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NARS Nouveau Monde ($32) duo eyeshadow palette is new for Spring 2011, and is the perfect solution for  a very easy, sophisticated eye.  There are two medium-shimmer colors.  On the left is a soft, shimmery grey-lavender that adds luminosity without being jejune or overwhelming.  As a person with warm skin tones, I have to be careful about wearing lavenders, as it almost the opposite of my skin tone some lavenders can overwhelm or look cartoonish.  Fortunately, NARS understands colors so well, because there is not a hint of shrill tones–instead, this heathery lavender is very grown-up, very finely milled, and sets off my blue-green eyes perfectly.

The right green is a rich mossy-khaki green, that has a slightly more rich and soft metal tone.  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and quite complex.  It’s shockingly easy to do a very beautiful eye with these tones.  First, I tried a wash of the lavender on my lid with my MAC 217, then placed the green in my crease, smoked above it toward the brow bone.  It was perfect.

Another idea is to use the lavender as the lid color, and the green as a liner, smoked up in the outer corner.

Third, it’s quite easy to use the green as the main lid color, and a touch of the lavender in the center of the lid as a highlight.

Although these may not appear to be traditional pastel colors, they pair perfectly with the minimal neutrals that fashion is presenting this Spring.  Consider how gorgeous would this palette look with these soft, modern tones from Phillip Lim:

This is the type of palette that will carry into Summer:

Here’s some suggestions for coordinating the shade with other colors-here, with NARS Sex Appeal blush, OPI’s Not Like the Movies (Katy Perry collection), which goes really nicely with the lavender shadow of Nouveau Monde.  They both have a very silvery, light soft lavender glow.

Think about adding a peach or neutral lip (here, either Chanel Rouge Coco in Patchouli or Peregrina), or a very soft sheer cool pink, like Le Metier de Beaute Cap d’Antibes (not pictured, review to follow).  For me, the key is to keep the rest of the makeup luminous and with some sheerness, and keep in mind that the Nouveau Monde duo’s lavender side is a touch on the cool grey side.  I wouldn’t weigh this down with a bright or opaque tone, at least for my coloring:

Here are some swatches and comparisons–the lavender shade of Nouveau Monde with Chanel Lavande single eyeshadow.  For the mossy khaki green of Nouveau Monde, I compared this with MAC’s Scarab (from the Catherine Deneuve collection), Chanel Vert Khaki and Chanel Khaki:

The texture of Nouveau Monde is just perfection–the light shade is luminous and believable, the deep shade is rich and buttery.  Love this duo!

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  11 Responses to “NARS Nouveau Monde Review and Swatches”

  1. Beautiful duo! The lilac-grey shade is stunning – both sides are really. I need to make this duo mine:)

  2. This eyeshadow is appealing even though I probably wouldn’t have thought to pick something like this myself. Your review is so helpful–then you go beyond that and offer great makeup and fashion ideas to go with it! Thanks for the super review. 🙂


  3. This duo is everything that I hoped it would be from NARS. Since I have a darker, cooler skin tone (NW20-25), I can wear the grayed lavender/orchid as an all-over wash and put the tawny olive on the lid and into the crease. My blue eyes have lavender flecks and this combo brings out those hues. I love it with bronzes or grays, and the MAC Sumptuous Olive. When Francois Nars does it right, he has a true winner. Each color can be used with other palettes and shades; part of the fun of this “New World” is creating all the looks, like a new world.

    I do agree that a tonal/complementary lip color is best. Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve or Beige lipstick works well, as does MAC Viva Glam V.

  4. This is my first time commenting but I am a faithful visitor. I think I’ve been coming here for over a year now (my memory is horrible, does that sound right?). I love your reviews and high quality photos and comparison shots. The detail and color accuracy are amazing.

    Would you still recommend this duo to someone who has all three Chanel eyeshadows?

    Also, do you think Liz could please model this? Would love to see it in action.

    Thanks Amy! Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Hi K, we probably won’t have Liz around the Cafe for a few weeks–so if you can be patient, yes but otherwise not so. Thanks for your lovely compliment–and yes, I’d recommend Nouveau Monde if you have the other. The texture and the quality of the NARS can’t really be duplicated in my opinion because of the texture differences.

      • I agree with Amy – there’s something about NARS eyeshadows that make it so soft and buttery for blending. I haven’t used Chanel’s single eyeshadows but I do own some quads and the Spring 2011 Quint. The texture is very different from NARS, so I’d say NARS quality is different.

        • Thanks for the input, Fieran. I’m not very familiar with NARS so I will be sure to take a look at this duo and swatch it so I can test the quality myself. I am incredibly picky with color and texture so I only have a handful of Chanel quads as I much prefer the singles. Take a look sometime; they’re worth it if you can find colors you love!

      • Hi Amy! Of course I can be patient; whenever you and Liz have time is fine. It will probably take me a little while to get to the store to check it out anyway. Glad to see it’s permanent so I don’t have to rush. Thanks again!

  5. I really want to get this duo. Thank you so much for the placement and the pairing ideas, very useful!
    Jane x

  6. I got the NARS value set from Sephora that has Nouveau Monde in it. Also tracked down the Rajasthan duo based on your swatches and review. Can’t wait to play with it!

  7. I have been missing talking to you. I recently bought the NARS front row from sephora kit. that shadow duo is amazing. so pigmented and silky.
    I esp love the palette you put together with the nars, opi, and chanel. very pretty and sleek look

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