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Since I posted this preview, Guerlain’s introduction of Rouge Automatique ($32 each) lipstick has already become a success.  The combination of the sleek, beautiful and thoughtfully functional packaging and the moisturizing, pigmented formula is a winner–this line fits within so many criteria that women want.  I’m in love with all of the lipstick innovations that we’ve seen so far in 2011, and Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique is part of the leading edge.

Guerlain Rouge Automatique’s packaging incorporates a sliding mechanism that pulls the lipstick bullet up as the piece is pushed down.  On the top, there is a little door which is pulled down with the slider, and is tucked into the package as it goes.

The picture, above, shows the little door opening as the square is pulled down.  If you look closely, below, you can see where the square tucks into the package:

Overall, the packaging is well-machined, lightweight and smooth.  I’m not concerned about snagging the mechanism on fragile scarves or sweaters, and it is no larger than the average lipstick tube.

To turn to the formula, Guerlain kindly sent Cafe Makeup two colors for testing:  Nahema (#143) and Vega (#125), both named for two of Guerlain’s iconic scents (all of the lipsticks in the Rouge Automatique are).

Nahema is a soft, warm red-pink-coral that has a lovely shimmer.  It’s a gorgeous summer color, very fresh and beautiful.

Closer (you can see the shimmer on the bullet):

Here, I compare Nahema to the peachy-coral Lancome Chris n Tell (reviewed here), as well as Chanel Flamboyante (reviewed here).  I found that Nahema was closer in tone to Chanel Flamboyante but applied more sheerly and with more of a peachy tone.

Liz and I found Nahema nicely pigmented and had a pleasant, moisturizing feel.  Nahema is quite luminous, and gives quite a good amount of color to Liz’s naturally pink lips.  My estimate is that these have about 90% coverage–there is a bit of your natural lip color that will show through using no lipliner and average application techniques.

Vega is a deep, warm red with a touch of brown.  It looks quite dramatic in the tube and when first applied.  There is virtually no shimmer to Vega.


Vega applies as a nearly-opaque warm red, with the same lovely moisturizing feel as Nahema.  During the first hour, Vega retains its color and glow nicely.  After some sips and normal lipwear, Vega faded to a beautiful matte rosewood color.  It still retained some of the moisturizing feel even during the second hour.  I should note that my wear time with these was comparable to other high end lipsticks, such as the Chanel Rouge Allure.  The wear time of the Guerlain Rouge Automatiques is certainly longer than Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine line. I should mention that I go through lipsticks rather quickly, I’ve never tried a lipstick that lasted any longer than 2 hours on me with acceptable color.

Here is Vega swatched next to the comparatively browner and deeper Chanel Rouge Coco Rouge Noir and Chanel Rouge Coco in Baroque.  The closest color to Vega in my stash is Chanel Rouge Coco in Vendome, which is another warm, browned-red, although Vendome is a slightly more sheer red.

Guerlain’s Vega on Liz:

Overall, I love the formula, packaging, price-point.  I’m sincerely looking forward to exploring more colors in this line as I’ve been very impressed with the product that I’ve seen so far.  The formula and look of this line transcends age (they look good on younger lips, as well as on the rest of us), and the color has a universal appeal (Liz is now the happy owner of Nahema, and I’ve kept Vega).  Highly recommended.

These lipsticks were provided by Guerlain free of charge for review and consideration.


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  13 Responses to “Guerlain Rouge Automatique Review and Swatches”

  1. Beautiful!! Both colors looks so good on Liz!! It seems like there are so many new lipsticks now that I am interested in, I always considered myself a lipgloss girl! 🙂

  2. I adore the packaging! Nahema looks stunning. Do you think it will fit both warm and cool skintones? I’m NW15 for referance. Thank you 🙂

    • There is a touch of gold to the shade Renate, so it might depend on your own skintone. I’d try it first to see!

  3. yum to nahema! i have 3 of them already. i think it’s the best new lipstick this season

  4. Vega looks amazing!

    *makes beeline for Guerlain counter*

  5. I am a Guerlain fangirl, when it comes to perfumes; the fact that these lipsticks are named after iconic fragrant masterpieces certainly endear them to me!
    I’m on the fence about the packaging: I adore its retro look, but somehow the tiny round cross-section of the lipstick seems swallowed by the bulky squarish holder…

    In any case I really wanted to tell you how much I love your pictures and the clean design of your blog – and how much I enjoyed your Paris series.

  6. The Guerlain Nahema is so pretty!

  7. I love the packaging, it’s retro almost but Guerlain seem to have given it a more modern feel. I particularly like the colour Vega, such a sophisticated shade. I can’t wait to try these.

  8. Hello Amy !

    I really really like and look forward to your reviews !

    But with this review can you also please add a picture of how the Nahema lipstick goes with Liz’s whole face ?

    I would very much appreciate it !

    Thanks very much !!! <3 <3 <3

    • Sorry Swathi We’d love to take up reader requests but time really doesn’t allow us too–as you can probably guess, this is just a little side-hobby for both of us, we try do our best with the little time that we have… 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  9. Aww That’s alright ! This itself is such a huge accomplishment ! If you don’t mind me asking can you tell me if you think Nahema will suit NC40 skintone ?

    • I think so–you are warm toned, I think it would be a gorgeous summer lipstick for your skintone!

      • Oh Thank you !

        We actually don’t yet have Guerlain in India !

        I asked my aunt who is vacationing in London to get Nahema and Fleur de Feu along with the Chanel Regard Perle Quadra eyeshadow based on your review !

        Thanks again !

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