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When I first saw the promotional pictures of Chantecaille’s Sea Turtle Palette ($79) I was impressed with its perfection.  The promotional picture (above) is a work of art.  I ordered it the day it became available.

The palette exterior is gorgeous glossy perfection–it’s a very large 3 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch luxurious flat mirrored piece.  Really, it’s a gorgeous thing–heavy, but not too heavy.  It’s slim and elegant.  It has a presence. It’s designed to with “the finest pearl and pigment particles to create a natural, satin, sheer veil on the skin with a glowing effect.”  5% of proceeds will help WIDECAST ensure the survival of sea turtles.

When I opened the palette, I felt as if I’d ordered a gorgeous dessert that arrives with a bite already missing.  The palette is packed with a paper overlay that destroys the overlay color you see in the promotional picture, above.  The end results are very patchy little turtles that look shop-worn and sad.

Back of the paper overlay with gold residue

I understand from reading the message boards that other palettes are being shipped in this same state.  I don’t want to sound unappreciative, but this palette’s beauty is the elegant coloring effect.  There was fair amount of powder around each pan too.  Some of the pans had smudged green, even when it didn’t belong there. This is not an inexpensive palette, nor is overspray a new technology.

Mirror residue

On a brighter note, the pans are huge.  The palette states that it contains .42 ounces, so each pan holds quite a bit more than the average MAC eye shadow–this one, Fountainbleu, is marked at .05 ounces.

The other good news is that the destruction of the turtle shapes allowed me to dig into the color without any worry about spoiling it (that was already done).

All of these four cl0se-up are out-of-the-box, before I started swatching.

The colors include a beautiful light sandy base shade.  This is my new favorite lid-wash.  It’s gorgeous.

Next is a luminous brown for a liner or crease color:

A multi-dimensional sea green with black reflects:

Finally, a lovely coral-gold-pink blush with a delicate, luminous shimmer (this poor little guy lost a lot of his color and his little foot is contaminated with the green):

The colors are buttery soft and so luminous.  I really want more of the Chantecaille line based on my experience so far with these shadows.  Their blendability is amazing, and they go onto the lid like a dream.


Overall, gorgeous quality once you get past the questionable presentation.  Chantecaille should do something to fix this.  I considered sending it back, but my guess is that a replacement will be the same.

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  23 Responses to “Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette: Review and Swatches”

  1. Oh how heartbreaking to receive the palette in that state.. Still the colors are gorgeous! Thank you for your review! I’ve been waiting for someone to post swatches. 🙂

  2. Poor turtles! I find this palette a little pricey, but the colors are truly beautiful!

  3. argh i was hoping I didn’t like it. I saw swatches on another blog and thought I could pass but you, dear Amy, might be the worst (best? I suppose it depends if i’m looking from my wallet or makeup bag’s eyes) enabler in the blogosphere for me.

    NM seemed to have lost my order, though. I suppose it’s time to hound them or make the trek to a physical one

  4. The colors remind me a little of Chanel’s Regard Perle

  5. What a shame that it was less than perfect when it arrived. It must been disappointing for you as I know you like to take pictures before products have been touched/swatches, it must feel like someone has already got there first. The colours are stunning though and I very much like the look of the blackened green. Thank you very much for the pan size comparison too, I hadn’t realised they were larger. Do you think they’re similar sized to the Le Metier Kaleidescope pans?

    I am considering purchasing this one. It’ll be about £75 so I’m putting quite a bit of thought into it. It does help that SpaceNK are offering a great GWP when you spend over £75 at the moment 😉
    Jane x

    • Hi Jane, these do not seem as large in diameter as Le Metier’s Kaleidoscopes, but the amount of product is almost as large. The Chantecaille is .40 oz. total, and Le Metier’s reads .49 oz. I love the combination of colors in the Sea Turtle Palette–I think it would look lovely with your coloring as well. I hope that you have a chance to swatch them before you buy–if you do, you’ll be convinced. These are beautifully textured.

  6. Oh, that’s a shame about the overspray. 🙁 I collect Chantecaille palettes and often prefer to not use them for a while because they’re so pretty (or use the outer edge not to ruin the design), so this is really disappointing. 🙁 Lovely palette though.

  7. The quality looks amazing judging from the swatches!!! And the colours are truly lovely!!!
    Sad to hear about the condition in which it arrived though…! I know how annoying that can be especially if we’re talking about a pricier product…! :/


  8. I ordered the Sea Turtle Palette directly from Chantecaille and received it yesterday. My palette was perfectly in tact, with no smudges. Just wanted you to know that in case you do want to exchange it…. not all palettes arrive smudged. The colors and textures are absolutely scrumptious and, quite uniquely, all wearable.

  9. Amy, how does this compare to Chanel’s spring eye palettes? (texture, luminosity, etc.) It would be fun to see how this turtle palette looks on Liz sometime when she has a chance. 🙂

  10. The colours on this are stunning and the turtles are adorable but the mess up of the palettes is pathetic, for $80 it should be pristine.

  11. I love this palette, and have been going back and forth in regards to purchasing it. Mainly because I don’t wear eye shadow very often; although people tell me when I do it looks great. I’ve got several Chanel Quads and some Dior as well, but I don’t wear them often…

    I would love to buy this palette and would love to get some tips on how to use the shadows. I have dark short hair with fair skin, if that helps any.

  12. That’s such a shame about the palette arriving in such condition. I’ve never spent that much on a single makeup item- not that I’m opposed to it but it just hasn’t happened yet. However, I think that any prestigious makeup brand should ensure that their product arrives in the best untouched condition possible, especially with these palettes where a great part of the allure lies in the gorgeous overspray designs. I would send it back if it were me…I’d understand if something I purchased from a discount site or an outlet-type store had a slight defect in design but not something from a brand like this one.
    The colors are beautiful though! I hope you get plenty of wear from it.

  13. Reading this simply justifies my recent decision to turn only to Inglot eyeshadows from now on. Impecable quality.
    And a Guerlain e/s palette from time to time, for good measure….

  14. Hi Amy, I was wondering if the swatches you posted were a mixture of the shadows with overspray or after the overspray was completely removed? Like which colors are truly shimmery and which are matte? That blush is just too gorgeous, I have to make sure.LOL

  15. […] latest palette, Sea Turtle Palette is a beauty shared with us in visual exquisiteness by Amy from Café Makeup with her beautiful photos.  Even though this arrived damaged, the palette is a […]

  16. Hi! Thanks for the great swatches & pics. I was going to order Edward Bess’s Intimate but now I think I’ll order the palette instead. I can use all the colors(rare!). I was just wondering how close the brown is to Bess’s intimate? Are they different enought to warrant having both? Thanks for any help

  17. That’s a shame…I was going to pass on this as I think the turtles are ugly (!) but the colours underneath look so useable…aaaaargh!

    I just ordered a chantecailled les macarons palette (my first palette after 20 odd years of makeup wearing!) and am so excited….a bit worried that it will arrive smashed now though.

  18. I am thinking about purchasing this and tried to think of any dupes I have and the only one that I could think of was the MAC Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Quad – they’re close dupes to the eyeshadows but I’m sure the quality on this is far superior.

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