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EDIT: Since posting this “first look” review, I have posted comparisons with Urban Decay’s Naked Palette and have further thoughts about the Calanque Trio here.

NARS Calanque Trio ($45) is a limited edition palette released for Spring 2011.  This is my first experience with a NARS trio.  This comes is the same standard sized palettes as NARS eyeshadow duo’s and blushes, with a full sized mirror in the lid.

There are three colors pressed together into a single pan:

  • The lightest shade, a light gold infused with platinum, cream and silver sparkles
  • The center carmel with a pearl texture
  • The deep green infused with bronze and gold

I’m posting this after receiving this last evening, so I haven’t lived with it for very long.  Overall, it’s a gorgeous palette.  One word of caution–the sparkle in the lightest shade gave me fall out when swatching, and applied very unevenly on my arm.   The texture of the lightest shade seemed smoother and better as I got down from the top layer of powder.

However, I patted it using a Chanel #2 brush (MAC equivalent is #242 Shader Brush) and the application was beautiful on the lid (edited on 2/6/11–see updated review here).  Having said that, you may experience fallout if you use a fluffier brush with a sweeping motion–the key is patting, not sweeping.  Also, using the same spot on the shadow seemed to help–the texture after the first couple of tries was better.

I’ll try to update this when I have more time and experience with the palette.  To anticipate your questions, I haven’t tried to dupe this.  If you have dupe requests, and I have access to the shadows, I can try to find out.



You can see that the deep shade is a bronzy green, the middle a latte soft fawn brown, and the highlight a very warm light gold.

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  18 Responses to “NARS Calanque Trio – First Review and Swatches”

  1. Beautiful trio — you always have the best photos! Thanks for the heads up on the first shade — will take note when I finally get mine in the mail. It’s being held hostage at the local Fedex warehouse because of the blizzard in Chicago. Hopefully it comes tomorrow:)

  2. your swatches make this trio look fabulous! I am still on the fence about it though. I rec’d it a few days ago and found the first shade to be such a pain to work with. Did you use a base or wet your brush at all? My swatch does not come out looking as perfect as yours does =P

    • Hi Connie, I did several swatches to get this look. If you read the text of the review, you’ll see that we both share that concern. The last few times that I did the swatches (I was playing with the light), the light color went on my arm fine. I’m wondering if the pigment got “better” as I worked off the top layer. I did not use a base for these photo’s–I tried one, but decided against posting it. I did use the color on my lid (patting, using the brush mentioned in the review), and it went on well (no base). Having said all that, I did want to flag the fallout issue in the review for others.

  3. Ahh! It looks really pretty! The middle shade looks similar to MAC’s All That Glitters (maybe MACs is pinker?). Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for getting this out so fast!

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  5. wow, this would make a great everyday-palette. i can’t have enough such colours, and also not enough nars 😉

  6. Would this be too sparkly for a conservative, everyday look? The colors are just lovely.

    • Hi Lucy, if you can get the fall-out under control, then yes. The sparkle is fine and subtle. You’ll need a good firm brush, and the patting. Some may need an eyeshadow base as well (I do not). Take care! 🙂

  7. This looks like a must-have. Love neutral colors.

  8. I would love to see it swatched beside similar shades in the naked palette!

    also, while we’re on the topic of NARS, do you remember what brush you used when you swatched Rajasthan? The one I received seemed hard and refused to blend well, was wondering if it’s just the brush i was using…

    • I don’t remember, but I’ve been using it with my standard eyeshadow brushes on my lids. It works really well–I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it. Perhaps you can swap it on Makeupalley–that palette is gorgeous and REALLY in demand (in my understanding).

  9. Gorgeous shades! You tripled your risk with this trio from NARS. It’s a new format, as opposed to the duos. I hope that more are offered (maybe not LE??). In this one, the presumption is that the lightest shade would be used most, followed by the next darkest, and then the somewhat least used would be the bronzey green with gold (which I do not need; I have enough of this shade; I do not need it, do not need it.). I’d use the colors in the reverse order, and the lightest one would be the least used! It looks like a basic with a bit of panache.

  10. The darker color reminds me of Urban Decay’s Smog or Darkhorse.

  11. I’ll be waiting to see how it wears. I have wanted is since the first photo I saw but find Nars shadows to really be hit or miss for me, so I’m not sure I’m willing to take the risk till I know how it wears.

  12. Would you post a few looks using the trio and duo from NARS spring 2011 collection?

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