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At Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royale, I purchased a lipstick in #6, Mauve de Swann ($70).  I tried on another color, a deep red, and was very tempted, but decided to go with this neutral instead.

The bullet is encased in a deep red-brown hexagon, and refills can be purchased separately ($55).  The line has a range of ten colors:

My wonderful contacts at the boutique were kind enough to provide this sample card to me, which includes six of the shades to swatch for you:

As you can see, these six shades include three reds and three neutrals:

  • Mise a Mort:  A warm red
  • Roman Rouge:  A deep, cool red
  • Pourpre Maure:  A deep plum
  • Or Perle: A sheer gold cream that is very moisturizing
  • Rose des Glaces:  A soft cream-rose
  • Mauve de Swann:  A soft mauve-pink

To see the swatches, click “continue reading”….

All six shades:

The darker shades:




Here are the lighter shades, which have beautiful pearl texture.  I thought that the white shade of Or Pearle would be too much, but after I applied it I wanted to own it. It softened the color of my natural lip, and gave a very soft light gold sheen.  Unlike the dark shades, the lighter shades are more sheer.  Your natural lip color (if you have any) show through.  The formula of Or Perle is very moisturizing–I would say more so than a Chanel Rouge Allure.

The dark shades deliver opaque pigment in a very thin layer–whatever is in the pigment, it’s powerful.  In a good way.  If you want to rule the street (party, board room, roost–it’s your call, beauty!), the deep shades get the job done.  The lighter shades feel more moisturizing.

The packaging on this is minimalist and functional.  My sense is that the price is all in the product and exclusivity.  These are lipstick “signatures”–they derive value from wearability and the ability to make a color your own.  Unlike a MAC release where one might spend $70 buying several different lipsticks to explore various options and variety, these are the type of lipsticks that become part of your life and look.

My favorite colors: Or Perle, Mauve de Swann and Roman Rouge.  My coloring is warm, but with a slight mauve undertone.  Keep in mind that these are designed to work universally, but your mileage and taste will vary from my own.

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  9 Responses to “Serge Lutens Lipsticks”

  1. Hi Amy- Love your Serge Lutens updates- makes me want to visit Paris right now! The Mauve de Swann lipstick (which I also have, along with his powder compact, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows) can be used to “tone down” brighter colored lipsticks. That’s what I was told at Barney’s when I purchased it. The color, by itself, looks a little grey and can be unwearable for some. If I were to purchase one signature product, my first choice would be his eyeliner (approx $80) and my second his eyeshadows. In fact, I purchased a back up for both as I travel frequently (although not to Paris! Lucky you!)

  2. How do you find the formula? I have 5 Guerlain Rouge Gs but I find 70e steep! Is the case plastic – does it feel luxurious? Thank you in advance!

    • These are high priced for sure–I thought that both Mauve de Swann and Or Perle feel very moisturizing. The deeper tones are comfortable and intensely pigmented, but I’m not getting as much moisture from them–still, of course they are an uber-luxury product because of the color and formula. The deep colors are powerful colors–very nicely done, they are like signatures.

      The case is smaller than most lipsticks (more the size of a Chanel Rouge Allure Laque–the smaller ones). The Lutens it’s going to fit into a clutch quite easily. It does not feel heavy, it’s so much smaller than a Rouge G. It doesn’t feel “ornate” in the same way as the Guerlain, but rather more in keeping with a minimalist style if that makes sense. I feel like the price tag is really in the color/formula not the packaging. The packaging doesn’t feel cheap in any way (!) but it is more practical than showy, you know when you find it in your purse b/c of the shape, and it’s not taking up much space. I can’t tell you that $70 isn’t steep–it is! These are made for women who buy only a few well-loved lipsticks, like a few great suits rather than a drawer full of tshirts. Hope that makes sense LOL!

      • I really appreciate such a detailed reply! Thank you!

        I’m still on the fence – I’ll have to see in person (if I get an opportunity to go to Paris or NYC as not available her in Ireland). I have to say I love the formula and packaging of the Rouge Gs – although I’ll admit they are heavy so they are fulfilling my luxury lipstick needs á ce moment! I also like Tom Ford’s lipstick line although I find the Rouge G colours more wearable day to day.

  3. I really like the color of Mauve de Swann but I am worried it would not be enough color on my lips…some colors that appear nude, tend to wash me out. do you think this would do the same Amy?

    • The 3 light shades are not opaque– your natural lip color will show through. It is very difficult to tell how itvwill look until you apply it (and I can’t judge your coloring obv). It doesn’t wash me out, because I have a fair amount of color in my lips to start.

  4. Amy, thank you so much for posting these! It is SO hard to find swatches of these lipsticks anywhere, and let me tell you, the “swatches” (and I use that term loosely) at Barney’s online are pretty much worthless. I am swooning over Rose de Glaces and Or Perle! Honestly, I died a little bit when I saw them….lol! Does Or Perle provide any color, aside from the gold sheen? I have a decent amount of pigment in my lips, so I wanted to know whether it would show up at all. Is Rose de Glaces any more opaque than Or Perle? Thanks again!

    • I have a lot of color in my lips too–Or Perle just knocks down my natural color to a far softer version. The white color of Or Perle is sheer–which is good, really because white lips are pretty hard to pull off. Or Perle will “show up” in that it will give the lips a gold-white sheen, and glow. But it will not be white.

  5. I dither on the Votre Sienne every now and then, and you’ve just resurrected the lemming! I’m quite tempted now by Garde Rose too. These are beautiful lipsticks.

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