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Sublime de Chanel (29 euros/) is a new mascara released in France, designed for “infinite length and curl.”  Like Guerlain’s Le 2 mascara, Sublime de Chanel delivers a very clean, intensely curled, combed, and nicely lengthened lash.  In fact, the Guerlain is the only other mascara that I’ve tried that delivers such an instantly curled lash (no curler required).

The packaging is very similar to the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss–a square tube with a gold “CC” top, although the mascara packaging does not feel as heavy.  Part of the miracle of Sublime de Chanel is the performance without clumps.  Once opened, the brush is very sharply swiped by the tube.  Although the brush is far from dry, the mascara forms a good, thin film on the brush without any clumping.  Honestly, you’d have to work at it to get this mascara to clump.  I certainly wasn’t able to.  Here’s a picture of a freshly pulled-out Sublime de Chanel brush:

As you can tell, the brush is a series of combs that keep the lashes very clean.  The effect on the lashes is very much like the model in the picture.  I have a hunch that the model in that picture has some pretty nice lashes to start with.  Now I’m going to go out on a limb and guess–I think those lashes in that picture aren’t photoshopped.  That’s pretty much the effect you get–long, separated, curled, clean lashes. Of course, if your lashes are shorter to start with, you won’t get that length, especially without a few layers.

This leaves my lashes feeling pliable but still curled throughout the day.  No smudges, no flaking.  It performs like a great high-end mascara.  I love it more than Chanel Inimitable.

Here’s a delightful little video at’s French website–> watch it, it’s adorable.

My thanks to Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book, who located this video from Vogue Russia. If you go about 1 minute it, you’ll see how the makeup artist applies Sublime de Chanel with a slight wiggle motion.  If you go to the end, you’ll see the final effect with this mascara.  Although the video is in Russian, I suspect that most Chanel makeup lovers will follow along just fine:







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  14 Responses to “Sublime de Chanel Mascara Review”

  1. Hi Amy,
    I saw this video a while ago and if you liked it, you may also like the one where the MUA (it’s the leading Chanel’s MUA in Russia) is re-creating the look from the Spring Runway.
    But my personal favourite is the one from the Holiday collection, it’s just gorgeous!

  2. Chanel has so many new goodies coming out in their April and July releases. It’s not just about the season’s color palette, but about new textures and finishes thanks to some big changes in formulations. I can hardly wait!

    The Russian Chanel vid is a treat. How wonderful to see a beautiful woman without false eyelashes! My number one pet peeve when it comes to cosmetic ads is the mascara ad that features a model sporting false, photoshopped eyelashes.

    Merci bien for keeping us on top of Chanel’s latest.

  3. Amy, do you know if the US will be getting this mascara, the new eyebrow pencils and/or Fauve e/s? Thanks!

  4. I don’t like Chanel mascaras but if this one is anything like my beloved Le2, i’m getting it! I hope it’s easier to remove than Le2.
    I’m glad to see a Russian video here 🙂

  5. Hello Amy,
    Actually Sublime de Chanel has been available since 2H of 2010 in Asia, and it’s highly recommended by my makeup artist (from Chanel) and it was originally designed for Asians (yes, we have short and choppy lashes!)…I am glad it’s available in France though! x

  6. Hi Amy,

    Have you ever tried the Dior Extase mascara? I find it gives a pretty clean look too and was wondering how it would compare to this new one from Chanel. Thanks 🙂

    • No Rebecca–I have not, sorry! 🙁 The Lisa Eldridge video that demo’d the mascara was quite persuasive to me that Extase might not give me the length that I was looking for. Do you find that it gives you a very dramatic length? Perhaps I am mistaken–completely possible, I assure you!

      • Extase is more lengthening than it is volumizing, but you’re right, it does not offer dramatic length. I suppose I just appreciate how gives a clean look to my short and sparse lashes…:(. Nevertheless, thank you for taking all of us along with you to Paris!

      • Hello again, Amy! I am curious to know how Sublime is holding up now that a few weeks have passed. Does it still perform to your liking? Has it dried up a bit and if so, does this improve or worsen its performance?


  7. Lovely review. I’m always looking forward to your posts Amy, the video is delightful! Thanks to you I can’t wait to try this one out soon. Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Paris!!

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