Apr 062011

For Summer 2011, Dior’s Electric Tropics Collection includes two Catwalk Duo nail polish. These are the searing deep orange Aloha (#638) and the bright jelly pink Paradise (#558). Each is packed with a super glossy topcoat to give you the option of adding a special flash of shine to your summertime nails.

The enclosed instructions suggest that the topcoat be applied about 30 seconds after the second coat of color. Also, these warn that these nail polishes should be stored in a dark place.  The Dior sales person at the 30, Rue Montaigne store told me that these are fluo formula, which pick up a glow when one is out at night.  I can’t wait to test that out.

As my flight leaves in less than a few hours, I can’t swatch these but I thought that some color shots would help those of you who need to know.  I promise to swatch these when I return next week.

Aloha is a drop-dead dark orange.  It’s opaque in two coats, and is going to look amazing with very pale skin or with a deeper tone.  I love Aloha. Here, you can see that Aloha comes with the special topcoat in the same box:

I did a single nail while playing at Dior, and so far Aloha seemed to apply like a dream.

Paradise is a cool baby pink.  My quick test at Dior indicated that Paradise applies more as a jelly, there’s a sheerness to the vivid color.  The dry time was longer with Paradise, which is typical for a jelly.  It’s a gorgeous color, and the texture of it is unique because it is so intense yet there is a luminosity because of the jelly quality.  With flash:

One more of Paradise, in natural light, which has turned cool at the end of the day:

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  2 Responses to “Dior Paradise and Aloha Nail Polish”

  1. Beautiful photos. I love the different lighting pics – but all your pictures are always incredibly accurate and beautiful no matter what lighting 🙂 Can’t wait for these to arrive in the US!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Amy! Do you know when these are slated to hit US counters? I am dying with anticipation!!!

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