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Chanel is set to do a pre-release of a new lipstick range– Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy ($32/.01 oz /#54.).  The shade will be sold from February 10-14th only for Valentine’s Day at 22 select Nordstrom (listed here), and other department stores, as well as online at Chanel.com.  The color will return for sale when the entire 17-lipstick line is released during late March/early April.  Named after Coco Chanel’s first loves, Edward “Boy” Capel, with whom she traveled throughout France and who helped start her shop that led her to become the designer that she was meant to be.

Overall, I love the formula and find it a very pleasant direction for Chanel.  The moisturizing sheen is very attractive, and I cannot wait to see all of the colors in the line in April.  Stay tuned– Liz and I are planning to do a full look tomorrow.

This new formula is moisturizing, sheer and very feminine.  Applied, it feels like a very soft balm and there is very definite shine that it gives the lips.  It seems to melt any liplines and soften the texture of the lips.  There is no stickiness, the feeling is pure luxury.

The case looks very much like the Rouge Coco style packaging.  To me, the Rouge Coco Shine packaging is slightly more lightweight, indicative of a more casual, light and easy lipstick.

In contrast, the Rouge Coco has a cool, metallic and slightly heavy sensation that one gets from holding the package.  Rouge Coco Shine feels elegant, yet it is lightweight.  The Rouge Coco Shine is something that you could toss into a pocket or purse to moisturize and beautify very easily.  The Rouge Coco Shine is a lighter, pleasing and very Chanel way to give a very moisturized and elegant sheen to the lips.

You can see the overall slimness of the packaging of the Rouge Coco Shine compared to Chanel Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure:

There is slightly less product in the Rouge Coco shine (.010 oz.), compared to both the Rouge Allure and Rouge Coco lipsticks (.12 oz.).  In my personal opinion, that’s not a great enough difference to concern me.  To me, the importance is the look, feel and moisturizing properties of the product–which one is going to work best for the occasion.

As you can see, this comparatively soft formula is housed in a protective sleeve.  This is a thoughtful touch.  The texture is soft enough that I like knowing that that packaging can protect it if it gets bumped around in my purse:

Here’s the bullet fully extended up.  You can see there is a generous amount of product:

This is how I would typically use this lipstick.  As you can see, this formula has a very light-reflective sheen, the texture is very soft and beautiful:

Here’s a comparison with a few Chanel’s Rouge Coco in Camelia, Gardenia and Mademoiselle.  You can see that Boy is much more glossy and sheer:

On the lips:

Both Liz and I loved it.  It’s very sheer, light and will be very pretty for Spring and Summer, and very moisturizing in Winter.  This release is particularly nice for Valentine’s Day–my husband gave this one five stars for “kissability”-he says that it’s his favorite formula of all of my lipsticks so far.

Beauty lovers should keep in mind that this moisturizing formula will not be as long-lasting as some more robust, deeply pigmented or creamy formulas.  I found that I get more mileage from the Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure lines (both of which are more creamy and pigmented than Rouge Coco Shine).  Also, there is a very slight scent to this Rouge Coco Shine, which became unnoticeable to me a few minutes after application.

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  2. Haha your husband is cute! 🙂 Looking forward to your tomorrow’s post!

  3. Thank you for sharing! This lipstick looks like my kind of colour. My “my lips but better” is Chanel Gardenia but it can show as too frosty on me, so I’m glad this is similar!

  4. A question regarding the smell: is it the same smell as the regular Rouge Coco? I can’t stand it 🙁 which is a pity because I love the product in all its other aspects.

  5. Your blog is truly lovely! I appreciate the high-quality pictures you take, it all shows so much effort and great taste on your part! I am glad I found it!
    Boy and the Rouge Coco Shine formula in general look gorgeous, I can’t wait to try it.

  6. Hi Amy,

    I was wondering–have you tried YSL’s Gloss Volupte? If you have, how do they compare to the Coco Shine? I found that the Gloss Volupte was semi drying, although smooth upon application…still, it seems to lack a certain creaminess that perhaps Coco Shine would fulfill.

  7. I am totally in love with this new rouge coco! the color is simply irresistible and the scent is lovely! since I bought it (it has been released a few days ago in Italy) I am wearing it every single day!!

  8. How does this compare to Guerlain Rouge G Le Brillant lipsticks in formula? Looks similarly sheer and glossy. Thanks.

    • Guerlain’s most recent release for this Spring are sheer, but several are creamy. Channel Rouge Coco Shine are more sheer than Guerlains, even the new Guerlains.

  9. I am waiting for the look. You help me a lot because I use the same shades. I have fair skin and green blue eyes.

  10. This is so pretty! I can’t wait to get mine. I pre-ordered from one of the Nordstrom’s that you listed.

  11. Definitely something I’m going to get when it’s out here in Germany!!

    xx La Petite Olga

  12. And I am getting mine from Saks in Houston. Don’t really care about the color; I am buying it for the name alone! haha.

  13. Thanks for the photos! I pre-ordered from Coral Gables and expect mine to ship tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it!

  14. hi amy!!!! at the chanel counter i go to, i was told these are replacing the aqualumieres. i loved them especially for the summer. what concerns me is they took away a very important thing…the sunscreen protection!!! one of the few lipsticks offered that had it. would you happen to know if this formula is the same as the aqualumieres? i noticed the summer collection only offers glossimers. would you recommend a gloss over these new lipsticks?? i do know that i loved a particular aqualumiere that had a matching gloss. thankyou very much!!

    • Wendy–What a great point you make! If I were to add sunscreen, I would add it under this formula to be honest (for example, a balm or lipcreme designed to give SPF protection for lips). It seems to me that the magic of the Rouge Coco Shine formula is the glossy texture, and that won’t be preserved with a gloss overlay. I could be proven wrong once the new colors come out–there may be some in the more vibrant or pigmented colors that will coordinate with glosses nicely. But for something like Boy, I would add the protection under the Rouge Coco Shine.

      As for your Aqualumiere question, these are not the same–Boy has the tiniest level of shimmer (most of the Aqualumieres seemed to have much more), and Boy feels much more emollient and moisturizing to me. Several of the Aqualumieres were certainly more pigmented than Boy–time will tell about the other glosses that will be released. I hope this helps–thank you for raising that very interesting subject!

  15. I can’t wait to pick mine up on Friday! 🙂

  16. It looks lovely remind me of Chantecaille lip chic in camelia. Rouge coco shine seems slightly more shimmery .

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  18. Great post! I LOVE the photos! I just got an email from The Bay here in Canada, and apparently it’s exclusive $39 CAD! I have never spent that much on a lipstick but am sooo tempted after this review.

    I might even check out their more creamier shades like Gardenia…still looking for go-to MLBB shade!.

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