Feb 222011

Dior is re-launching the Addict lipstick line, and so far the results are gorgeous.  I picked up two of the shades, and will be reviewing It Pink ($28 #554).  I love the packaging–it’s luxurious, modern and so Dior.   J’adore!

This is a gorgeous slightly cool strawberry medium pink:

Liz and I only started playing with two of these, but we like what we see so far.  This formula is gorgeous, it feels as balm-like as Chanel Rouge Coco Shine.  After we finished some pictures yesterday, Liz realized that she had to have it.   Here is It Pink (no lipliner or gloss, just the lipstick):

It Pink gave us plenty of glowing shine and color.  We’re very impressed.  As with many balmy, moisturizing lipsticks, our wear time was not quite as long as other lipsticks.  Because Liz has spirited It Pink away (well, she did model pretty seriously yesterday and deserved it), it’s no longer here for comparison swatches.  To be honest, this glowing formula is going to be different from other lipsticks in terms of the texture in any event.

In response to a reader question, here’s a close-up on the lips.  As you can see, It Pink does not have any shimmery particles (although others in the Dior Addict line might, since I haven’t seen them I cannot say for sure).

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  13 Responses to “Dior Addict Lipstick Relaunch- It Pink Review”

  1. I like it! I REALLY like it! Gorgeous, thanks for the post.

  2. It looks gorgeous! Love everything about the lipstick from your review – the packaging, the lipstick bullet shape, the colour – beautiful

  3. Oh, that is a pretty pink! Very spring like. On a different note, Amy and others, do you know of a good concealer that won’t settle into the fine lines around my 55 year old eyes?

    • Moisturizing the orbital (under-eye) area is a must for me. I use squalane (not the one with the shark stuff, which is squalene). This very thin olive oil ointment has greatly helped that area for me. The one thing I refuse to do is to set the area with powder. I do not have many fine lines but powder only announces they are there. I’ve been through dozens of concealers but I like Bobbi Brown the best. I use MUFE Lift on the darkest area by the nose, then a small amount of BB Corrector, and lastly, after foundation is applied, I tap in BB Concealer.

      My approach is unique because I have to deal with allergy shiners more than dryness. But the key is to moisturize that area and then find a concealer that gives maximum coverage without having to use too much. Not easy, I know. Lancome Effacernes gets good reviews. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the tips, Gisele! Where do you purchase squalane? This whole approach sounds very doable.

        • I just purchased Mayumi squalane from amazon ($14 for about 2 oz.) because the previous brand I’d bought started degrading the quality with a filler. A couple of drops per eye area will do. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe away any excess. I also use this to moisturize elbows and knees as well.

          The bottle will last a long time! Happy to help!

  4. You keep losing your makeup to your model! But I believe in a firm reward system, and Liz is quite the trooper as well as a lovely girl.

    This shade look gorgeous! Gosh, there are so many choices for spring. When you say “glowing,” do you mean shimmer within the shine?


    • Hi Gisele–there’s no shimmer particles in this color. I’ll update the post to include a close up on the lip so you can see. Take care! 🙂

      • Amy, thanks for the great photo update. This color/shade/formulation looks like what I’ve been looking for from other brands and have not yet pinned down. I’m hoping that my Sephora has these in stock, and I daily remind myself that is still February! It’s not bad to be so eager for spring, and Dior knows it!

  5. I really love this! It looks gorgeous! I’m really interested in getting one of these new moisturizing lipsticks, the formula just sounds so appealing to me even though they’re not very long lasting. I’ve read on Marina’s blog (Makeup4All) that YSL will be coming out with their version as well! I’m gonna have to decide between Chanel, Dior and YSL, I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford them all even though they are oh so tempting. How would you compare Rouge Coco Shine with Dior in terms of color pay-off and perhaps longevity? Coco Shine doesn’t seem as pigmented as Dior. I’m assuming they’d last about the same on the lips though :/

  6. Are you going to show the other lipstik? I love this one and the look. Thank you.

  7. Would you say that these lipsticks are more pigmented than the Rouge Coco Shine you have reviewed? Or are they just alike in texture? The finish is beautiful. I might have to check out this line of lippies!

    • Yes, the Dior are more pigmented than the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy. However, I expect that the Chanel release will include many pigmented shades. So not all of the Chanel will be as softly pigmented as Boy. When Chanel releases, I would love to hear reader comments on their comparisons between them. They feel similar to me. I expect the color selection will differ, so it may come down to personal preference and color choice.

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