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One of the most edgy items from Nars Spring 2011 collection is Nana Lip Glosss ($24), described as a “deep black grape” that is “quintessentially French.”  As anyone who loves Chanel Rouge Noir as much as I do knows, a deep vampy lip is an essential part of a women’s color wardrobe.  My question was whether this gloss had the same power as the famous deep red-black lipsticks.  You can see a runway deep lip on pale models at this recap of Theyskens’ Theory show earlier this week at New York Fashion Week (MAC was used there).  Could Nars Nana let the deep lip translate to women in the real world?

I have to admit, the tube of the NARS Lip Gloss looks pretty cool.  It’s rare to see a lipgloss with that deep pigmentation in a department store line:

“Deep purple grape” certainly describes how the product looks in the tube, although I found more red in the color when applied:

Nars Nana absolutely fits within the vampy dark lipstick category.  Here, swatches compare with Guerlain Rouge G in Bee (reviewed here), and Chanel Hydrabase in Rouge Noir and Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir (both here).

My thoughts:

  • Nana is a gorgeous deep wine color.
  • It applies with a cushiony gel feel, with minimal stickiness.
  • It is super pigmented,  you can get the super-pigmented deep vampy lip pretty easily.
  • It is relatively long-lasting for a gloss (a few hours with sips).
  • The texture is very high gloss, in a good way.
  • One point of caution–this sinks into liplines.  It shows it all.  There are glosses that skim over the texture, Nana is not one of them.
  • Another point of caution–the super pigmented gloss is unforgiving when you apply it.  Small mistakes show.  Be ready for clean up.
  • Third point of caution-it’s a little tough to spread this evenly.  It grabs and pulls as you put it on, even when your lips are newly exfoliated.

If you want my advice, use a lipliner with this gloss. I grabbed Chanel Beige, and it created a little cushion fill between my lips and the gloss.  Although Chanel Beige diluted the strong color, you won’t have that effect with a deeper lipliner.

Here’s Nana on Liz with no lipliner (just Nana gloss, nothing else):

You might say that Liz is quite an expert at applying gloss by now, she’s been wearing Chanel Glossimers since she was thirteen (not a typo). The uneveness that you see is not because she isn’t applying it properly-she knows how to apply lipgloss (it’s a lip. gloss.) and this is still our result.  I found that the gloss applies much, much smoother over a lipliner.  But we wanted to give you the straight up pure gloss version, ’cause that’s how we roll.

Here’s Nana over Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Madere (reviewed here):

As with Madere, Nars Nana is a niche product that requires some thought and care.  Not for everyone.  If you’re into the vampy look, and go with a good lipliner, you’ll adore Nana.

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  7 Responses to “Nars Nana Lipgloss – Review and Swatches”

  1. Nana is nice (I presume Monsieur Nars named this product after the Zola fictional character who is not-so-nice). Last year, I purchased Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash in Black-Tie Plum (982) and love it, but it cannot be used sheerly. It is intense and saturated and it really brings out my baby blues. It is one of my few vampy lip colors; being a blonde, I approach vampdom carefully. I use a matching lipliner before and after application of such a rich color, so some looks just require the artistic treatment.

    It’s interesting to see the contrast in extremes (Madere/Nana) offered by NARS for spring. There is something for everyone, and as you are discovering and presenting to us, there are several approaches to the use of several products.

    • I must take a look at the Dior! I bet the sheerness makes it lovely. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hey. 🙂
      Maybe he just named the gloss Nana because it means girl or chick in french. 😉
      Thanks for the review! I was actually wondering how it looked like layered over Madère.

  2. As your picture so accurately illustrates, Nana on its own is rather blotchy. I wonder how it would look over Bee? Based on your comparison swatches it looks like it could go over Bee and still retain it’s “naughty” character. It’s definitely an interesting color.

  3. Excellent review and swatches!!!

    On another note I recently discovered your blog and I’m in love!!!!
    Excellent job ladies! 🙂 xx

  4. I found my new favorite vampy lip shade through a blog entry about getting the runway dark lip trend for less. The color is “deadly” bu Evil Shades, an indie makeup brand. It’s a touch less dark than this and it doesn’t sink into lip lines like the NARS version. I highly recommend 🙂 They actually offer a sample pack of all their “wicked gloss”shades for $10 that includes a few other very dark colors as well as some pretty and wearable ones.

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