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Since I began using Le Metier de Beaute’s Peau Vierge foundation last fall (reviewed here), I became interested in the other Peau Vierge series of products, including the Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer ($95).  Here’s the pitch, according to Le Metier de Beaute (from Neiman Marcus’ website):

–Retinol is delivered through a patented and proprietary delivery technology called Syntoc Actif which encapsulates the Retinol and allows it to safely and effectively penetrate the skin.

—Traditional over-the-counter products have very poor penetration—less than 2% of active ingredients are actually absorbed. In comparison, with Syntoc Actif, 20 times more Retinoic Acid is absorbed into the deeper skin layers, making it the most effective cosmetic Retinoid treatment on the market.

— Paraben, Talc, Fragrance, and Dye-Free.

First up, let me get a few of my thoughts out there:

  • At $95, this is one of the most expensive concealers on the market.  Yes, I know, it’s because it is infused with active skin care ingredients and the performance is superior.  Still, get it during a Bergdorf or Neiman beauty card event if you can, it can knock almost $25 off the original price.
  • This can be used to cover either the under-eye area or spots.  After all, both benefit from Retinol so it makes perfect sense.
  • The tube is small — I believe that there is roughly half the amount of product as the Cle de Peau concealer (which sells for $70 but does not promise skin care improvement).
  • Le Metier de Beaute’s Correcteur Concealer has superior pigmentation to any concealer that I have ever tried.  You do not need much.  A very thin layer does the work.
  • I apply this on my finger first to warm the product, then apply onto the eye.  This seems to spread the product to look quite natural.
  • The cream is very finely milled–it looks like skin, not like concealer.
  • Color choices are limited to two, I use Fraise.
  • There is a slight moisturizing property to it that keeps it from creasing easily.  It includes skin care ingredients that promises to improve your undereye texture in five days.  In my experience, it works.  My undereye area does look better in five days–fine lines are softer, the area seems more moisturized.  You get what you pay for.
  • This raises the question–should you still use your traditional under eye moisturizer?  My quick answer is yes, if you need more moisture then use it under Le Metier’s concealer.   I’ve confirmed with Dustin Lujan/ Le Metier genius, that this is appropriate.

Overall, I’ll re-buy Le Metier’s Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer when it runs out (during a gift card event if at all possible).  If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ll spare no expense to get high quality products that deliver.  Looks, it’s my eyes. There are few areas of your body that are more examined, assessed and (hopefully) admired.  I’ll put down serious coin to preserve them as long as possible.

Speaking of concealers with benefits, I picked up a few samples of a new concealer/corrector from Lancome at a local Paris counter recently.  Unlike Le Metier’s Le Peau Vierge which uses a single tube for delivery of both concealer and skin care ingredients, Lancome’s Regengie Yeux (Mulitple Lift) is a two-part product.  One is the eye cream that is applied first.  The other is a very creamy, concentrated concealer for the undereye area.  Unlike Le Metier, I suspect based on the name and packaging that Lancome’s will not work well on spots–the use is really intended for under-eye only.

Peeled back, you can see the skin care moisturizer (bottom) and concealer (top) combination:

The back of the sample card:

I used Lancome’s for three days and enjoyed it.  In passing, I wondered whether there was a significant difference between buying two products–concealer and eye cream–rather than this two-part product.  Still, I found the combination looked very natural on my skin and had good coverage.  Between Le Metier Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer and Lancome’s Renergie Yeux, well of course I prefered Le Metier’s (except for the price, as I suspect Lancome’s will be lower).  I found the coverage of Let Metier’s superior, and I’ll take a product with retinol over one without any day of the week.

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  10 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge Correcteur Concealer: A Friend with Benefits”

  1. It sounds awesome, but there is one thing that gives me pause, and it’s not the price. Retinol sensitizes the skin to the sun (because it makes your skin turn over faster, exposing new skin cells). For this reason, it’s never recommended to use products with retinol during the day, they are always suggested for night-time use, and then it’s suggested that you make sure you’re always wearing a good sunscreen during the day.
    Now I’m sure you’re wearing sun protection under the concealer (or at least I definitely would be), but I would still be concerned about the long-term impact of using a retinol product during the day.

  2. As always, whenever anyone reviews the Peau Vierge products, my commonly shared concern over using retinoic acid during the day looms large. It seems counter productive. Retinoic acid is a well known skin sensitizer. Even when used at night (as is recommended by dermatologists), skin must be protected during the day with a high level of SPF. In addition, exposure to sunlight and air actually degrades retinoic acid. That is why the serious retinoic products are packaged in opaque containers that minimize exposure to the air. Even with those precautions, after about three months of use, the products will begin to degrade. Putting retinoic acid in a concealer stick just doesn’t make much sense.

  3. holy crap! Ok, so I get that it has beneficial ingredients and high-tech makeup research, but $95?!? Seriously? La Mer which is highly coveted is only a few more dollars. I thought I paid too much when I bought the Guerlain G Series lipsticks, or the Guerlain $65 blush….but I draw the line at $95 concealer! Unless this thing performs miracles, I will not be buying. Period. Unless there is an awesome gift with purchase and then I will buy it. Against my principles. Just as long as that’s understood : )

  4. Amy, have you tried their lip and cheek tint? I was thinking of placing an order for one but wanted to see if you would recommend first.

    • Hi Katie, I’ve bought Tenne, but haven’t opened it yet. I’ve heard good things, but don’t have 1st hand experience yet! Sorry!

    • Hi Katie! Eileen here. I bought Tenne and Poppy when they first came out and am now looking forward to seeing the three new colors that have just been released. They apply easily and smoothly and can be worn as soft and natural or as heavy and dramatic as you like. They give a soft luminous glow to the cheeks without looking shiny or greasy. They wear well throughout the day without migrating or fading into nothingness. I usually apply them with a stippling brush and then blend with my finger for a sheer look. I don’t wear them on my lips so I can’t speak to that.

      • Thank you! I look forward to trying it. Eileen, I keep my eye out for your comments as I always appreciate what you have to say.

  5. Is there any way you can find out if Le Metier de Beaute company will sell their brand in Canada. After reading your review, I wouldn’t mind trying the eyeliner.

    • Hi Christina, I’ve asked via Twitter–according to LMdB, it’s not available in Canada yet although they are contemplating expansion at some point.

  6. I have sunken dark circles. I never conceal because everything seems to make me look more wrinkly. Would I rather be sunken and purple or wrinkly? Purple every time!! So my question would be does this settle into and/or accentuate wrinkles under the eyes? Des Cle de Peau? I swear most conceal ors give me twice as many lines as I generally have. Thanks!

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