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Yesterday, we started looking at two Soleil Tan de Chanel 4 Facettes Bronzers ($50 each)– Bronze Corail (#537)(above, left) and Bronze Rose (#547)(above, left) from Chanel’s Summer 2011 Fleurs d’Ete Collection.  Today, we’ll look at Bronze Rose in more detail.

Like Bronze Corail, Bronze Rose uses the four-band design and comes with a large, usable brush.  The compact is slim, sturdy and elegant.

The most obvious difference between the two is the substitution of a light pink blush at the bottom of Bronze Rose, instead of the brighter coral used on Bronze Corail.  I may be the only blogger who thinks this, but I found Bronze Corail applied more deeply in tone, and more shimmery overall. I felt that Bronze Rose was slightly cooler, not as shimmery and more subtle than Bronze Corail.  Certainly, both worked beautifully on Liz’s and my MAC NC15/ Chanel Cameo-Ivoire skintones.  I felt that I would reach for Bronze Rose during the cooler winter months, or for the office.  Bronze Corail is a more pigmented, and therefore gives a more dramatic and deeper tone.

Swatches of Bronze Rose are below.  You can see that, compared to these swatches of Bronze Corail, Bronze Rose is more subtle and less shimmery:

Here’s a look that Liz did using Bronze Rose, with the very same makeup she used in this post using Bronze Corail–Chanel Rouge Allure in Super topped with Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Imagaire, and the Chanel Lilium eyeshadow quad.  Liz did not add any other bronzer or blush to the look, all that you see here over her foundation is Bronze Rose and Caron loose powder in Translucent.

In the comparison below, despite the difference in lighting you can see that the effect of Bronze Rose is more subtle.  Here, Liz concentrated the lower pink shade on her cheeks to add a blush effect to the cheeks.

Liz and I discussed which was our favorite bronzer of the Summer 2011 season that we have tried so far–Guerlain Terra Inca, the Soleil Tan de Chanel or Dior Aurora?  First, you should see these comparison swatches at The Beauty Look Book.  Second, we should caution you that we both feel that bronzers are very much “your mileage may vary.”  Your personal preferences, your skin tone and the look you are trying to achieve will vary with both.  Furthermore, you can never tell how a bronzer will look until you apply it to your own skin.  Liz and I agreed that these were all beautiful, excellent quality bronzers.  We really loved all of them for the looks that they can give.

For us, it really came down to the question, “If you had to skip lunch for a while to afford one of these, which one would it be?”  We really didn’t need to discuss this very long to conclude that Dior Nude Glow in Aurora won both of our hearts for purely subjective and emotional reasons.  In the final analysis, it gave us the color, glow and tan shade that we liked best.  The Tan de Chanel bronzers came in at a very close second–and if forced to choose between those two, we’d go with Chanel Bronze Corail.  We both like a stronger bronze look, although we’re sure to love Chanel’s Bronze Rose in the Fall and Winter.

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  37 Responses to “Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Rose”

  1. Thank you so much for your in depth reviews of these latest bronzers! I absolutely love the Bronze Rose. I love the gorgeous warm pink flush it gives Liz in this picture — radiant and glowy!

  2. I really like Bronze Rose and I find this appeals to me more than the Corail. I very much look forward to comparing this to the Dior Aurora. I don’t *need* more bronzer but these look too tempting to not get at least one!

  3. I love both on Liz, thanks for the looks and the reviews. I have fair skin like you and I cannot decide. I haven’t found any of the bronzers (Dior, Chanel or Guerlain) here in Spain. I hope they arrive soon, they are all so beautiful!I think Guerlain is better for a night look.

  4. My first post after following your blog for many moons and finally subscribing. 🙂
    I prefer the bronze corail on liz! I feel like the rose looks a little too pink for an all over bronzer but amazing on her cheeks!
    Wow, judging from the photos, I’d prefer bronze corail over the guerlain terracotta blondes and edward bess bronzers. She looks fantastic!

  5. Can Bronze Rose be used all over as a bronzer or will it just work as a blush? Great review as always- I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it.

    • Hi Jordan,

      Bronze Rosé can be worn as a traditional bronzer. The strips of color are large enough that it is very easy to avoid picking up the pink color on your brush if you don’t want to use it. I like to use just the bronzer colors for the classic 3 and then add a bit of pink to the mix for a soft pop of color on my cheeks.

  6. Love the corail on Liz! Wonder if I could pull it off with my skin being even more fair than Liz?!

    • Hi Katie, if you are warm toned, then “yes!” Liz applied it fairly heavily. But if you are cool toned, then I’d approach with caution and try it on first. It’s a tad on the warm side! 🙂

  7. I went to Nordstrom to secure the Dior bronzer this weekend and I’m not disappointed. However, it’s very elegant and subtle. I may have to snap up the Guerlain as well just to ensure that I’m not too “elegant and subtle”. 😉 There are times when a girl wants a sparkly bronzer.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful reviews!

  8. This certainly has been a banner year for the hybrid bronzer/blushes! I just finished reading Sabrina’s excellent post with all it’s side-by-side swatches and was struck by the beauty of the new bronzers with their kiss of pink or coral.

    Chanel’s Bronze Rosé has become my go-to bronzer/blush for day because of its natural glow, subtle pop of pink, and its effortless chic. I love the simplicity of having all I need for a healthy glow in one travel friendly compact. I also find that having the colors arranged in generous strips makes it so easy to customize my look by picking up a bit more of one color or another. Most days, though, I apply it as Liz has done with a bit more pink on the cheek. Personally, I think it would be nice if Chanel would eventually release the pink shade as a blusher all on its own. It’s such a beautiful, warm pink. So, if I had to pick just one, it would be the Chanel. BUT . . .

    As much as I love my Bronze Rosé, for evening I think I prefer the slightly deeper, softly burnished, diffuse glow that Aurora creates. It acts like a very subtle luminizer and can also be lightly swept over the décolleté. I apply it using Dior’s recommended method and find it gives a natural glow second to none. Anyone who hasn’t seen the post and pictures that Amy did just a short while ago, needs to take a look. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to
    literally gasp when I saw Liz’ radiant beauty. She wears Aurora to stunning effect.

    • There you are Eileen! Several of us were discussing how wonderful you are on Twitter the other day! (London Makeup Girl, The Beauty Look Book, The Best Things in Beauty, Joey from The Pink Sith, Gaia from The Nonblonde and others). I hope you know that we all love ya!

      • Thank you for the kind words, Amy. You’re a great bunch of women and you and many of your readers have provided me with so many enjoyable moments. And, even though you each have a distinctive voice, you all have one thing in common: your love of sharing beautiful finds with your sisters-in-beauty.

        We all know that true beauty comes from within, so you ladies must all be drop dead gorgeous. 🙂

    • I agree with Chanel needing to release the pink shade from Bronze Rose on its own as a blush. It is just gorgeous! And yes, the pics of Liz wearing Aurora were amazing. Natural and radiant beauty!

  9. I prefer Bronze Rose to Bronze Corail, but I’m having a lot of trouble picking between Bronze Rose and Dior Nude Glow in Aurora! Just can’t decide!

  10. I can’t wait for my Bronze Rose to show up in the mail! I’m very pale and steered clear of bronzers but I discover Edward Bess Daydream thanks to you and (thanks to you) have added Dior Aurora to my collection as well. Thanks from a now loyal…now bronzed…follower 😉

  11. Super looks so pretty on Liz, is it just the lighting or my imagination but Liz looks slightly blonder in these pictures! 🙂 Bronze Rose suits her so well, I need to start experimenting with different brushes, will try your technique of a flat powder brush + smaller brush to concentrate the color! Thanks for the wonderful reviews of these gorgeous bronzers of the season. Now just for completeness I feel I should get the Terra Inca as well!!! 😛 *contemplates*……

    • LOL good eye Lakshmi! 🙂 Liz is slightly blonder this time around–thank you for noticing. You’re great.

  12. I prefer the Corail on Liz, too. I was favoring the Rose, but the Corail on Liz looks so beautiful. I’ll hit a counter tomorrow and try them on.

  13. These are excellent pictures! Liz can wear just about anything and look good.

  14. Thank you for reviewing them all! I am fair skinned and picked up Dior’s Aurora and love it but am also considering Chanel’s bronze rose as more of a blush.

  15. haha! thats a grocery bill if I bought both lol. I so far like the Dior bronzer featured in the previous post. Thankfully I am not too picky when it comes to packaging. I care more about performance. The Guerlain is ridiculous is price.
    When I pick a bronzer, I go according to what my skin tone can handle, not how tanned I want to look. Do you feel the same way or do go by how tanned it makes you?

  16. I know we’re supposed to be focusing on bronzer here, but I have to say I love Liz’s hair color recently! Judging from Liz only, I’d choose bronze corail in a heartbeat, however since my hair and eye color are so different, I’m still conflicted!

  17. I cannot find Super in the Chanel website.

    • Unfortunately, it was limited edition. I’d look at Nars Schiap for a similar color.

      • Thank you, I cannot find Nars where I live, so I will try to find something similar in other brands (Chanel, Dior,…)

        • You may want to try Imagination Rouge Allure lipstick by Chanel. It isn’t the same as Super — but it is a great bright pink color!

  18. hi, im fair skinned with golden undertones, the look i prefer to achieve with bronzers is a bronze-pink glow, pinker than usual bronzers give. i can decide whick one to get; Chanel one in Bronze Rose or Dior Aurora, which would you suggest? thanks alot

    • Hi Sam,

      I know you’re asking Amy, but I thought I’d give you my take on the two since I have them both. Bronze Rosé is adjustable. You can swirl in as much or as little pink as you like. When all the colors are mixed evenly on your brush, the result is exactly what the name suggests: a rosy bronze. Aurora, on the other hand, is meant to be swirled together to produce a bronze glow which has a soft peach undertone. So, if it’s a pink toned bronzer you want, go with the Chanel.

      FYI: Sabrina of the Beauty Look Book has very accurate side-by-side swatches. Amy has the link in her post. It’s located in the paragraph that follows the last pictures of Liz.

      • Eileen,
        This truly helps! I also checked Sabrina’s comparison photos and im now sure to go with Bronze Rosé. Thanks alot for the comparison.

  19. Gorgeous! Liz has got to be the most beautiful California girl ever!

  20. I did not now what to get I wanted the Chanel but after seeing al the great reviews with the beautiful pictures I ran out and got the dior aurora and I love it. Chanel has not arrived here yet so I hope its not to beautiful otherwise I will want to get that as well!

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  24. Can I just say I’m looooving the Summer ’11 Bronzers that have come out. Okay, with that said…could you tell me what Liz has used to create the shape of her brow and color? I have the same coloring as she does and have been looking for the perfect brow pencil/powder/gel…

    Thank you so much and my favorite is Dior’s Nude Glow in Aurora but both of the Chanel’s are lovely as well.

    • Hi Kelly- Liz shapes hers own brows with tweezers. She usually uses a little light bronzer in them to add color

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