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Chanel Fluers d’Ete Summer 2011 collection includes the eyeshadow quad Lilium ($57) (#32 Les 4 Ombres a Paupieres Quatour/ Quadra Eye Shadow). Although two of the colors are medium-to-dark toned, the texture of the shadow is sheer, light and shimmery.  Applied, this gives an impression of a shimmery watercolor effect, more similar to the colors in a Claude Monet painting.

All of the four colors are shimmery and sheer when applied dry.  These colors have microsparkle that does appear on the lid when applied.  As with other Chanel eyeshadow quads, the colors are more intense when used wet:

  • A shimmery, sheer light pink
  • A very light, soft green
  • A very pretty cool medium-toned taupe (this looks gorgeous alone)
  • A deep very blue-toned green

The colors last easily when used over a base (for my testing, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I happened to use because it was convenient.  I’m sure others would work equally well or better).

Swatches (applied dry):

Because I have blue-green eyes, I approached Lilium with some trepidation.  Usually, green eyeshadows on green eyes are not the best choice.  Fortunately, the green in Lilium has enough deep blue that the color is workable, especially applied wet as a liner.  I found that I liked the following combination best:

  • The light pink from lash line to brow as a highlighter/ base shade
  • Taupe all over the lid as a wash, and smudged lightly under the eye
  • The deep blue-green used wet as a liner

Here is Liz using the combination that she devised–the pink all over from lash line to brow, and the light green in the outer corner up to the crease:

Chanel’s Summer 2011 collection also includes a duo, Khaki-Discret, which I’ll review tomorrow.  In case you are wondering, the overall impression of the two palettes is completely different.  Particularly because Chanel has released a number of greens over the past few years, I thought it helpful to include a comparison of them for you to see:

Overall, Lilium is a pleasant and workable quad for fair toned Chanel lovers.  It’s very pretty–the light and sheer colors are designed to bring light and depth to the eye.  Those looking for deep or dramatic effects should keep looking–the colors apply sheerly, shimmery and with a touch of sparkle.  As you can see on Liz’s photo, we both enjoy lighter tones on the eye to add a touch of color and light without looking too heavy.  Whether because of eye shape, coloring, or taste, I find that opaque deeper colors on my eye have to be used carefully and so I’m unlikely to use these shades wet (except as a liner).  This quad will not be for everyone, but for those looking for a pleasant spring quad it is definitely worth a look.

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  20 Responses to “Chanel Lilium Eyeshadow Quad”

  1. Thanks for the review, it is helpful as always. What is Liz wearing on her cheeks? She looks gorgeous with this summer looks.

    • Hi Mar, this was taken in the same session as our bronzer comparisons—so it is the blush that is the bottom row in the Soliel Tan de Chanel series. This one seems to be Bronze Rose, judging from the pink tones in her cheeks.

  2. Amy, I loved your review of Lilium. I bought Lilium about 2 weeks ago. I love it! I just bought another! Hoarder! Anyway, I have a very fair skin with rosy tones and blue/green/gray eyes with a touch of hazel in one. Lilium is awesome on me. I use the lighter green all over the lid as a base color, then either the darker, blue-green or the taupe on the lid, with the darker green as a smudger and liner. It is a lovely look. Thank you for your review and pics.

    • Thank you Susie! You know, when it works so beautifully then you have to get them while their sold! The pans are generous, but still one does hit the pan on these! Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. Quick question! Do you think the quad would work well on those with medium skintones? I actually prefer sheer colors, but I’ve never played around with green shadows before. Thx 🙂

    • Yes, Jess! I do–but getting deeper than NC40 I’d be nervous. It may be fine, but my swatches may not be color accurate for deeper skin tones, so I’m not sure I could say.

  4. Hey! Love the look, and especially the lips. What is Liz wearing? I adore the colour!

  5. How does the green in lilium compare to the chantecaille turtle? I’ve talked myself out of this palette but it keeps coming up on my beauty blog reads…

    • The green in Lilium (well, all shades really) apply with much more life on the eye than Chantecaille Turtle. The Turtle palette can go a bit matte on many women, while the Chanel retains its life and vibrancy.

  6. What lip color is Liz wearing in these shots? I need a shot of that hot pink!

  7. Oh wow so pretty – I’m such a sucker for Chanel quads! Be brutally honest with me please – is it different enough from Regard Perle to have both? The dark greens look so similar and I seem to have so many quads with pale pink shades in that I barely touch. I appreciate your blog so much!

    • Hi Lori–brutally honest, yes. Regard Perle is a much more pigmented, pearly texture. Lilium is sheer and light, even the deep green applies as a sheer wash with the right brush (you can punch it up with a dense, wet brush). The texture/effect is totally different.

  8. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a few months now, and I especially like to see pictures of the makeup on a face. It’s especially nice to see someone with coloring somewhat similar to my own. Do we ever get to sneak a peek at you? Your eye color sounds like mine, and I’m guessing you are closer to my age than Liz. 😉

  9. Amy – the more I see this the more I am tempted. I am scared of that kiwi lime green shade but it looks so beautiful in everyone’s swatches. Perhaps I will brave the Chanel counter and ask them to put it on me and see what happens. Love what Liz did with this quad. Chanel should hire both of you to do a video/tutorial.

  10. I almost ordered this yesterday – but just got another Rouge Coco Shine in Fetiche.

    Now I’m thinking about going back again and ordering this …your description is getting to me!

  11. I love it. That quad is beautiful. I love shades like that. I wish the Chanel compact wasn’t so small and more pigmented. I guess the quads last a long time depending on how much its used.
    Its very very beautiful.

  12. I have come back several times to look at these colors, which are so appealing to me. How did it take me 24 hours to realize that Lilium means Lillie? Meant to be? Hmmmm….

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