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Hourglass Cosmetics has just released a new felt tipped liner, the Hourglass Script Precision Liquid Liner ($32) (available at Sephora).  Unlike the earlier version, the Hourglass Calligraphy (pictured at top, above) (reviewed here) ($32), the Hourglass Script has a very, very fine-tipped point.  Otherwise, both have:

  • A deep, inky-black color
  • Long-lasting, no-smudge and no-flake wear
  • A smooth, even application and ink flow

Both Hourglass pens allow the liquid ink to flow without any pumping or twisting–the ink is deposited with slight pressure.  They are both well-machined, foolproof and beautifully packaged.  Both have a slight “heft factor” that is pleasant and balanced.  At $32, these are in line with the price range of other high end liquid liners (Chanel’s Automatic Liquid Eyeliner is $34).

I’m very comfortable applying liquid liners–fearless, in fact.  Start by practicing on the back of your hand.  Like Julia Child flipping a potato pancake, it’s easier if you go in confident.

Let’s compare the Hourglass Script, the Hourglass Calligraphy, and the Le Metier de Beaute Precision Liquid Liner ($42) (reviewed here).  As shown here, the tip of the Hourglass Script is quite precise–the tip is tiny.

I was surprised to find how distinct all three liners are.  You can see that when Hourglass says that the Script is precision, they are not kidding–the fine point allows you to draw an extremely fine line.  It must be layered to get a thicker line.

Below, on the left you can see a light and a heavy line that I drew with Le Metier’s Precision (in Noir).  In the second line, you can see how lightly Le Metier’s can be applied.  Here, the ink isn’t quite a deep and dark (it looks almost brown).  Had I added another layer or two, the Le Metier would be as black as the Hourglass swatches.  Hourglass Script (in Jett) is swatched in the center.  Hourglass Calligraphy (in Ebony) is on the right.

Both the Hourglass Script and Calligraphy provide a deeper, blacker line out of the brush, compared with Le Metier de Beaute’s.

No, you don’t need all three.  If you have light-toned skin, delicate features or prefer a very natural look, you will prefer the ability to draw a more subtle line that the Le Metier Precision Eyeliner allows. The Le Metier must be applied with some pressure, or in built-up layers, to get a full-on black line. “Priming” the brush helps, by holding it down on the back of your hand for a second to get the ink flowing freely (but that’s a little messy).

If you want a deep, black ink out of the pen, the Hourglass delivers beautifully.  Between Script and Calligraphy, it’s going to depend on whether you prefer a thin or thick line.

Note that I found that I was able to get a very fine line with the Hourglass Calligraphy by using just light pressure on the very end of the tip, but it was not easy.  Really, if you want a fine line then go with the Script.

However, I’m glad that I do own all three.  I find myself reaching frequently for my Hourglass Calligraphy when a want a good, quick defined black line.  I love the Le Metier when my makeup is very subtle.  I have no doubt I’ll use up the Hourglass Script, because it adds something that the others don’t have–a quick, very deep black fine line that works well for my coloring and features.  I love it–highly recommended.

Hourglass Script and Calligraphy were provided to Cafe Makeup for review/consideration by Hourglass.



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  16 Responses to “Hourglass Script Liquid Eyeliner: Review and Swatches”

  1. I think Script is a great execution of a brilliant idea! And, your comparison to the other two pens really makes the point. LOL

    I am lucky to have long, black lashes which I keep in good condition. For a very simple day look I like to smudge a dark shadow along the lash line and then work black liner into the base of the lashes. A swipe of black mascara and my lashes look long, thick, and lustrous. It’s pretty obvious that Script is going to be the perfect tool for me to use! I have been using La Ligne de Chanel in black with an ultra fine eyeliner brush, but Script is going to make it so much easier. And, I love the really intense black color. Perfection!

  2. I need Script in my life! I love the comps…thank you for doing that:) the le métier looks dark brown compared to the hourglass. On another note what foundation are you loving these days? Do you still like Guerlain parure gold? I’ve been trying out Chanel lift lumiere and I like it but it makes me too oily and it’s not as long-lasting as the Guerlain. It could be that it’s summer here and some days it’s almost 90 outside:( anyhow, keep up your wonderful blog!

    • Christina–I’ve been switching my foundation around! Still love Guerlain’s, Le Metier de Beaute’s, Chanel Lift Lumiere and Vitalumiere Aqua. I finished up a Burberry (much to my surprise!) Thank you for the lovely comment!

  3. What a great blog! But do you really own and buy all this makeup? 🙂

  4. Le Metier’s is still my favorite (I have fair skin, delicate features and prefer a natural look :-)) but physicians formula makes a great liner/pen called “eye booster”. It’s awesome and only about $10! I think you’d like it Amy!! (I also tried the Revlon colorstay pen which I heard was good but I wasn’t impressed…)

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  8. After reading your review, I immediately ran to Sephora to pick up both Hourglass’ eyeliners hoping to finally get a cheaper alternative to my HG LMdB eyeliner. Unfortunately, I haven’t found them to be so different in pigmentation. In fact, only my older half-dried LMdB looks as brownish as your swatches on the left; when I compared the brand new ones, I found LMdB to be more pigmented than the Hourglass. Can’t say anything about their lifespan yet, hoping it’s at least not shorter than the LMdB’s. Bottom line: like them both, but the Le Metier’s one is better IMO.

    • Thank you Nina—I appreciate your comparison! I will say that I do know how much I’ve used my LMBD by now, and it’s not 1/10 of the time that I’ve used other liquid liners. I certainly hope that this isn’t spent already! For $42 I should be able to get much more mileage out of it….

      • With all my love for LMdB eyeliners I have to admit their lifespan is ridiculously short, especially considering that $42 price tag. I think this shortcoming is somehow connected to the felt tip. I’ve been reading numerous customer reviews on the felt-tip eyeliners by different brands and practically all of them had this weak point mentioned in common – they dry out FAST. That’s why I usually have 1-2 LMdB backups in my drawer. I remember how frustrated I was last spring or summer when my last one went completely dry after 3 weeks of use and they were out of stock everywhere! That was the time I’ve tried a lot of eyeliners including LMdB’s Ink eyeliner (GWP); I’ve been dissatisfied with all of them (flaky, watery, transferring, no staying power, etc.) – I can only say it was a great relief when the Precision eyeliner got back in stock! Now, thanks to you, I hope I won’t be pulling my hair out next time my LMdB unexpectedly dries out – now I have the two Hourglass’ in store.

  9. I really like the look of script as I love to be able to draw a really fine line along the lashes. This looks perfect. I have and like the LMdB but I’ve noted that it’s not the blackest line when I did a swatch comparison to my RBR pen. You can never have too many pen liners, right? 😉

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