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Chanel Fleurs d’Ete Summer 2011 Collection is a small series of items to update your look for summer.  This includes three Le Vernis polishes (all reviewed here), the re-promotion of two existing Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks (Gardenia has been reviewed here, Sari Dore is too warm for my taste and will not be reviewed), and three sheer Glossimers (too sheer for my taste and will not be reviewed).  We’ll cover the three eye products (Lilium eyeshadow quad, Khaki-Discret Eyeshadow Duo and the Rose Plantine liner) later this week.

Unquestionably, the stand-outs from this collection are the bright yellow Le Vernis polish in Mimosa and the two Soleil Tan de Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzers ($50 each)– Bronze Corail (#537)(above, left) and Bronze Rose (#547)(above, left)(reviewed tomorrow with our thoughts about a comparison between the two).

Soleil Tan de Chanel in Bronze Corail re-awakens the four-band design seen in a past Chanel collection, adding a touch of color at the bottom stripe this time around.  Thankfully, Chanel’s compact is the same uniform size as the other bronzer and powder foundation products, fitting nicely into one’s makeup drawer.  The brush is large, usable and ideal for both home use and travel.  I’ve been packing this Chanel format compact for years–with minimal care, the slim design, large mirror and well-designed brush travels extremely well.

Bronze Corail includes four subtly shimmery shades:

  • A warm shimmery caramel
  • A creamy shimmery highlight
  • A deep, shimmery tan
  • A pleasant, medium-toned coral with enough pink to pull it out of the “orange” category on warm toned, fair skin

Bronze Corail delivers medium pigmentation with the enclosed brush, or a standard powder or brush brush. For fair skin tones, a standard blush brush does very well with medium pressure.   Of the two palettes, Bronze Corail is going to work on the widest variety of skin tones.  The pigmentation is buttery soft.   The shimmer is sophisticated;  note that Bronze Corail is not quite as glowy as Dior Nude Glow in Aurora.  Chanel’s Bronze Corail does not have any  hint of unnatural metallic, sparkle or duo chrome.

Chanel suggests applying the top two shades closer to the eyes.

Liz and I found that this was somewhat do-able with the enclosed brush, but we didn’t try to be precise.  We don’t believe that picking up each color separately is really very practical.  We preferred to use a large brush over the entire surface, then focusing in with a smaller head brush in the blush/contour area.  We went with the top two shades around the eye, the bottom two in the blush/contour area.

Here’s a look that Liz did using Bronze Corail, Chanel Rouge Allure in Super (reviewed here, limited edition from last summer) topped with Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Imagaire, and the Chanel Lilium eyeshadow quad (to be reviewed later this week).  Liz did not add any other bronzer or blush to the look, all that you see here over her foundation is Bronze Corail and Caron loose powder in Translucent.

Liz and I both find that Soliel Tan de Chanel in Bronze Corail is an excellent summer bronzer, and likely to work over a wide variety of warm skin tones.  The deep natural color, the ease of application and hint of color give a very pleasant, elegant bronzed look.  Given its overall lighter tone, I suspect that as skin tones begin to get deeper than MAC NC40 or so, that Bronze Corail may not be the best choice.  Also, both Liz and I are decidedly warm toned.  The caramel tone in the compact suggests that cooler skin tones should try before you buy.  Unquestionably, Chanel Bronze Corail is gorgeous, well-designed and excellent quality bronzer.  As both Liz and I live on the West Coast of the U.S. where a deeper bronzed look is prevalent, we anticipate running Bronze Corail down to the pan.

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  17 Responses to “Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Corail Bronzer: Reviews, Swatches and Makeup Look”

  1. I just bought both bronzers and I LOVE THEM!! The only thing I don’t like is that there seems to be alot of fall out(I used the US powder brush). What brush would you use other than the one in the compact to apply this. I own the european flat powder brush, do you think that would be better?

    • Yes, Rosa, we’ve used that one for a nice soft overall bronze, then added a pop more with a denser brush (MAC 165)

  2. Hi Amy! Lovely pictures 🙂 I got both of these bronzers form the summer collection and find them to be more of a highlighter/blush combo rather than bronzer! That may be because of 2 reasons: I’m an NC 43 in skintone and I’ve been using the enclosed brush rather than a powder/bronzer brush and thereby picking up less of the contour color. I was a little initmidated by the dark brown stripe in Bronze Corail but once blended with the other stripes it looks flattering, I also like that when I sweep the brush across the pan it doesn’t “mess up” the stripes, an irrational fear of mine before I started using this product! 🙂
    I do however have a new bronzer love to report: Chantecaille’s Capri.. 🙂

  3. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the review. Bronzers never work on me, they all tend to look kinda organe or dirty on me (I use Giorgio Armani LSF # 5). But the bronzers from Dior and Chanel this summer just look stunning. I am so tempted. Are you planning to do a comparison between Chanel and Dior?



    • Hi Daisy, we’ll give you our thoughts tomorrow. If you’d like a swatch comparison, take a look at The Beauty Look Book for side-by-side comparisons of the Chanel and Dior bronzers. My instinct says that Dior Aurora is going to be right for you, but see what you think when you try them out in person?

  4. That’s an absolutely beautiful shot of Liz!

  5. Beautiful photos as usual! This is gorgeous, although I think it’s impossible for a bronzer to look bad on Liz. 🙂

    I think I still prefer the glowy finish of Dior over the Chanel bronzer though. Thanks for the review!

  6. I have this in Rose and love it! It is a great product for people who can’t use traditional bronzers. These definitely don’t give that “dirty” or muddy look. I love that you can put your brush in the darker, bronzey shades for the cheekbone or contour, and then I pop my brush in the pink shade (or for the Corail bronzer, you would use the coral shade) and just apply it to the apples of my cheeks. Or it looks great just to swirl the brush on all colors and just apply to cheekbones! So pretty!

  7. I love it and I am waiting for the next review.

  8. I purchased the Bronze Rose and love it as a blush. I really wanted to buy both but the Bronze Corail at my local counter was actually very shimmery (much more so than rose and the Dior powders) but your photos have me wanting to go back to see if it was possibly just the tester! I love your swatches of it and it looks great on Liz (what doesn’t though?)!

  9. Wow, looks better than Dior, so natural.

  10. that lip color is to die for!

  11. Hi Amy,
    I have some questions about Bronze Corail because it stole my heart but it’s not available in my country so I can only judge by the swatches and your opinion. I saw the rose one and I saw that the lightest shade could be used as a highlighter with the included brush (I am not a fan of the duochrome pink in Bronze rose though:( ) – what do you think about the lightest one in the corail one? Also, do you find it that shimmery as some pointed (my aim is to be natural-ish). I want to think that it could be multi use when needed – a highlighter, bronzer and blush with the included brush.
    Thank you in advance 🙂
    Wonderful blog 🙂

    • Berry–the lightest shade in Bronze Rose does not seem as shimmery as Bronze Corail. I agree with you that Bronze Corail is more multi-use because of that. Overall, Bronze Rose does not seem to be as “glowy” as Bronze Corail.

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