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Dior is currently selling a mini-release of three nail polishes, Gris City Vernis ($21 each), in cool shades of gray and blue to celebrate some of its most famous boutiques.  The three colors are named for the streets on which those boutiques are located.  These are sold exclusively on Dior’s website and a few boutiques, with the exception of Gris Montaigne which is sold as part of the Dior Spring 2011 collection.

Gris Montaigne (#707) is named for Dior’s main Parisian store, located at 30 Avenue Montaigne, a jewel of a street that has the Champs Elysee at one end, and a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower over the Seine on the other.  It is a short street lined with luxury boutiques, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Paul and Joe, Dolce, and several more.  Yes, it’s fashion heaven. In Paris.

When I saw Gris Montaigne, I was reminded by the Dior boutique which has, in my mind, a very light, dove-gray appearance:

Inside this large, impeccably presented store have rooms with high ceilings and very soft, light gray elegant tones:

This boutique carries a full line of makeup, shoes, bags, jewelry and couture clothing. It’s beautiful. One afternoon, I watched a ballerina (no, really, I’m serious) get a makeover as I waited for help to pick out some sunglasses for Liz.  The artist did a beautiful job–the effect was subtle, and he set off the her features without weighing her down with too much.  The end effect was lovely. Sigh….ah, to be in Paris…..

For more about the polishes, read on….

Gris Montaigne nail polish is, by comparison, a slightly more medium gray than the Parisian boutique:

Gris Montaigne applies as soft gray creme that applies beautifully with Dior’s newly re-designed, large chisel-shaped brush.  This is two coats to give an opaque finish. You can see that it gives a medium glossy finish without a topcoat (I usually do wear a topcoat, but did not for this review):

By comparison, NY 57th (#807) is a darker, dramatic metallic gray.  This color commemorates a boutique that has been newly remodeled this Fall, embellished with the emblematic Dior Cannage pattern:

NY 57th in the bottle:

On the nails, this color reflects light beautifully, allowing highlights where the light hits, all the way to a near-black in shade.  Although a metallic, I did not find brush strokes to present any significant problem.  The effect is very New York City streets-in-the-rain–this is two coats (no topcoat):

My favorite of this collection was Bond Street (#797) named after Dior’s premiere location in London.  This deep gray has a heather blue tone, a cool toned color that I really enjoy wearing with my warm skin tone.

Bond Street has a gorgeous deep gray with a touch of blue creme color–if I had to choose one, this one is it.  I can see using up this bottle very easily (no topcoat):

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  10 Responses to “Dior Gris City Nail Polish Review and Swatches”

  1. OMG…..I absolutely love NY 57th & Bond Street (I recently picked up Gris Montaigne…which I adore!) and your swatches have convinced me to hunt those two down! Love!

  2. Gris Montaigne is perfect!

  3. love it!

    my fav is bond street, and dior polishes have a nice sheen to it as the photo shows. aren’t those polishes nice the ones where you don’t need an extra top coat to make it shine? the NY 57 bottle is wonderful to.

  4. Amy, gorgeous swatches and photos as always!!! What do you use to clean up your polish application? Or are you able to do it like that free-hand?

    • Estelle–I use a little very old Sephora brush that I only use for this purpose, together with the Zoya Remove+. The Dior brush makes it pretty easy, though, there aren’t many mis-haps with it! 🙂

  5. OMG I LOVE these colours!! But I don’t know if I can see shelling out $21 for the polishes right now especially if they are mini versions of full size. I would love a dupe of the bottom two the most. I’m a sucker for metallics and dark blues. 🙂

  6. I need to locate Bond Street, that is so pretty!

  7. I kind of HAVE to have the first grey.

  8. I love Bond Street. NY 57th reminds me a bit of the Gris Perle from last Spring, and would be a good buy for anyone who missed that one.

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