Jul 032011

Here’s what three things I’m obsessed with this week:

First, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us, including beauty exclusives.  These will include Chanel’s Le Blanc Collection (an Asia exclusive set available there earlier this year).  I picked up a few items through the assistance of a friend, but missed this one–Chanel Joues Contraste Rose Tourbillon blush (#43):

I’m also looking forward to picking up this nail polish set from Le Metier de Beaute called Rock n Romance for $25:


Second, Chanel alert! Rumors of a new coral nail polish for Chanel are surfacing.  An article in the L.A. Times featured an interview the Chanel’s  global creative director of Chanel Makeup and renaissance artist Peter Philips, who described some of this process for developing new nail colors.

According to the LA Times, Chanel has helped lead us into an era where we’ll wear blue or yellow polish.  Consider this quote: “…by putting those shades in Chanel packaging, you give it credibility. If Chanel makes a surf board, it’s cool. Not every brand can do that.”

Finally, Philips threw us all this hint about an upcoming color–“In New York, I got a shopping bag with a handle in this amazing coral color,” he said. “It will be a nail polish.”  We’ll look for that one, Peter!   Here’s my question to you– do you find yourself wearing more dramatic nail colors now, compared to past years?

Third, this Dior video featuring Fall 2011 clothing (Cafe Makeup thanks romance-twitter goddess Lily of Opulence for linking it).  Here’s another question–do you have two minutes this weekend to watch an absolute fantasy of gorgeous clothing?  I do, I do!


Here’s what some of my beauty blogging BFF’s are obsessed with this week:

  • Daly Beauty suggested some gorgeous green fragrances – perfect summer scents.
  • Fab over Forty gave us a sneak peek into the tempting Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection with new Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows, Rouge G lipsticks, and more.
  • The Non-Blonde shared a sneak peek at Laura Mercier’s Canyon Collection for Fall 2011.
  • Café Makeup recommended Chanel’s Eyeshadow Quadra Eyeshadow in Prélude for Fall 2011, a neutral eye shadow lover’s dream.
  • Best Things in Beauty flipped over Chanel’s Rigard Signé de Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Topkapi and Joues Contraste Or from the Byzance Collection.
  • The Beauty Look Book delved into a Chanel exclusive: the charming Royallieu #58 Rouge Coco Shine – one that will coordinate perfectly with Prélude.
  • Product Girl spotlighted the gorgeous Jouer Sheer Bronzing Tint SPF 15 and Peony Lip Gloss, a perfect match made in sunshine heaven.
  • Karla Sugar swatched Bobbi Brown’s acclaimed Tortoise Shell Collection for Fall 2011.
  • Looking to get out of a style rut? Head over to Gouldylox Reviews to see how Kelly did it.
  • See Kristin’s summer favorites for hair, makeup, and fashion at BeautyXposé.
  • Finally, a woman who has been in our thoughts lately, Princess Diana – then and now – at DivaDebbi.


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  4 Responses to “Here’s What I’m Obsessed With This Week…”

  1. “Do you find yourself wearing more dramatic nail colors now, compared to past years?”

    Sure! It was Chanel that made black ‘cool’ and no longer ‘goth’! Thanks for the article. I love seeing where Peter gets his inspiration.

  2. Nice obsessions! <3

    I'm obsessed with MAC Girl About Town, Inglot AMC blush in 82, ChG Below Deck! <3

  3. I’ve never been much of a nail polish person, preferring a neat and neutral nail, but yes, I do find myself being much more daring when it comes to nail color now that high quality polishes are being released in such innovative colors.

    As for Chanel’s Le Blanc collection, I can hardly wait to pick up my goodies Tuesday morning. I had first seen the collection on Rouge Deluxe and was chagrined that it was an Asian exclusive. Then when I saw swatches of some of the products on Sabrina’s blog back in March, I had a terrible case of eat-your-heart-out! Those were my colors! In Japan!! Oh, phooey!!! When I learned that they would be a featured anniversary sale exclusive, I immediately went to see the utterly charming Yukiko, Chanel MA, to book my pre-sale appointment. I guess good things do come to those who wait 🙂

    Happy Fourth of July everyone!

  4. That Dior video is really beautiful, thank you for sharing. I have seen only photos of this collection. As for nail polishes, I’ve been wearing yellow, black, blue etc a long time ago so Chanel did not influence me in any way.

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