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Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Prelude ($57 #33) (Les 4 Ombres/Ombres a Paupiers Quator) is a neutral eyeshadow-lover’s dream.  The colors are gorgeous for any time of the year.  Unlike most of Chanel’s neutral palettes, Prelude has a cool edge.  In fact, you can see in the upper left corner a tiny touch of teal sparkle in the soft putty-taupe shade.  Who would have thought to add a this touch?

As all Chanel eyeshadow palettes, Prelude comes in the luxurious, familiar palette that will fit within your existing collection.  Here is a picture in softer indoor light, where you can see that the sparkle softly recedes:

Four gorgeous colors:

  • A light softly shimmering beige highlight (upper right)
  • A putty-taupe with teal sparkle (upper left)
  • A very soft tan with subtle microsparkle that is mostly white but with multicolored reflects
  • A deep brown infused with a plum tone–the deep plum seems far less apparent when worn

Close up in direct sun:

I did some comparison swatches, but all of my other Chanel palettes seem quite warm by comparison, well except for Stupendous which has a more silver/plum tone.  For example, here is Prelude next to Chanel Dunes and Chanel Shimmering Dunes:

If you love cooler neutrals, you have found your perfect palette.  Also, Prelude seems like a promising palette to mix with some of the Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows, including Epatant, Ebloui and Illusoire. So mix it up a little! More swatches, applying Prelude dry:

Applied wet:

Applied very quickly on Liz’s eye.  We didn’t have time for mascara or liner, we were running out of time and so we thought one picture that shows the texture applied to the lid would be of assistance:

Overall:  Chanel Prelude is highly recommended.  Especially if you are cool-toned, you need it. So many neutral, high quality palettes lean warm.

I understand that Prelude is joining Chanel’s permanent collection, thankfully.


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  20 Responses to “Chanel Prelude Eyeshadow Palette: Review and Swatches”

  1. I am definitely getting Prelude!! I have Stupendous and it reminds of it…they look a little similar.

  2. Can I just say how glad I am you did not give up the blogosphere? How could you when Bobbi Brown, herself, gives you a shout out! You all have a touch of class and sophistication I don’t find elsewhere. I would love it if you would add some thoughts about how you choose your looks from day to day. I’m a little lost when it comes to looking at my makeup collection and deciding what goes together and how to compliment what I’m wearing. I would trust any advice you hand out!

  3. Hiya,

    I’m from Singapore. 🙂 I’m seriously eyeing on this quad 🙂 I have so many brown and beige palettes that I will like to give it a try! I have asked the local Chanel counter but no news yet.

    But I’m warm tone, does it mean I will have a hard time making this quad work for me?

    Btw, I too want to say I’m glad that this wonderful blog is back for good. 🙂 I love reading your blog, in fact, I read it more faithfully than my newspaper! 😉

    • I am warm-toned and Prelude can be used with warmer skin tones as well. I am a big believer in using both warm and cool tones in my look. Also, Prelude is a very subtle cool tone–it is quite a neutral palette. This has so many neutral tones that it should look lovely with a wide variety of skin tones.

  4. When I first saw Prélude I was struck by it’s beauty but I held off on ordering from Chanel because I was a bit worried that it might look drab with my warm coloring. When I tracked it down at Neiman’s, I held my breath as I quickly swatched it and held it into the light. The verdict? Prélude is an essential. It has that same mercurial magic that Edward Bess shadows have; that same subtle sophistication and architectural élan that provides depth and dimension to the eye area. Am I making sense? When you said that Prélude should also be used with other eyeshadows, I think you really hit upon its true value. It certainly can and will be used alone to beautiful effect, but where it really excels is in providing an elegant structure and base. How can something so deceptively simple be so striking! Prélude is the perfect name for this essential quad.

  5. Thank you for this comprehensive review. Even though the new cream shadows by Chanel may be more immediately captivating, I think Prelude may prove to be the dark horse in the Fall 2011 Collection. I am glad, however, that Prelude will be a permanent part of Chanel’s makeup line so that I don’t have to rush out and get it… just yet!

  6. These look so smooth and cool.

  7. That taupe echoes Quartz, doesn’t it? It’s nice how the collection has built-in resonance.

  8. This is my perfect palette! I have already used it a couple times this week. It really is so beautiful.

  9. This and Khaki Platine were the first two items I purchased online sight unseen knowing with my dark brown hair and medium complexion it would be perfect…and it was in every way. I have also mixed a couple of these shades with other quads (namely Dunes and Lilium) and the effect is marvelous. I’m going to try some color combos with Mystic Eyes and Taupe Delicat this weekend as well because I think these shades will look great with a lot of other neutrals. I would say that Prelude, without a doubt, is a must have in this collection. Thanks for the review and pics Amy!

  10. I love this quad and will be getting it as soon as it lands here in the UK. I have been waiting for Chanel to produce a neutral quad like this one since they discontinued my beloved Influences quad a couple of years back.

    Thanks for all your amazing Chanel Fall posts, you have really helped me narrow down my wishlist to the pieces that will work for me from your beautiful swatches. Although my wishlist is still most of the collection!

  11. I think this will be the first quad of Chanel that am going to purchase, it’s really amazing, I was waiting for it for years.
    And Amy, I can’t express how happy I’m that you and your dear to my heart blog are back, it wasn’t the same without you!

  12. I purchased this quad (along with Rose Ecrin blush) today and it was love at first sight. Dunes has long been my favorite Chanel quad but this one will give it some competition.

    I love your Chanel fall posts! Your photos and descriptions are sublime and really help me narrow down what I want to purchase.

  13. Sorry to rain on the parade. I bought Prelude (and most of the rest of the CHANEL fall collection) yesterday. Couldn’t wait to wear it. Put it on today and wow–I hate it. Taupe? Hardly! I beg to differ. It is in fact an ugly collection of khakis and muddy greens that flatter few, and certainly not me. Love CHANEL, hate this palette. Yuk!

  14. OK, OK, I know when I’m wrong and I am not ashamed to admit it. I wore Prelude to the gym this morning (really, isn’t that the best place to test-drive new makeup?). I studied my eyes (and face, because I wore the Rose Ecrin blush, Etole lipstick and the Braise gloss) done up with Prelude and the Khaki Platine eye pencil, and I had to admit I liked what I saw. That was in the gym. Came home in bright sunlight and kept studying my eyes in the car mirror and like what I saw even more. Got into the house and went to my nice big magnifying bathroom mirror and LOVED what I saw. So I am humbled and, as always, CHANEL is wonderful.

  15. So glad to see your pictures and reviews of this. I picked this up (after Sabrina’s posts about it) and fell in love. I get that it’s a set of neutrals, but neutrals seem to be very easy to cut corners on. This is such a lovely palette and I am glad to hear they’re making this permanent! Your pictures and descriptions are gorgeous! (And make me want to fuss over it just for a day of lounging and cooking!)

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  17. I’m so glad to see this review and swatches! ‘m not sure if I should be happy, but I’m cool toned 😀 I’m currently waiting for Enigma quad and I’ll definitely check this out! Happy it’s permanent so I don’t have to hunt it down 😀

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