Vichy’s Dermablend liquid foundation ($28, available here) can be used as a highly pigmented, lightweight concealer that covers all types of problem areas without caking.  I first heard about Vichy Dermablend from Lisa Eldridge, who did an incredible acne-covering tutorial using this product.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth a look:


I found that applying 15 Opal with a very soft brush (MAC 217), I was able to cover imperfections quite flawlessly.  I then applied a very sheer foundation over the rest of my face, so that the rest of my makeup didn’t look cakey or too dense.  Lisa’s right–most of us have only a small percentage of our face to worry about.  So why use a heavy foundation, when a little bit of spot coverage will do?

Following Lisa’s directions, I can attest that this foundation really, really works well for covering spots or other problem areas.  It’s a huge 1.2 oz. tube for $28.  It can be used under the eyes in a pinch, keep in mind that some may find it a little dry but I found it workable.

You should note that Vichy also makes a tube concealer, which I have not tried.  To be honest, from the reviews that I’ve read, this foundation gives better coverage using less product so the liquid foundation is really the way to go.  Although Vichy Dermablend has SPF 20, I do not ever anticipate using it all over my face.  It’s far too heavy for that.  So using supplementing with a regular sunscreen is a must when using this to spot treat.



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