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Blink and you’ll miss them….the latest MAC Collections seem to come and go with extraordinary speed lately.  This is a very short post, to be honest, by the time I could do a thorough review of these products, they will be sold out.  For now, I’m going to post a few pictures just to preserve these very (fleeting) collections.

First, MAC + Mickey Contractor, celebrating the talents of this famous Bollywood makeup designer, seemed to disappear almost the moment were posted.  Fortunately, the eyeshadow quad (Athma $36) and the Fluidline eyeliner (Siahi $15) are back in stock for now.

The brick red Sur and sheer light Gana blushes ($18.50 each), sold out right away.  They look quite similar to the Chanel Soho highlighter and blush palette so I wouldn’t feel too badly if you missed them.  Generally, I liked the look of the Mickey Contractor Collection. I love a good collaboration.  Plus, it has a very “neutrals with a kick” vibe that I really enjoy.

Second, MAC released Mega Metal Eyeshadows in Peacocky, a dizzying collection of mostly bright, saturated colors. These have extra big pans, sell for $19.50 each, and to my mind seem as soft as a Dior eyeshadow quint.  Thanks to Karla Sugar’s comprehensive swatches, I was able to eliminate all but the three that I chose– The soft, light cream with a touch of peach Peek-at-You, the cream with a slight green cast Dalliance, and the deep taupe Unflappable.

I took just a moment to swatch these, and I do agree these are very soft, shimmery and nicely blendable textures:

Of these, Peek-At-You seemed the least pigmented. For example, I got more ooomph from my Chanel Lotus eyeshadow single with about the same amount of brush pressure (Chanel Lotus and Peek-At-You are very similar in color and, no, you don’t need both).

However, the pigment from Dalliance and Unflappable we remarkably creamy and easy to pick up on a brush.  I thought that Dalliance might resemble and old, limited edition MAC eyeshadow called Relaxing, however, as it turns out Relaxing has much more green.

Unflappable was a deep, mauvey taupe that reminded me of last fall’s Chanel eyeshadow single in Taupe Grise.  MAC’s Unflappable has more pigment that Chanel Taupe Grise–that is, it took a single brush stroke of MAC Dalliance to make the same level of darkness as a few of Chanel Taupe Grise, but this may not be desirable if you prefer to start out sheer and build.  Here’s a comparison between MAC Unflappable, Chanel Taupe Grise, MAC Moth Brown, Chanel Vega, Chanel Safari and MAC Smoke and Diamonds:

Here’s another pictures (same lineup) taken indoors, rather than in sunshine:

Today, MAC’s running a free ship with any order (no minimum, no code needed).  Having gone through all this rather quickly (sorry, a head cold and work deadlines have me busy with other things), I will say that my MAC budget is going to be pretty safe for the next several months, likely until May when Surfer Girl comes out.  I can see myself skipping MAC Wonder Woman, nicely previewed here by Karlasugar.

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  10 Responses to “Quick Look: MAC Mickey Contractor and Peacocky”

  1. I didn’t get anything from the Mickey Contractor collection but I did get two shadows from the Peacocky collection. I thought the eye shadows were nice and smooth but the colors were just too dupable. I feel like I already have those colors in my collection. I’m sad by the Wonder Woman collection, I love comics and WW, but the packaging is super scary and cant picture myself pulling out any of those products infront of someone else.

    • Hi Diane, I wonder why they didn’t do black packaging with red, white and blue accents, similar to the way they handled Barbie? Oh well, I guess the items are going to be superhero sized (larger than usual). I think I can safely pass on it; it’s just not my style at all.

  2. I purchased Dalliance and Ego (forest-emerald green) and have used them a few times, in combination with other brands. I was amazed at the texture and how well they blend! I’m not a MAC fan and pick up only what grabs my eye(s); these shadows did.

    There is a lively debate online over Wonder Woman and the packaging; the females who are old enough (like myself) to recall the tv show have been called “old ladies” by the young gals who are in love with the reproduced authentic quality of the Marvel comic book colors and font.

    To each her own!

    • Gisele–so true. In the meantime, via Makeupalley.com, I found this Youtube video previewing some of the MAC Wonder Woman collection, including the huge Super Hero sizes (love her comparison of the lipglass wands!). Take care! 🙂

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  4. Hi Gisele; Hi Amy,

    Yes, “old ladies” like me probably won’t be enthralled by the Wonder Woman collection, but that’s OK. It will come and go, as Amy pointed out, in the blink of an eye. I worked in a senior high school for over 38 years and became pretty blasé about the rapidity with which a trend would come and go. The kids who rush to scoop up the WW collection will have fun with it; then toss it out as soon as the next kid targeted collection comes out. That’s just the way it rolls in the youth market 🙂

    Personally, I think MAC is becoming a bit desperate. When MAC first started out, they had very little serious competition for teens’ and 20-somethings’ beauty dollars. Now, there’s a plethora of lines that cater primarily to the younger consumer. Add to that the increasing ease of access to foreign brands, and MAC has competition like it’s never had before.

    Now, lest I sound like a complete curmudgeon, I must confess: I bought Ego and love it!

    • I try to not pay attention to the names; as far as MAC names go, “Ego” is restrained, almost classy. And so is the eye shadow!

      The “youth” market for cosmetics is huge, although the product is not always made of the best ingredients. When I was young, I only purchased quality makeup, and very little of it because of various factors, but money was one of them. I’m thankful that I trained myself through necessity to purchase quality not quantity. I believe that “swapping” is the modus operandi for dealing with those oops piles of MAC makeup!

      Confession: Dear daughter has had to drag me away from the MAC counter because I want to buy “Center Stage.” I’ll let the narcissistic aspect of the name deter me. I still think the shade is gorgeous.

  5. bollywood makeup is beautiful. that is the way makeup should look. I get my eye brows done by the threading technique, and I see the makeup of the actresses they have up. bollywood makeup is so well defined in this collection without looking over done. I don’t think mickey contractor collection is available in regular MAC counters?

    amy I hope you feel better :). I am sick too! something is probably going around, for being sick, you did a great job with this post.

  6. Unflappable is totally different on me – yours looks more brown, mine is definitely charcoal with a purple undertone. It’s interesting that they are so different when we both have such fair skin. (I’m MAC NW15)

    • Interesting MarciaF–your description sounds like Unflappable eyeshadow looks in the pan. Maybe it’s my warm tones peeking through…. Thanks for your comment! 🙂 In response, I’ve added one more pictures of the same swatches taken indoors (no sun) so perhaps this is better.

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