Yes, the museums are full of art and so are the streets.  A small street ensemble that seems to play frequently near the Palais Royale.  They sell CD’s and take donations, and usually draw a crowd with their classical music.

Looking up from a stoplight, I noticed what looked like the work of street artist Space Invader.  If you saw “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” you already know his work:

I don’t think Chanel appreciates street art at least on their buildings.  Here is the graffiti on a construction barrier on the Rue Montaigne in mid-March:

Same one, all clean, later:

Some antique store windows, across from the Louvre:

These are quite clearly hundreds of years old.  Another:

I loved this fan:

Crafts, crafts everywhere:

Cool antique scissors:

I’m 99.9% sure that a Gossip Girl scene was filmed at this cafe near the Seine:

Window detail:

I’ll be heading home in a bit, so I may not be around to approve comments for a while.  I have some posts ready to load in my absence.  Thanks for reading about my Paris adventures, I’ve enjoyed your emails and comments along the way!

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