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Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ($45) is a newly introduced foundation range that I previously examined here.  Also, Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book did a very thorough review of the formula, for those looking for more information about this line.

Thanks to the incredibly helpful Noreen at Nordstrom San Franscisco Centre (415.243.8500), I’ve obtained samples of all of the colors in the range for your reference.  Here are my swatches.  On top, the “Beige- B” range of warm to neutral shades.  On the bottom, the “Beige Rose – BR” shades that have a pink undertone.



These are all taken with flash, so their color should be “what you see is what you get.”  In my own opinion, the “Beige Rose” shades seem to be running  a bit darker than the “Beige” shades.

Remember, Vitalumiere Aqua is a foundation that must be shaken before application.  So shakeup your makeup!

Ingredient list:

Active ingredients– Octinate 6% and Titanium Dioxide 5.6%

Other ingredients- Aqua (water), methyl trimethicone, alcohol, dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, talc, butylene glycol, isododecone, polymethysisequioxane, acrylates/polytrimethlsilsesequioxane, acrylates/polytrimethysiloxymethacrylate copolymer, polymethyl methcrylate, peg-10/15 crosspolymer, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, phenoxyehtanol, c9-15, flouroalcohol phosphate, magnesium sulfate, parfum (fragrance), nelumbo nucifera flower, water, methlyparaben, triethoxycaprylylsilane, sodium hyaluronate, silica, tocopheryl acetate, diproylene glycol, polyrethane-15, bht, laminara digitata extract, tocopherol, propyl paraben, ethelparaben

May contain- CI 7707 (ultramarines), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (iron oxides), CI 77891 (titanium oxide), mica

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  25 Responses to “Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua -Swatches of All Shades”

  1. B20 and B30 look really similar. I tried B30 (my shade is NC20), which did not look horribly dark on me, but I would have liked a shade lighter. After seeing your swatches B20 doesn’t even look like a shade lighter either 😀 Grrr

    • Natalie–I completely agree. There’s a huge difference between B10 and B20, but not so much with B20 and B30. I hope you’ve seen Sabrina’s review (linked above), she’s between the two shades and her post might be helpful to you.

  2. Hmm, I read somewhere that the BR range gives off a dewier finish, whereas the “Beige-B” provides more of a natural skin finish. Do you think that’s the case? I blindly ordered my shade in B30 last week, I really hope this foundation works out for me!

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  5. I am really liking this foundation on my combination skin!! Seems like the initial fervor had died down and it has become somewhat of a disappointment for many but I am loving that it lasts throughout the day and requires no powder. Still hoping that Burberry will add some lighter foundation shades to the mix. I got a call fromthe Burb counter at Nordstrom saying that they are getting 3 (or was it 2?) new blushes and a few new shadows but I haven’t heard anything about new foundation shades. Amy, do you know?

    • No, I’ve heard they are adding concealed shades. To be honest, I think the pale end of Burberry is quite light, tho, no?

      • Their #1 is very light (too light for me) but #4, supposedly, is the next lightest and is much too dark for me. Not sure why their shades are not sequential… I need a shade between 1 and 4 but neither 2 nor 3 are.

  6. Do you have any idea what gorgeous colour the model is wearing on her lips?

    • Sure looks like Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Genie to me! There might be a pencil liner too, it’s hard to say. But that gloss is certainly an Extrait de Gloss–it has a very unique and distinctive look.

  7. It’s been a few days but I really do hope you’ll respond.. I’m definitely between B10 and B20… this is kind of annoying because I really want to try this foundation out and the counter near me doesn’t give out samples.. I’m not sure what to do.. did you notice if the foundation oxidizes? If it does maybe I can pull off B10 without looking like a ghost. B10 also seems to be more yellow and the rest are more.. tan.. they all look tan to me to be honest
    I’d really appreciate it if you can respond!

    • Hi AZ– a few days? Did you leave an earlier comment with more questions? I don’t think it oxidizes but it does seem forgiving. You need to wait 5 min for it to adjust onto your skin. Is you are between, I’d go for B20. They are very close, but the B10 can look a little too light. Hope this helps

      • I don’t know what mac shade I am since I’ve never used any mac foundation.. I’m ~deauville in Nars Sheer Glow, which seems closer to B10 but I’m just afraid it’s too light. I got my makeup done at a chanel counter once and they used the powdered compact in vanilla.
        Oh I meant it’s been a few days since you put this post up.
        Thanks for responding!

        • I’m sorry I don’t know NARS shades well enough to say. You should check Chanel’s Intensity level for Vanilla. It if is Intensity 1.0, then go with B10. If Vanilla is Intensity 2.0 then go with B20. Hope this helps!

  8. I love this product! I generally just wear loose powder or mineral powder makeup ( when I need more coverage) but this is so light n comfortable to wear i’ve abandoned the mineral powder 🙂 I’m a BR10 and wear it over either the Chanel Whitening Modelling SPF 30 in 10 Rosee or Lancome’s UV Expert GN Shield SPF 50

  9. Great swatches! I was tossing up between the B40 and the B50, would you say that they are quite similar? Or maybe B50 is just ever so slightly darker?

  10. Thank you so much for the reviews and swatches, Amy! Your swatches (confirmed with Karla’s swatches) gave me the confidence to buy the Vitalumiere Aqua in B50 for my NC35ish olive toned Asian skin! I bought it from the Chanel website because their return policy is pretty good. I love it! I don’t get the itchy feeling on my skin like I do with certain foundations (especially mineral ones). My only complaint is that I have to shake it a lot…but it’s worth it.

    It’s expensive, but for a Chanel foundation, the price isn’t bad. I also just bought a Bobbi Brown foundation (extra foundation…the foundation versision of their extra tinted balm) that costs $10 more.

  11. Thanks for the great swatches Amy! I was just wondering if you could compare the new aqua to the original vitalumiere? I have dry skin and currently using the vitalumiere, but heard so many good things about the aqua and don’t know if it’s better than the original and worth getting. Thanks so much!

    • Alice, they are completely different. Despite the name overlap, honestly they could not be more different. Vitalumiere seems to add moisture and glow and is medium to heavy coverage. Vitalumiere Aqua works best with oily to normal skin types, it is light to medium coverage. Vitalumiere Aqua dries to a near-matte, and it contains alcohol which may dry out those with already dry skin. Alice, I would not get Vitalumiere Aqua unless you get a few generous samples to try them out first–it does not seem designed to work with your skin type so you were certainly want to try before you buy! Hope this helps!

  12. Thank you for the swatches! I have an Indian skin tone (around an NC42 in mac studio fix powder, a little lighter) and I was wondering which colour would go best with my skin tone? I looked at your swatches but I’m really not sure which one is best for me! Also I’m fifteen and I’ve never worn foundation before, and I have been looking for the best foundation since my mum told me that if I’m to wear foundation, I must buy one that is the least bad for my skin! I am a bit worried about using foundation, since my mum told me it will ruin my skin, but hopefully this one is a good quality one that won’t? Sorry for all the questions! And thank you again for the great review!

  13. i just saw about ur review, and i feel so doubt about vitalumiere, n vitalumiere aqua..
    i hv a very dry dull skin..
    i wanna to try one of them..
    can u gimme a option which one should i try?
    i need a very moisturize my skin without make me break out..
    also i love glowing dewy finishing 😀 im nc25-30, r the B30-sable ok for me?
    hope u can help me…
    thanks for the info… :))

    • Vitalumiere is better for dry skin. There is no way to tell whether a foundation will break you out until you sample it on your own skin, however. I think Vialumiere may have broken me out, but I’m not sure and we have very different skin types.

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