up at the Parisian Duty Free for a bit less).  The idea of a refillable, metal compact may not appeal to everyone, and so the Illuminating and Mattifying Powder Compact at the comparatively lower $56 may draw more of a crowd.  Keep in mind, however, that it does not appear that refills are sold for the lower priced version.

Inside, you can see that the composition of the powders is quite different–the Voyage uses the pressed, multi-color brightening and refining pattern.  In contrast, the Illuminating and Mattifying Compact has a more traditional beige appearance of a finishing powder.  Nonetheless, Guerlain describes the Illuminating and Mattifying Powder has having “a constellation of minuscule multicolored radiant pearly particles with yellow, orange, green, red, violet or white reflections to recreate ideal radiance.”  (from  Thus, it appears that the new compact powder has the multicolored reflectivity at the micro level.

How are these different?  My take is that the Voyage has a brightening quality, which is intended to change and normalize the skintone slightly.   It looks lighter, as a soft almost invisible, slight veil.  The Illuminating and Mattifying gives a very refined beige finish with a slight glow, the effect is very natural.  The Illuminating and Mattifying does not provide enough coverage to serve as a foundation;  rather, the powder adds slight color and evens the skin.

Neither comes with a brush.  The Illuminating and Mattifying Compact comes with a whisper-thin puff, crossed with an embossed ribbon.  I recommend applying this with a standard powder brush.

Between the Voyage and the new Guerlain Compact, I prefer the Illuminating and Mattifying as a “my skin but better effect.”  I did notice both a mattifying effect, and a slight illuminating glow as I turned my face from side to side in the mirror.  Most of all, I noticed that my skin looked wonderful.  I should note that I do not have very oily skin;  I get a little dewy during the day but not shiny.  If I were running out the door and had room for only one, I’d go with the Illuminating and Mattifying.  The formula is wonderful, it makes my skin look very refined and elegant, and a slightly more awake and alive. It’s definitely my current favorite pressed powder at the moment.

Guerlain’s Illuminating and Mattifying Powder does have a candy-violet scent, which fades soon after application.

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