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Here are few items set to launch from those lovely geniuses at Guerlain, from their Terracotta 2011 collection, due out March 15, 2011. As background, Guerlain annually launches several products to anticipate the bronzed looks of Spring and Summer, and several have been show-stopping excellent.

Guerlain Moisturizing and Long-Lasting Bronzing Powder ($49), available in eight shades.  Between us, Guerlain is one of the few companies that understands the relationship between powder, the skin, and a truly glamorous bronzed look.

This is not marked “limited edition,” and are the same as Guerlain’s standard Terracotta line with new packaging.

Terracotta Skin ($49) is a healthy glow foundation that have a matte and velvety finish.  This has a sheer bronzing color of the Terracotta powder, plus the perfecting action of a foundation.  This is intended to blur imperfections, and provide a matte, velvety finish.  This product includes:

  • Spherical powder mixed within, to reflect light;
  • Volatile oils that evaporate on application, leaving a “second skin” on the face
  • Elastomer gel, for a creamy and comfortable fee.

It looks like Terracotta Skin is this year’s version of the Teint D´Ailleurs Tinted Moisturizer (reviewed here).  The lighter version was probably a bit too dark on my NC15/Chanel Cameo-Ivoire skintone to wear alone particularly in winter, but turned into awesome magic mixed with foundation (the glow and skin care properties, plus a dose of natural color).  I’ve actually used up about half of mine, so I’ll be looking for this one.  By the way, the press release does not mark this as “limited edition,” so I am hopeful that this will become a standard in their line.

Terracotta Jambes de Gazelles ($59) (limited edition) is a spray mist for legs, for temporary color.  According to Guerlain, Jambes de Gazelle has a tan booster to prolong a natural tan, and is enriched with Sweet Orange Extract “for a relaxing and cooling effect.”  It sounds like heaven, actually.

Terracotta Serum ($59) (limited edition).  For those who tan, a few drops of this tan booster into your normal skincare product is said to extend your tan and moisturize your skin.  It’s recommended that you use two drops for face products, and four for body products.

  • Fragrance free
  • Clear honey color, that does not add any tint
  • Formulated to prepare, activate and prolong your natural tan.
  • Includes a soothing ingredient to soften skin

Also, I’m hopeful that Guerlain will release the Terracotta Inca collection, featured here at the British Beauty Blogger, that features intriguing-looking powders and glosses.

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  1. I had the opportunity to play with this collection last week at NM. I did not get anything as I am waiting for my appointment with one of the National Makeup Artists this week. I am really excited about the foundation which I will be getting this Thursday and will hopefully report back on performance after I test drive it for a while this weekend. The serum definitely did not give me the relaxing cooling effect but other than that I cannot say much about its claims to help you tan and keep the color longer. Are you planning on reviewing any of these items?

    • It’s not clear whether I will or not, although I have asked Guerlain for samples. Apparently, their sample stock is quite small and so they may not be able to send more than one item at most (and then they aren’t really sure). To be honest, 99% of the items I review are out of my own pocket. I’ll always be a Chanel-a-holic, but spending my own coin on other brands really depends on what else is out there when these items are released. I feel as though Guerlain has been thoroughly reviewed on this site, and that I understand their products well. However, they have budget constraints apparently so we’ll just have to see what catches my eye at the time. Thanks for your question! 🙂

      • I really appreciate that you share the items you bought with us. Actually your blog was a huge part that inspired me to start (v/b)logging as you are one of the few I could find reviews on Guerlain, LMdB and other highend brands. I really hope they realize you are hands down the best reviewer for Guerlain and send you samples! Thank you for everything Amy!

        • Here! Here! Amy, you are the only one whose pictures caught the subtle interlinking of the colors in the Écran 6 Couleurs palettes. I’d often comment that the colors in the pan were deceptive because they contained an opalescent pigment or subtle pearl that linked them to a common color scheme, but your pictures actually showed that quality to great effect. I wish you had posted pictures of Rue de Rivoli. The first time I applied the light creamy beige, I was blown away by the gorgeous–and totally unexpected–rose pearl that it contained. Ditto the deeper taupe shade. Who would have thought it contained a very subtle deep fuchsia glow. I bet your pictures would have captured that. Guerlain should be cultivating you the same way MAC cultivates some of the younger bloggers.

  2. Yes, Guerlain’s Terracotta 2011 collection is calling me. Their Blondes is too light for me, Brunettes too dark/brown/orange. (Dior oxidizes almost on contact with my skin.)

    Having medium, cool-toned skin is not easy when trying to find a bronzer. I asked dear daughter why it is so hard to find one with so many choices out there. Her simple reply was that there are so many choices because it is so hard to find the right one! I use Bobbi Brown Aruba which is nice and golden, but I long for the copper tone that is so beloved by blue-eyed gals.

    So I eagerly await the appearance of those 8 shades, or at least some of them. The French blogs indicate some shades for “mixed race,” using a term which is far less pejorative than a previous one, so some thought has gone into providing more than the usual few shades for the limitless variations of skin tones.

    I will also be looking at the Terracotta Skin, which is pricey, but if it provides that “sunkissed look” without oxidizing or turning brown or oily, it’ll be worth it. From your description, it sounds divine. I hope Sephora has some of these items.

    If all else fails, there is “Give Me Sun” (yes, please) upcoming from MAC. It appears, according to one French blog, that Europe is getting first crack at that MAC collection.

    Thanks again, Amy, for the product info.

  3. My SA told me Terracotta Inca will reach counters early April. I saw product pictures about a month ago and I swooned! That eyeshadow palette/pressed powder is gonna be another case of the Blush G. Can’t wait 🙂

  4. Hi Amy!
    Your reviews never cease to inspire me . I’m looking for a new bronzer, as my Lancome Star Bronzer is almost finished. I’d really love to try a Terracotta bronzer but as a Guerlain newbie I’m not sure where to start (I’m MAC NC15). Should I go for a 4 Season one , the mosaic sheer bronzing one or for the regular one? Which one would you recommend?
    Reading your reviews really makes my day!
    Greetings from Stockholm!

    • Greetings, Anna–I’d go for either the Four Seasons or the regular one. Four Seasons will give you more flexibility, so that would be my preference. The regular one is beautiful and at a nice, lower price point. Honestly, before choosing your color I would try it on if you can. Bronzer preferences are so individual, I find! 🙂

  5. Thank you, Amy! You and Liz are my makeup-heroes hihi I couldn’t agree more about trying it on first, but I trust your reviews more than just asking a regular salesperson at a big mall, who sometimes is too tired/uninterested to recommend a right product. You girls rock!

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