Mar 072011

I love the quality of Guerlain Terracotta bronzers, but I find the variety confusing.  With 8 shades in their standard Moisturizing line, plus the variations such as the 4 Seasons, Mineral Flawless, loose Bronzing Powder, Tan Booster and Tan Booster, plus the limited edition shades, there is a lot to track.

I just received this brochure from Neiman Marcus, which helps decode the color system from the standard Terracotta Moisturizing and Long Lasting line:

Even better, I found Guerlain has set up a site that helps you choose your perfect bronzer from their entire range, located here.  You put in your hair and skin tone, then choose the level of shimmer or matte that you prefer.  Pretty cool, right?  I’m feeling so bronzer-empowered.

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  4 Responses to “Decoding Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer Shades”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try a Guerlain bronzer, but I agree, it is indeed confusing!

    I have fair skin with quite rosy cheeks (BR10 in the new Chanel Aqua foundation), but a makeup artist told me recently that I should avoid blush with too much pink in it because it will just emphasize the natural pinkness of my cheeks and should go more for neutral colors. So I have no idea if I should get one from the Rosy or Golden line. Even the selector on the Guerlain website is confusing! I have dirty blond/light brown hair so I don’t know whether to choose Blonde or Brunette!

    • I find that the new Chanel foundation evens out the redness in my cheeks rather well that I feel confident wearing any kind of blush (BR20 was the shade initially recommended to me). Perhaps the secret is in the application? I generally apply blush sparingly and use bronzers with a golden tone. I have brown hair with a somewhat golden tone and like the shade 01 in the new Terracotta bronzers. Even if I pile it on all over my face with a bronzer brush, it seems impossibly to overdo. I also use the Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder in 01 Blondes as a blush. It’s a mosaic with pink, beige and tan colors but they blend so seamlessly with the skin that it’s great as a blush. I hope that helps somewhat.

      • Sorry for the typo. Guerlain bronzers seem impossible to overdo was what I meant. You could also try Tarte’s Park Avenue Princess but I like the Guerlain bronzers better.

  2. i just got 4 seasons blondes, and i’m also planning on buying on purchasing shade for brunettes in future :). it’s so convenient – 4 shades in one powder! i wouldn’t know, which one to choose from the terracotta regular line… i have a very light brown hair colour, i’m extremely fair, though golden undertones.

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