Blink and you’ll miss them….the latest MAC Collections seem to come and go with extraordinary speed lately.  This is a very short post, to be honest, by the time I could do a thorough review of these products, they will be sold out.  For now, I’m going to post a few pictures just to preserve these very (fleeting) collections.

First, MAC + Mickey Contractor, celebrating the talents of this famous Bollywood makeup designer, seemed to disappear almost the moment were posted.  Fortunately, the eyeshadow quad (Athma $36) and the Fluidline eyeliner (Siahi $15) are back in stock for now.

The brick red Sur and sheer light Gana blushes ($18.50 each), sold out right away.  They look quite similar to the Chanel Soho highlighter and blush palette so I wouldn’t feel too badly if you missed them.  Generally, I liked the look of the Mickey Contractor Collection. I love a good collaboration.  Plus, it has a very “neutrals with a kick” vibe that I really enjoy.

Second, MAC released Mega Metal Eyeshadows in Peacocky, a dizzying collection of mostly bright, saturated colors. These have extra big pans, sell for $19.50 each, and to my mind seem as soft as a Dior eyeshadow quint.  Thanks to Karla Sugar’s comprehensive swatches, I was able to eliminate all but the three that I chose– The soft, light cream with a touch of peach Peek-at-You, the cream with a slight green cast Dalliance, and the deep taupe Unflappable.

I took just a moment to swatch these, and I do agree these are very soft, shimmery and nicely blendable textures:

Of these, Peek-At-You seemed the least pigmented. For example, I got more ooomph from my Chanel Lotus eyeshadow single with about the same amount of brush pressure (Chanel Lotus and Peek-At-You are very similar in color and, no, you don’t need both).

However, the pigment from Dalliance and Unflappable we remarkably creamy and easy to pick up on a brush.  I thought that Dalliance might resemble and old, limited edition MAC eyeshadow called Relaxing, however, as it turns out Relaxing has much more green.

Unflappable was a deep, mauvey taupe that reminded me of last fall’s Chanel eyeshadow single in Taupe Grise.  MAC’s Unflappable has more pigment that Chanel Taupe Grise–that is, it took a single brush stroke of MAC Dalliance to make the same level of darkness as a few of Chanel Taupe Grise, but this may not be desirable if you prefer to start out sheer and build.  Here’s a comparison between MAC Unflappable, Chanel Taupe Grise, MAC Moth Brown, Chanel Vega, Chanel Safari and MAC Smoke and Diamonds:

Here’s another pictures (same lineup) taken indoors, rather than in sunshine:

Today, MAC’s running a free ship with any order (no minimum, no code needed).  Having gone through all this rather quickly (sorry, a head cold and work deadlines have me busy with other things), I will say that my MAC budget is going to be pretty safe for the next several months, likely until May when Surfer Girl comes out.  I can see myself skipping MAC Wonder Woman, nicely previewed here by Karlasugar.

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