Yesterday at the Chanel 31 Rue Cambon location, Chanel held a couture show for Paris fashion week.

Chanel Couture Invitation

Fortunately for those not in Paris right now, Chanel has placed a video of the show online for our enjoyment.  Thank heavens, because I live for this! Backstage, Chanel’s Creative Director of Makeup Peter Philips used winged black liner to provide a definition to soft, luminous and lightly pink looks.  This look is designed to compliment the pastel, sparkling looks that pervade the show. Vogue Paris provides this backstage look at the makeup:

Peter Philips, Genius

Some of the backstage makeup–it looks like there was a pearl-woven highlighter-type product used:

More of the color products–all soft, lovely tones to compliment the weightless fairy-magic of the clothing.  The eyeshadow duo appears to be the current Gris-Subtle, which seems to be featured quite a bit by Chanel:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Euro brushes, Pearl-textured palette in back

Creating the looks, with a heavy liner, barely-there eyeshadow.  The lids look softly pink and iridescent, the brow bone seems to have a soft touch of light cool gray:

Soft pink blush with the soft color of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick:

Just a few more:

I love this picture:

On the runway, Chanel paired light and soft clothing with slim jeans:

Here, with sparkling, sheer pants that seem a touch looser than tights.  The makeup remains very understated and soft:

The couture detailing is incredibly beautiful.  The silhouettes are looser than years past, and very elegant:

There was a series of couture-applied sparkle pieces, to make one feel like an absolute princess.  This one is the most body-conscious of the group, how perfect is the touch of sparkle button down the front, and the touch of the black bow:


How incredible is this one?  Again, the eyes are a defined deep black liner, the eyes a combination of pink and soft dove gray.  The lips are high-shine, and the blush very subtle.

And at the finale, this wedding dress.  I love the age diversity in the models this time around.  According the a post-show interview, Karl Lagerfeld walked this model down the runway at her own wedding, and so he thought she would be perfect for this dress in the show.  This time, the models wore flats, which is real departure from nearly all other runway shows.

This time, the models wore flats of varying colors with transparent ankle straps:

At the end, the models posed with the designer Karl Lagerfeld in a set that looks just like the stairs at 31 rue Cambon, on which Mademoiselle Coco used to sit and watch the shows–bravo, Chanel!  Bravo Karl and Peter!

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