Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Fauve (Ombre Essentielle No. 90 Fauve) is a shimmery mauve-taupe released as part of a small collection.  Currently, this is available outside the U.S. (Chanel has not responded to my email about possible availability in the U.S.).

The texture is high-shimmer.  Here, you can see Fauve swatched next to Chanel Taupe Grisee, which is much deeper in tone and more satin/matte in texture.

To my eye, Fauve seems more mauve and more shimmery than Chanel Safari Soft Touch eyeshadow.  Unfortunately, I do not have my Safari with me for a direct comparison.

I was pleased to see that the sparkles in the pan seemed to smooth out nicely when properly applied with a brush.  The texture is slightly harder than Taupe Grise (which is an extraordinarily soft texture).  If you’ve read this blog, you know what my advice is with respect to harder textured shadows–push harder or use a stiffer brush.  Problem solved.

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