May 182011

I’m working my way through Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange ($18 on  It’s the closest that I can get to Paris without stepping on a plane.  If you love French style, buy it immediately.

Parisian Chic was written with Ines de la Fessange, a French model and designer.  She has come a long way since the time that she modeled for Chanel during the 1980’s, and her beauty has endured.

Another of Ines as a Chanel model:

Last year, she made an appearance in the Chanel Couture show for Spring/Summer ’11 (ending her 20 year feud with Karl Lagerfeld):

Parisian Chic is full of the simple, yet somehow complicated, secrets of French beauty and style.  The fashion advice is practical and elegant, suggesting touches to any woman’s wardrobe to make it both more classic, edgy and more interesting.

There are sections on food, decor, sights to see in Paris, and even a compilation of boutique hotels to try on an upcoming trip the city of light.  It is delightfully illustrated, clearly written and gorgeously authentic (it is written by a Parisian style icon, after all).

I very much enjoyed the relaxed style of the writing–Ines is as careful to tell you what not to worry about, as she is about what matters.  It’s an engaging read.  I loved how her advice helps me understand how to look feminine without looking like a “good girl.”  Because, let’s face it, when has following the rules ever gotten anyone anywhere?

There is a slim chapter on beauty, featuring some of our favorite lines.

If you are interested in what women in Paris are wearing and doing right now, you’ll love Parisian Chic. At less than $20, it’s far less expensive than plane fare and a wonderful way to pass a few lovely hours learning about French beauty and style.

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  3 Responses to “Book Review: Parisian Chic”

  1. Hi Amy!
    Oh, I love your makeup reviews, but I really need to thank you for this compelling, inspirational book review! I’ve just ordered Parisian Chic and am so looking forward to dipping into it as a pause between my law studies.
    Have a nice Thursday!

  2. that looks like a lovely book and fun to read!

  3. I am just getting my wardrobe back together as my kids are going to Kindergarten this year. I love that she says no man would say I would love you more if you were 4 inches taller. I think I might go for some more comfortable, but still chic, shoes for the summer. 🙂

    Thank you for the review. I am going to have to buy this one.


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