Apr 132011

Last week, I purchased Dior Nude Glow Aurora Healthy Glow Summer Powder ($46 /#001), the lighter bronzing powder from Dior’s Summer 2011 Electric Tropics Collection.  I’ve had the chance to play with this bronzer which confirm that this is exactly what I want to use in Summer 2011.

As you might recall, Aurora is the lighter toned bronzer of Dior’s Summer 2011 collection, suitable for my NC15/Chanel Cameo Intensity 1.0 complexion.  I believe if you are deeper than MAC NC 30, you should look into the deeper version, Sunset (#002).  As you can see, Aurora is an elaborately textured pressed powder that his a mix of light pink with a whisper of peach, a golden bronze and a tan.  If pressed, I would say that this bronzer leans warm with a touch of pink (and a tiny dab of peach).

Application tips: My favorite way to wear this was to use a very soft wash of color, then adding a more concentrated dose on the upper cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.  I started by applying very light layers using a large brush with very soft, pliable bristles.  I used this Chanel Euro powder brush, keep in mind that Burberry will be selling a version that is similar soon.  A Shu 18R or other very soft powder brush would work well too.  Avoid using a blush or bronzer brush for this stage, or you might get too much color.  I used the sweeping downward motion suggested by the House of Dior, where I swept the brush over the face lightly in a direction that mimics how the sun touches the skin in daylight.  The key is to go very lightly at this step, you just want a faint bit of color.  Also, do not fill in areas where the light would not hit (eye sockets, under the nose,  etc.) to avoid flattening out the face.

Then, I used a small-headed brush (in my case, a MAC 165 brush, but others will work too) and blush brush, to more precisely place the bronzer.  Here’s a nice bronzer tutorial by Lisa Eldridge:

Thoughts: Aurora is going to be one of my very favorite bronzers, based on its versatility and the touch of pink.  It looks very natural, as your skin might look as a tan with a faint touch of pink.  The warmth and pink cast remind of how skin actually looks when its been in the sun, rather than a powder bronzer.  The powder is extremely finely milled, and it gives just a touch of glow.  I just loved it.  Fortunately, the compact is very large, (.35 ounces), so there is plenty of product to get me all of the way through September.

As a comparison with other bronzers, both Edward Bess Daydream and Nars Laguna are more neutral (less warm and no pink) and deeper in tone.  When applied on the face, Soleil de Chanel Terre Epice is only slightly deeper, and lacks the pink tone of Dior Aurora.  I really love Dior Aurora, and I’m glad to have it as part of my collection.   Highly recommended.


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  12 Responses to “Diorshow Nude Glow Aurora: Swatches, Review and Thoughts”

  1. It looks lovely. I never got the big deal about Nars Laguna. Way too dark and muddy for me. Have you tried the Bobbi Brown blush in sandstone as a bronzer? She apparently designed it for us pale skinned lasses and it works nicely (especially w/ a pop of pale pink blush on the cheekbones).

    • Hi Yvette–no I haven’t. I love to see it next time I go to a counter. I also want to check out Burberry’s new Earthy blush. Thank you for the rec!

    • Amy – I just love your blog! Your Paris posts were so inspiring! Yvette – I never heard of a Bobbi Brown Blush in “Sandstone.” Are you sure that is the name? I don’t see it on her site – is it something that was discontinued? I am very fair with no pink undertones, so all bronzers turn orange-y on me. I’m always searching for “the one!”

      • Nina, hi! I just went to her site and checked and it seems it has disappeared! Perhaps you could contact customer service and see if they have leftovers?

        • Yvette–Oh I’m embarrassed! I do have Sandstone–I purchased it about 2 years ago. What a great matte nude! Maybe Nordstrom still has a few?

          • Thank you both so much! Nordstrom and Neiman’s both have it, so I don’t know if it’s been discontinued. Do you think that Sandstone seems a little pinker than Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Natural? The greatest bronzer ever was the Safari bronzer by Ralph Lauren from about 20 years ago – it had red tones in it and had the most gorgeous packaging – I wish he’d bring it back…

          • That Lauren bronzer sounds amazing! I don’t own Bobbi’s Natural so I can’t say, but I don’t find Sandstone to have much pink. The shimmer nude blush (I think it’s called Bahama Brown blush) does have a fair amount of pink, though.

  2. Hey Amy!
    Beautiful pictures and review. I was wondering if someone with my deep skintone (MAC NC43) could wear this shade as a tawny blush, if it has enough pink in it? Actually one of my all time favorite blushes is MAC’s Eversun Beauty Powder blush which is also a tawny pink. What do you think?

    • I think that you could wear the deeper Sunset as a tawny blush—the pink in Aurora is quite subtle. Honestly, unless you have tried it at a counter I would say probably not Aurora. It really seems for lighter skin tones imo. It is lighter than Eversun as I recall that shade.

  3. Oh, Amy, Aurora is so beautiful! With most bronzers, I usually feel the need to add a bit of blush for a hint of healthy color. This beauty looks like it could be worn all on its own. Like you, I’m fair so the subtle pink would show up on my skin. You’ll have to persuade Liz to model it for us; especially using that new technique you learned in Paris. Lovely 🙂

  4. I’m also hoping the pink will show on my skin; I have similar problems with bronzers as Eileen on my skin. Would you say this is very shimmery, a delicate “glow”, or a satiny not-as-flat-as-matte?

    • The texture is glowy for sure! There is a subtle shimmer throughout the entire pan (I’m working my way down already!! LOL!) And my skin has a definite glow from this texture. The pink is very whispery–you can amp it up with a slight pink blush on the cheeks if you want more of an effect.

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