Jun 252011

Like a summer sequel, Café Makeup has returned.  The journey continues!  First of all, I want to thank all of you who sent tweets and emails to let me know that you wanted to see more. I read every one, and each on meant a lot.  I do not expect to be able to post with the same frequency as before, but as was so famously said in Clueless:

Be seing you!

Yeah, I hope not sporadically!

The truth is, I really missed blogging.  Also, I realize now that it was a mistake to take down the archives. I’m sorry. I had even removed it from search engines, which is harder to do than you would think.  Google is gradually finding Café Makeup again, so the swatches from this site should start naturally appearing in search results as the mighty Googlebot begins to crawl the site once again.

In the meantime, beauty blog star Karlasugar has joined the roundup, so our all-star cast is getting stronger than ever.  Here’s what’s on the beauty sites this week:

  • Gouldylox Reviews is giving away a Napolean Perdis set of 5 products to give you a summertime glow. Sign up today!
  • The Non-Blonde gives us a taste of the newer lipstick line called Bite Beauty and the delicious lip color Shiraz.
  • Fab Over Forty shows us one of the many looks that can be created with Le Metier de Beaute Penelope Kaleidoscope.
  • Daly Beauty shares with us her radiant results from the Benefit b.right foaming cleanser. Did it give her that youthful glow?
  • Café Makeup shares with us some of the first close-up looks of the beautiful Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows for fall.
  • Best Things in Beauty found Chanel’s Joues Contraste Fards à Joues Poudre in Rose Écrin to be a perfect blushing pink complement to the Chanel fall eye looks.
  • Karla Sugar gives us a complete and comprehensive shopping guide to MAC newest collection called Bloggers Obsessions.
  • Product Girl Laurie needed to summerize her handbag and what’s in it. She shares with us her lightweight summer essentials.
  • Diva Debbi teaches us how to become “sleeping beauties” with the latest hair products from Nexxus and Kevin Mancuso’s tips.
  • BeautyXposé tests Salon Graphix 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray. Does it really help your hair beat the heat? See her results.
  • The Beauty Look Book gives us a comparison between the Chanel Spring and Fall 2011 Collections; Ombres Perleés de Chanel vs Illusion d’Ombre.

More to look for: I’ve been running into some gorgeous photography on the web these days, including:

  • Tommy Ton’s street fashion photography.  Over the past weeks, he’s been shooting in Milan and Paris for the menswear shows and I’ve been enjoying every little tidbit this genius brings back.  Are you ready to see some amazingly fashionable men?  Slideshow from Style.com is here.

  • Front Row Beauty. I’ve recently discovered this beauty blog from Australia who does lovely photography and makeup application.  Here, she features the Topaki eyeshadow quad from the upcoming Chanel Byzance collection.
  • 25FLondon continues to do gorgeous work, here with Bourjois blushes.  It makes me want to hop on a plane to Europe to get them all.
  • Shu Uemura fans will want to see Rouge Deluxe, who is updating us with the newly reformulated eyeshadows (here) and blushes (here), as well as other news about this entirely re-done line.

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  45 Responses to “Café Makeup Returns”

  1. Hi!!!

    Just wanna say that I miss your blog and is so glad u are back. Look forward to your new postings!

  2. Amy, thank you – you just made my day. <3

  3. Dear Amy,

    Thanks so much for coming back!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how helpful your posts are!


  4. HI!
    So HAPPY that Cafe Makeup IS BACK!
    This is one of my favorite beauty blogs. !

  5. Thank goodness! I am so happy and glad that you’ll be back. Even if you post less often, we still want you as much as we can get. xx

  6. I am so so so glad you and Liz are back. I wanted to get in touch with you while you were on your hiatus to let you know that one more person was truly missing you and your wonderful reviews, but didn’t know where to find you!

    You’re amazing =)


  7. i missed you so much

  8. Omg YESSSS! So glad you’re back Amy

  9. Front Row Beauty has been of my favorite blogs for a while now. She writes exellent reviews and I love her FOTD.

    So happy YOU are back though. I wanted to see your reviews on Le Metier de Beauté kaleidoscopes before I ordered them online and I felt sort of lost without your archive of reviews 😉 I love the kaleidoscopes though (I got Splendid Frost and Penelope). Looking forward to their fall collection!

  10. So happy you are back! Amy, you have such a unique voice in a blogging world! Really missed you!

  11. I refused to believe you were really gone so kept you on my blog roll. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see your name zip back up to the top with a new post! I’m so pleased you’re back Amy x

  12. I’m so glad to see you’re back! I’ve always believed in quality over quantity, so personally, I’d much rather see one amazing post per week from you than than nothing at all. Especially great to see your archive back in action!

    (Thank you for the shout out, & if I haven’t already said it before, adding me to your blogroll!)

  13. Hooray! Welcome back, Amy, and thank you for the time you dedicate to making Café Makeup extraordinary.

  14. Your contentious reviews and swatches were much missed! Glad to see you’re back! The makeup I ordered from the chanel website arrived at my house a few days ago (I am on vacation) and I can’t wait to play around with it when I get back!

  15. I’m SO glad you decided to come back! I haven’t followed all that long but I read many of your older posts. Your entries are always quality over quantity and the photos are stellar, I hope you have Liz ready to pick up where you left off. I have what may be a stupid question, but how do you know ahead of time about future releases? I’m thinking particularly about Chanel.

    • Sandy–it’s all research and conversations. I have no inside information of Chanel, and no contacts or affiliations with the company.

  16. When you announced you were done blogging, I felt as if someone close just died. I realize it’s a bit of an overstatement, I mean, it’s just makeup…but I felt like it wasn’t your time to go. Listen, life gets hectic. If you can’t post a review because life gets busy…then don’t. But I can tell you love blogging. So post when you can and don’t worry about when you can’t. But don’t ever leave us for good : ) We need you! I want to be 85 and still reading your blog finding the best shadows for senior citizens : ) So thank you for not breaking up with us. We’re glad you took us back. Have a fabulous summer!

  17. Amy, I’m so happy you’re back! Yours was always one of my favorite sites. I kept going back every day and thought I was dreaming when I saw you’re back. You have a talent that you have to share with us!

  18. Amy, My prayers have been answered. Literally! When is the Byzance de CHANEL collection coming to the USA?

  19. Once again, I’m glad you’re back! I wish you more beautiful make-up reviews and collections! I really miss you. I felt lost in all those new collections.

  20. Fabulous news Amy! Cafe Makeup is one of my favorite blogs and I was also disappointed when you decided to stop although I understood. I really value your reviews and pics and I think it’s not just me you help with providing your detailed point of view. Have a great weekend and looking forward to more posts!

  21. Amy, Cafe Makeup is THE BEST beauty blog anywhere. Your readers were bouncing around for a while like marbles in a big box, lonely and adrift and so sad. Never go away again! And remember what I told you a long time ago, your color depictions are absolutely accurate.

  22. Do you know if the Byzance de CHANEL will be available in stores, the various CHANEL boutiques, online, or what???

    • Hi Susie–I suspect it will be released like Soho, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve been told that Chanel Soho is getting it (and the rumor mill said they got it today, but who knows?). Not all Chanel boutiques, tho. I suspect it will be online like Soho was as well. Nordstrom Seattle (the large store #1) is said to get it too.

  23. I’m thrilled to hear you are back! Your blog is truly stands out among the rest in quality and content. I totally understand if you can’t post regularly, but knowing we’ll hear from you when exciting collections are released is wonderful. (I had a sneaky feeling you would be back to talk about Chanel Fall 2011 at the very least.) I believe very few blogs cover the high-end, luxury cosmetics sphere as well as you! Cheers.

  24. I’ve been stalking the site daily hoping that you would decide to come back. I had only recently found Cafe Makeup through another blog and it quickly became one of my favorites. I spent hours going through the archives and love that I can see swatches on a lighter skin tone like my own.

    Thank you!!!

  25. I am so glad you decided to keep blogging. You are one of my regulars. Thanks!

  26. Nice to see you back, sometimes its difficult to keep up the constant enthusiasm for blogging, but please keep at it, you seem to really understand what your readers are looking for and its great to whats new and whats around,even if we can’t purchase everything, Best wishes, and thanks again for trying, C xxx

  27. Glad you’re back! Please don’t feel don’t feel pressured to post more than you have time for. We’ll still be here.

  28. Please do NOT go away again. Ever.

  29. Hi Amy really glad you are back. There are a lot of great beauty bloggers out there but no one can replace you 🙂
    I also want to thank you for including my blog in your friday link love. Thank you so much! It means so much to me..I am just so flattered..

  30. Welcome back – I would be lost without your Chanel posts! Nobody does it quite like Cafe Makeup 🙂

  31. I am so glad you are back Amy!! I missed reading your blog daily – sneaking in times during work 😉 and spending even more time on it once I got home. You’re the #1 place to go for Chanel…and perfect timing too!! so glad your’re back 🙂

  32. Welcome back! I was so happy to hear you restored your archives but even happier to see you are blogging again – yay!

  33. SO glad you’re back! Life without your swatches was TOUGH! I almost took up Margarita drinking to fill the void, lol.


  34. It’s so good to see you (and the archives) back <3

  35. Happy you are back!

  36. I’m so happy that you’re back. We’ve all missed you! 🙂

  37. What a relief that you are back!I was really sad when I saw you want to stop blogging..
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and the high quality pictures with us!
    Your biggest hungarian fan:)

  38. Very glad you’re back! You do really high quality work and your archives are a terrific resource. As so many others have said, your followers will be here whenever you post – however often that happens to be.

  39. So pleased you have returned!!!

  40. I was really sad when I saw that the blog is closed…more happier I was when I found out today that you are back!!! 🙂

  41. Oh my gosh! I am so happy you’re back! I followed your blog daily before you closed. Wouldn’t have known you were back up again but I was Googling Chanel’s new Fall collection and you popped up? You’re back on the radar! Hooray!!! So thrilled!

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