Feb 282011

I picked up a few samples of Bobbi Brown mascaras and, over the past few weeks, gave them a test.   First up, I tried Extreme Party Mascara ($24 for full sized version), which I really liked on first application.  It delivered on volume and curl nicely.  The volume was not as great a Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils, or Diorshow, but still quite respectable.  Unfortunately, Extreme Party smudged on my under eye area after several hours of wear.  This rarely happens to me, so I’m going to give this one a miss.

Second, I tried the sample size of Bobbi Brown’s Everything Mascara ($24 for the full sized tube).  This had fairly good separation, but almost no volume. Because I’m a volume-lash addict, I won’t be pursuing a second tube.

Third, I’m on my second tube of Guerlain Le 2 Volume Mascara ($36).  I’ve reviewed the regular version of this mascara, Guerlain Le 2 Mascara here, which I loved but wondered whether more volume would be better.  Readers will recall that this is the same mascara released during Guerlain’s Holiday collection, except that the regular version does not have the gold on the small wand side–instead, it’s all black.


The standard Le Volume 2 is all black, but otherwise identical


  • Both Liz and I love this mascara.
  • It really delivers dramatic volume without clumps.
  • This gave less curl than the non-volume version Guerlain Le 2 mascara.
  • The small brush is not a brush, per se, it looks more like a doe foot applicator. I rarely used it, and I’m not sure I understand it.  I wish it was a brush.
  • Every so often, this mascara gave me the slightest smudge.  Not very often, I wondered whether it was my moisturizer or other emollient that I wore on particular days, but I have seen it happen on Liz as well very occasionally.
  • The large brush comes out very clean from the applicator, which is probably why there is so little clumping.  Having said that, the large brush must really be wiping the side of the applicator hole, because it became quite messy after a while.  Be careful handling the tube, the excess mascara that spills out can translate to your hands.  I clean the outside of the container down occasionally.

Overall, Guerlain Le 2 Volume was a big winner, based on the pure volume and look.  Really, I loved it more than another volumizing mascara that I’ve tried.  Recommended.

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  6 Responses to “Mascara Speed Reviews: Hits and Misses”

  1. I’m sad the Bobbi Brown mascaras got a poor review, because I love them both. I’ve never had a smudge or shadow from either one, but I guess everyone’s different!

  2. I liked the BB Extreme Party brush but not the actual mascara! I use BB Lash Glamour for a natural look, and I am so glad that the current “toothpaste” tube is being replaced. The masking tape I put around to prevent cracking is a surefire way to find the tube in its “makeup cup,” but it’s tacky (in more ways than one).

    I like Chanel Inimitable, My stick-straight lashes don’t need much volume but they need curl, and this mascara works without my feeling the 3:00 drop, that mid-afternoon sensation when gravity wins out among the eyelashes. The $36 tag on the Guerlain scares me away consistently.

    Dior has been a miss for me, along with Lancome.

  3. I’m having the problem with smudging with almost every mascara I tried. The only that I really love at the moment is the Chanel Inimitable Intense love how it holds the curl and gives me volume. But thanks for the review maybe I’ll check out the Guerlain one!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  4. I love both regular and volumising Le 2 mascaras! As for the wand, it kind of lacquers up the lashes and the mascara won’t smudge or budge. Do you rememner when it smudged on you? Maybe when you didn’t use the wand 😉

    • Marina–Wow the light just went off for me. I’ve literally never used the wand. I looked for product directions in the box, but there were none. THANK YOU!! I didn’t realize what the wand was for! 🙂

  5. I want to try this mascara. You are a bad influence. (It is a joke, I love you)

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