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I wanted to title this post “Why You Should Get a Makeover When You Travel,” but allowing people to find Chanel swatches by post title pushed me toward the one I did use.

However, I do want to talk about both because there’s something about a makeover in a different country that is well worth thinking about…

So many wonder about French women’s beauty secrets, or how others in different countries achieve their looks. One of the best ways to find out is to get a makeover while you travel.  Although this answer sounds quite obvious (duh!), I did not discover this fact until a few years ago when I (an American) went to a Parisian department store (staffed by French makeup artists) and sort of stumbled into a Bobbi Brown makeover (an American line).  To tell the truth, my French wasn’t strong enough at the time to decline politely.  It turned out to be a completely eye-opening experience.  Using very few products that I didn’t already own, I learned how a French woman can apply American makeup to my American face in a very French way.

We might be reluctant to ask, especially if you don’t know the language well or local customs. Well, having my pronunciation and American expectations endlessly corrected by the French (I think I’ve made every possible mistake) has humbled me to the point where I decided to get over myself and go for it.  If you do the same, I guarantee that you will expand your options well beyond your comfort zone.  You may actually love what you see.

Here’s what was used on my during a Chanel makeover that I recently had:

Notice the lack of any added eyeshadow, contour or bronzer.  The look was extremely “your face but better” but with a sheer pop of shine and color on the lips.  The Vitalumiere foundation looked very moist and glowing (but knocked down to a nice finish with the powder).  No added eye color–just an added emphasis of my natural features.

To me, that look is very French.  The skin looks flawless but natural, healthy and is really the main event.  There is only one–two at most–areas of the face with added glow (here, the lips).  The rest is intended to enhance (but never change) your natural features.   When I try the look myself, I know that I’ve done it right when people on the street ask me for directions.

One of the products used was Les Tissage de Chanel/ Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Corail ($45/ #20), a blush that I’ve probably looked at 1,000 times in the U.S. without a second thought.  It’s one of the few Chanel products that I don’t own.

The color is a soft color with a touch of brown.  There is a gold shimmer overspray that disappears after the first few uses.  Although the blush has a sheer effect, the toned-down coral has a definite impact.  The color glows, but the softer coral tone mixed with a slight brown undertone knocks the color down and keeps it looking young and natural.  In other words, this is not your mother’s coral.


The above swatch is applied far too heavily for normal use, but necessary to show the color in the picture.  Applied that heavily, it does look a little bit like our mother’s coral, so don’t do that. Instead go soft, sheer and glowing.

Do keep in mind that every makeover that I’ve gotten in France has been with different color palettes and using different products.  Not all would come out this same way, of course.   I did enjoy this blush enough with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Monte Carlo that I thought it was worth picking up so that I can recreate the look at home.


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  18 Responses to “Chanel Tweed Corail Blush Review and Swatches”

  1. That is soooo pretty! I have resisted the Tweed blushes for so long…. this one has me interested!
    Thanks for the virtual Paris journey as well! Enjoying your blog! x jeanie

  2. i love chanel blushes and lipsticks 🙂

  3. Beautiful! What shade of Vitalumiere liquid did they use on you Amy? I’m wondering if there’s one that’s light enough for me (NC10-15) or not. Also…do you know if we may get Vitalumiere Eclat here in the US eventually?

  4. Ah, the French. I am always enamored by their minimalism but find it so hard to give up my excesses (in spite of the fact that I always go for the natural look; I love having lots of choices). I really like my rose tweed blush; will have to check out this coral! I recently bought that eyebrow pencil and love it. Amy, what shade do you wear in the vitalumiere? I feel like .5 may be a tad dark but am afraid to go lighter. You wear the Aqua in b10, yes? Also, so curious how they applied your liner? Upper and lower lash lines? Waterlines?? Hope you are having a great time! Sounds fabulous!!!

    • Katie–I’m 20 Cameo in Vitalumiere, and B10 in Vitalumiere Aqua may be a touch light for me. The liner was a standard line on top, and barely brushed on the outer corner on the bottoms–like a shadow, not a line. I hope this helps! 🙂

  5. wow. definitely sheds new light to that blush! I overlooked it a million times at my counter as well, will take a look next time! have been on a chanel diet because my favorite chanel girl stopped working 🙁

  6. Beautiful beautiful post!!! Thank you, Amy, it is a pleasure to read your “Paris journal” :).

  7. I’m European but not French, I’m from Portugal. I love makeup, regularly read makeup blogs written by Americans and watch many makeup videos created by Americans. I’ve learned a lot about makeup from those American women, but still have my own personal taste and prefer a perfect but natural look. In fact, I actually think I look my best with nothing more than foundation + powder (these days I use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because it looks more natural and it’s all my skin needs), blush, mascara and eyebrow pencil (I have a scar that runs across my left eyebrow so filling them in is a must). I wear eyeshadow quite frequently because I like it, but I never use bright colours and I think my eyes look better bare. Bronzer is something I don’t even own.
    I don’t know if this is a European thing, after all Europe has many different countries and cultures, but most women in Portugal go for the natural look (in my opinion perhaps a little too much, many wear no makeup at all). I’ve witnessed the same in France, Italy and Spain.

    I really like that Tweed Corail Blush. Can you tell me if it resembles Joues Contraste in Espiègle in any way?

  8. I was also curious about it’s comparability to Espiègle. I wanted Corail for awhile but knew Espiègle was coming out so I didn’t purchase it. Thank you for all the postings while in Paris. I am enamoured with the city and love living vicariously though you!

    • Espeigel in the US has more pink and more fine shimmer. Espeigle in Europe seems less pink, but I haven’t compared them side-by-side. Of the two, Espeigle will give more shimmery glow (and perhaps more pink), and Tweed Corail more matte (and has a brown undertone).

  9. I loved reading this post– I’ve always found that food is something that I *always* look to for a travel experience when I am in a new place, I also really love visiting little grocery stores and local shops to get a feel of the local flavor. I can’t wait to go to Paris and experience a makeover at a Chanel counter to add to the Parisian experience!

  10. Oops I forgot to mention, I recently got my first tweed blush in Tweed Sienna, love it so far! The artist at BG used it with a Chanel #12 brush as a contour around the cheek, hairline and the eye socket, then packed it on slightly on the apples of the cheeks. At home I was initially not fond of the gold overspray which is a wee bit chunky, but now after a couple of uses, am loving the warmth this blush brings to my face.!

  11. I forgot to mention I’m a lipstick fiend. I like the natural look, but when it comes to lipstick I’ll wear a nude as easily as a bright color. Of course, whenever I use a bright, strong color such as red I keep my eyes as simple as possible.

  12. Bonjour Amy ! Your pics and post have been gorgeous ! This last post regarding your Chanel makeover and the European only products have me in a bind. I seriously want to get the above mentioned powder/foundation and the mascara. I contacted and they said that I can not order through them, that really my only option would be to contact a European department store and see if they could sell/ship to me. I have never done this and wondered if you could recommend a store that is reputable that I could do this through. Or is this pretty much un-heard of? Your advice and suggestions are very much appreciated. Bonsoir 🙂

    • Hi Jennie–I’ve never found a good European source–I’m sorry! I don’t know of anyone that ships overseas! 🙁 Sorry!

  13. Thank you for your French beauty advice. It seems it would make my morning routine so much easier! I’m going to give this look a try tomorrow morning. Oh how I wish I could get my hands on the Vitalumiere Eclat. I was dying for it before when you spoke of it, and now I’m REALLY dying to try it!

  14. Hi Amy – Loving your posts from France! This blush looks like a must have for me. That’s for the detailed review!

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