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While shopping in Paris, I noticed that one of the department stores had Dior’s Mitzah Collection in stock.  This is a very small, limited edition collection that includes the Imprime Jungle eyeshadow palette (90 euros) and two vernis nail colors (in #912 Ebony and #622 Camel)(23 euros each).   The collection commemorates Christian Dior’s friend and muse, Mitzah Bricard.

I haven’t had time to play with this, but wanted to post some quick pictures.  There are not many made (each is specially numbered).

The eyeshadow palette has a cream matte base color, that can be used from lashline to browbone.  The camel tone can be used over the entire lid.  The deep brown is a gorgeous liner (top and bottom) and can be used to add a sophisticated smoke color in the crease.  This was the technique that was used during my makeover, and I absolutely loved it.
Alternatively, you can swish the colors together to make an overall lid color that is a mix of the three colors together.

The shades are beautifully coordinated and seem primarily matte in texture.  They are quite soft and easy to work with.  You can make a very sophisticated and sexy eye with these colors.  Gorgeous.


Dior’s Mitzah collection also features two nail polishes– Camel and Ebony.

I only had time to do a quick manicure with Camel, which applies well although it is a bit sheer.  This is three coats:

Overall, these collections compliment my warm, fair skin tone and so I’m pleased with the sophistication and quality of this collection.  I expect that this will sell out quickly, given the universal “neutrals with an edge” vibe that seems to make great makeup fly off the shelves.



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  16 Responses to “Dior Mitzah Collection”

  1. Thanks for sharing!! I already pre-ordered the Camel nail polish and hope it will compliment my skin tone as well as yours. The colors of the palette also look very pretty!

  2. This is beautiful, but isn’t it a bit difficult to pick up Colors with regular brushes? One thing you should do while you are in Paris is too Have a real french facial, this Will totally comPlete your french expérience

    • That’s a lovely idea, Honor! It is –you have to use a small brush head that is for sure.

      • If you are in for a serious treat go to Joelle Ciocco on place de la Madeleine, she is the star facialist in Paris, she is doing every famous french actress and Carla Bruni S and Mark Jacobs. She has her very own way ..but quite expensive around 160€. or you can try a Guinot treatment (try the one with the machine called Hydradermie, which is an amazing deep cleanse treatment adapted to evry skin condition), nothing fancy, but more affordable and amazing treatment (there is a guinot salon rue de Ponthieu, near les Champs elysées).

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  4. I’m so amazed at what manufacturers are doing with powders these days! Does the pattern go all the way through to the pan?

  5. Beautiful. I want this so much, but have no idea when it will be out in the UK and I have a feeling I’ll somehow miss out!

  6. Amy – I’ve been anxiously waiting for accurate real-life pics of these. Thank you!!! Ebony Nail Polish looks divine!!! The compact and powder design is phenomenal. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog for us while you are in Paris.

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  10. I am not really impressed with Dior. I like the NARS collection better for some reason.

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  12. Gorgeous review! I am curious if the leopard pattern is an overlay or if the pattern goes all the way through.

  13. This palette looks like something I’d never use and just keep in my stash 🙂

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