May 132011

As we are already part-way through May, here are this month’s Five Things I’m Loving Right Now….

1. Dior Rosy Tan Eyeshadow Palette (reviewed here).  I love the range of shades–the deep brown isn’t too deep for a pale skin-toned person like me.  It makes a great day-time dimensional eye.  As the weather heats up, I know that I’ll love Rosy Tan’s twin (Rosy Nude) just as much.  For now, Rosy Tan is fool-proof.


2.Dior Aurora Bronzer (reviewed here and here).  So easy, so natural.  So this season.

3. Elta MD Clear Sunscreen SPF 46 (see here)  Awesome sunblock.  All the right things–it blocks nearly all color, doesn’t break me out, leaves no white cast.  Looks good under makeup.

4.  Chanel Lift Lumiere foundation I have no idea why I fell back in love with this foundation, but it works so well this time of year.  Although I should be loving the newer Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (and I do!), there’s something about the lightness and texture of Lift Lumiere that seems right.  As you know, Liz wears this constantly;  maybe we’re just in sync with it.


5. Louis Vuitton Hortensia Sunglasses New for Spring/Summer 2011.  I picked up these bad boys in Paris, and although I realize they aren’t makeup, I do wear them on my face. They look sort of outdated and heavy in this picture, but worn they are a fabulous. Pair them with a glossy bold summer lip and it’s party time.  Really, check them out.  You won’t be sorry.


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  13 Responses to “Five Things I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. I like this kind of posts. I would like posts about your (Amy and Liz) favorite skincare and perfumes. Thank you.

  2. I love these posts too— it’s fun to see what’s at the top of your list. Thanks for the great reviews on Dior Aurora— I took the plunge and ordered it, and have been reaching for it every day. Your description is perfect— it really is so easy and natural and this season!

  3. These are among my favorite categories of posts. So helpful to see what is good enough to rank in your routine.

    Also… thank you so much for the frequent updates recently, you and your daughter truly are an iconic team on the internet. The quality and personality of your posts make this such a good blog. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think I would have made as many right make-up decisions without your advice!

  4. I love this sort of post too. Those sunglasses look fabulous, and I really like the sound of that sunscreen.

  5. Hi Amy! A bit off the subject…have you tried the new shade of Peau Vierge from La Metier de Beaute? The lighter of the original 2 shades was still too dark and sparkly for me – the new one is lighter (I think it’s called shade 1) and much less sparkly. It seems much less moisturizing than the original as well – which could be good for summer. I love that Elta sunscreen too!

    • Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet. Perhaps contact Dustin at Bergdorf? He is usually quite accurate about things. Give him some of your typical foundation colors as a start

      • I have tried it those were my thoughts on it – wondering if you had seen it yet. Maybe they launched it on the east coast first because of our pallor!

        • I’m sorry I misunderstood!! SO many comments on this blog are women asking for foundation recommendations! Enjoy the Peau Vierge!! 🙂

  6. That Dior make-up looks like it would apply nicely. Never tried Dior but I should.
    More of a Lancome girl.

  7. Loved reading about your favorites Amy! What is Liz loving now? 🙂
    I want to share my favorite product of the moment:
    Estee Lauder stay in place cream shadows: there’s a new line of lovely colors and like everything Tom Pecheux does these colors are not dated. Most importantly I LOVE their staying power as bases and by themselves: everything I wanted MAC paintpots to be(they crease quite badly on me) I’ve tried Cafe Au Lait a goldy beige and a pink and purple too. Check them out if you’d like! 🙂

  8. Hi Amy,

    It’s funny you mention how you somehow prefer Lumiere foundation at the moment instead of the new Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I feel the same way, I told the sales rep that it almost seems to be too moisturizing for me at this minute which is a rare thing for me to say becuase I do have dry skin, then, I remember in my trip to Asia back in Sept last year where they were expecting the launch Vitalumiere Aqua in Oct emphasizing the super hydration qualities… I can’t wait for the new lumiere foundation in July : ) enjoy your weekend.


  9. First, I would just like to say that I love your blog. I have been following it for a few months now, although this is the first comment I’ve made. I really enjoy reading your reviews and find them extremely helpful when I’m purchasing new makeup. I usually find that the things Liz loves, I love too! I have cool-toned fair skin, but I love to wear a lot of pinks like Liz. I have made numerous makeup purchases since I started reading your blog–all on your recommendations–and I’ve loved every single one of them! Your reviews are so accurate that I never buy things that are the wrong color for me anymore, which I used to do all the time. Thank you so much!!

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