I know that beauty bloggers are supposed to be upbeat and gentle in their reviews, or at least that is what I gather from reading so many.  And not to be a drama queen (well, maybe a little), but there are some experiences where beauty products go so wrong that I cannot help but express my opinions in an emphatic, even urgent, tone.

Once while browsing in Sephora, I picked up a travel size Oscar Blandi Lacca ($11) hair spray.  I’ve used Paul Mitchel Firm Style hairspray, L’Oreal Elnet (U.S. and French), and a few other random choices.  In my defense, I bought (and loved) several other Oscar Blandi products at the same time (reviews forthcoming).  When I went out of town for an important event, I did that thing you should never, ever do when traveling (write the next sentence down). I brought Oscar Blandi Lacca, which I had never home-tested first.  You doubt this rule?  Girlfriend, do not even go there.  Friends don’t let friends pack untested beauty products.  No exceptions, because that’s exactly how you end up in an out-of-town drugstore (which is the only thing open at 7 a.m.), trying desperately to remember which lines aren’t supposed to make you look clownish, instead of what you did bring.  Which does.

I woke hours before my event, preparing.  I showered and did my makeup.  And not to brag, by my makeup was done perfectly.  Really, epic.  I’m not sure whether I’ll ever replicate it.  After styling my hair, I reached for Oscar Blandi Lacca.  Testing it in the sink first to check the spray, it seemed fine.  I went for it, then it hit me.  The scent of this product was overwhelming and, to my preference, not at all pleasant.

At this point, I was t-minus 15 minutes to event departure.  After about 2 minutes, I decided that the scent was not fading.  I could not imagine spending all day, with other people, and that scent.  I literally re-washed my hair and re-did my makeup in the remaining 13 minutes, packed, and still managed to get a receipt for my hotel stay.

Thinking my senses might have been distorted, I gave Oscar Blandi Lacca the sniff test again, in the comfort and leisure of my own home.  Nope, still there.  Oscar Blandi Lacca is not for me.  Just my opinion.

Edit: I spoke to my hairdresser about this.  He was pretty certain that this product had gone “off” either while sitting on the shelf or in transit.  Perhaps a fresher bottle will have a different scent.

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