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Le Metier de Beaute’s Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($42) in Noir has been my go-to liner since I got one a few weeks ago.  My typical routine is a gel eyeliner (nearly all Bobbi Brown).  I’m still in search of the perfect pencil liner in black, although Giorgio Armani’s in certainly in the running.

I’ve used liquid liners in the past, including using up two of the Ecriture de Chanel ($34).  The liquid liners that I’ve used in the past give a bolder, crisper and more dramatic look than gels or pencils.

This isn’t necessarily true with Le Metier de Beaute’s Precision.  This liquid liner truly gives control–it can be used to give a more subtle or dramatic look–and is rekindling my love for liquid liners.  I find liquid liners very easy, you don’t need a separate brush, they go on very quickly and they’re quite easy to slip into a bag for travel.  Plus, I love the pen aspect to them–like other makeup addicts, I love great writing supplies and am sometimes lost looking at sites like JetPens. (By the way, if you are in the market for a good writing pencil, these in 6B are seriously good!).  Sometimes I wanted a softer look, something that I can achieve with Le Metier’s Precision.

Some women find liquid liners difficult to apply.  The best advice I can pass along is to practice on the back of your hand, using very short strokes to build up your line.  Trying to do an entire eye in a single stroke is reserved for master makeup geniuses, for me using little feather-lines to build up a solid line is the best way to go.

Le Metier’s Precision is based on the concept of fine writing instruments–the ink flows out at your touch.  Unlike Chanel and Shu’s liquid liners, there is no pump or twisting action to get the ink flowing.  Out of the box, the pen brush is black and ready to go.

I noticed that Le Metier’s Precision is physically smaller than other liners;  it’s quite slim and petite.  Here is a picture of Le Metier’s next to Shu Uemura’s (both list the same amount of product at .002 oz)(below).  The Shu uses a pump on the bottom of the product, which you push to get the product moving to the brush.  In contrast, Le Metier’s feeds the brush without requiring any pump–there simply is no pump on Le Metier’s Precision.  The ink flows as you apply it:

Another–as you can see, the brush on the Shu liner is still white because I haven’t started using it yet.  Le Metier’s Precision was black out of the box:

Generally, I found that Le Metier’s Precision gave me far more control than other ink liners.  The liner goes on in a very fine line, and typically I stop right there.  My fair skintone and smallish features do not hold up well with a Marilyn-Monroe-thick-black eyeliner.  It becomes overwhelming.  Le Metier’s Precision allows me to do a simple fine line that looks natural, gives my lashes a nice black base, and doesn’t look over-the-top.  Le Metier’s is a good normal black, but it’s not extreme, dark or overwhelmingly dark (if you’ve ever tried L’Oreal’s Hip Cream Eyeliner in Black, you know what I mean.  Some blacks are too dark for my coloring, and I have a hard time applying gel liners very sheerly).

Having said that, if I want more black, Le Metier’s Precision can be layered and built up very easily:

  • If you want a darker black, go over the same line more than once until you get the deep color that you want;
  • If you want a wider line, make another fine line next to the original, and keep going until you get the effect you want;
  • If you want both, do both!

If you want to really saturate the tip with ink, press it against your finger with some pressure for a second or two.  Ink will flow fairly quickly to it.  Le Metier’s Precision gave me excellent control to get exactly the effect that I want, which I find more difficult to do with gel liners and pencils.  It’s very intuitive to use, very clean and beautifully made.  Yes, you can go bold with it–but you don’t have to.

As a complete aside, there are a few reviews and other rumors floating around that the tip of Le Metier’s Precision Eyeliner is made by Mont Blanc.  The other day on twitter, Le Metier dispelled this rumor and said that this is not the case-rather, instead stating that the eyeliner is inspired by fine writing instruments and “100% LMdB.”

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  11 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute Precision Liquid Eyeliner”

  1. Eyeliners are perhaps the most difficult makeup “tool” to find to fits one’s needs. The shape of the eye, type of lids (mine are oily and, with allergies, the lower waterline is, well, watery), and the consistent look desired all combine to create a hunt for the liner. I’ve used various pen types and liquid liners but I discovered that they didn’t work at all for me (my upper lash lines are “thick” to fill in). Gel liners were beautiful for an hour, and then my lids quickly absorbed the product!

    I use a combination of pencil and wet shadow to create a look which works well for my large, almond-shaped eyes, post-1980’s. Several years ago, my lovely daughter (when she was a teenager) got up the courage to point out to me that I was using a look which was dated (too precise, not smudged enough). So then I added to the hunt liners which would not give raccoon eyes, and would smudge but also stay in place. Hah!

    MUFE Aqua eyes and Lancome Kohl pencils work nicely for me. I’m tempted by the thought of having one effective product in one nice little pen to line eyelids — what a wonderful thing. There are times when I go without liner (and can get away with it) just to be free of the most-time-consuming part of my makeup routine.

    As for pens, I spent a good amount of time looking at those little lovelies in your link. I’m a professional writer and go through 12-packs of pens quickly. “My” Pentel Razor Points are no longer available; I miss them!

    • Gisele- I really need to try MUFE Aqua Eyes, maybe that will be my dream eye pencil! 🙂 I think I remember Razor Points–you must be a better writer than I–I write in pencil only LOL! 🙂 Take care and thanks!

  2. I have never used a liquid liner, having always heard that they are difficult to work with. Perhaps I will begin with this one!

  3. I want to try this one. More like a felt liner – I have the Kanebo Eyeliner, which needs to be pumped. And sometimes there comes too much of the liquid – and that is a sheer mess !

  4. Well, Amy, I don’t know which impressed me more: the precision liner or “jetpens”! I guess old school marms never die. We just follow the link to “jetpens” where we ooh and aah over all the colorful pens and pencils 🙂 It’s a handy link as I’m always on the look out for fun or unusual writing instruments. But, since this is a beauty blog, I’ll go back to LMdB.

    I’ve been tempted to give the precision liner a try, but until now, I’ve resisted because I’m not crazy about pen liners in general. LMdB; however, sounds like it is worth a second look. From your description, I think it will over-come my reservations. I prefer an espresso black or charcole that I can use deep and intense along the lash line (my lashes are black) and then subtly smoke with a deep eyeshadow. It sounds like LMdB is a soft black that might work well for me. I also love that you don’t have to screw or pump anything. Those pens always seem to have too much or too little product which makes for uneven application. So, the next time I’m at Nordstrom, I’ll take a look. I’ve got Nordstrom “dollars” burning a hole in my pocket 🙂

  5. Hello Amy,

    I had never really like liquid eyeliner until I tested one and got completely hooked at the LMdB counter! I had a go a few days ago, and I must say I am very impressed (like I am with all the LMdB products).

    Apparently the MUA told me that this will last for ages!

    Thank you for featuring this, I have been looking online if anyone has actually tried this and love it. x

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  8. I was just about to wave the white flag when I read this post…I have tried everything from Shu to Shideido to Lancome…hundreds of dollars on felt tip/brush liners. So when I needed something to bump up my Bergdorf order to get me a free gift, I decided to trust you and I went for it! I LOVE this pen! I hate how other pens dry out or you have to pump/prime them. This one is truly ready to go! You have total control and it stays put! Liquid liner is my signature look. I have tried them all. I don’t like gels at all. I was toggling between Becca’s Barbarella liner and Nars or Chanel pencils topped with Becca sealer. But I love a black-black. And this is it! Thank you!!!! I have never been happier! And it shaved at least 5-10 minutes off my morning routine! Priceless!

  9. I bought this based on your review, Amy, and have used it every day since. I love it! I’ve been lining my upper lashes with this then smudging a bit of shadow over it (the black in the chanel perlees palette looks quite nice). I am wondering if you’be ever tried the Revlon colorstay pen liner? It looks absolutely identical to the mdb – at a fraction if the price, of course. Wouldn’t it be nice if it performed as well?!

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