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I’m a bit reluctant to review Chanel Double Perfection Natural Matte Powder Makeup in 80 Medium Beige ( #80).  This was a product that was included in my shipment from Chanel.  I’m assuming that this is a new color for Fall 2011.  Given that my typical color is on the 20 Soft Beige end of the scale, this is not a color with which I have a lot of familiarity.  My fear is that this review will raise more questions than I can answer, but I’m forging ahead with the hope that you’ll find it helpful nonetheless.

Generally, Chanel’s Double Perfection powder foundation is a lovely matte foundation.  I’ve used it my Soft Beige for quite some time.  I find that applying it wet with the included sponge gives heavy coverage.  I prefer to apply it with a brush for a more natural look, typically over a primer or Chanel’s UV Essentiel SPF 50, which also acts as a primer.  A dense brush (such as a kabuki), will give me heavy coverage.  A soft powder brush gives light coverage.

After application, I usually add a spritz of Caudalie Eau de Beaute to minimize the powdery look that powder foundations can give for the first hour or so of wear time.  It helps the foundation settle into my skin.

I have found that in colder weather months, bronzer can look like too much.  Some readers may be reluctant to wear bronzer ever, at all.  For those occasions, I’ve longed to get a deeper toned foundation for light contouring.  In a way, this foundation was the answer to this wish, as it is several shades deeper than my natural color, and so can be used lower on the checks to add subtle depth.  This can be used with either a lighter powder foundation, or patted over a liquid foundation in my color.

Bottom line: Win (for this limited purpose).



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  5 Responses to “Chanel Double Pefection Foundation Powder- Medium Beige / Contour”

  1. I’ve heard a lot of beauty bloggers talk about using a darker foundation shade for contouring. I’ve never tried it out myself, I prefer to use a matte taupe blush, but it’s a nice way of using foundations that are too dark! What’s the approximate wear time on this one?

    • Wear time depends heavily on how you apply it, your skin and the temperature/ environment. Unlike some liquid foundations, I have to use care to get a full day. If you apply with a wet sponge on normal to dry skin over a primer, you’ll get the longest wear time. Those with oily skin should expect to touch up mid-day.

  2. Hello Amy, I am sometime a bit confused with Chanel lineup. For instance we, in France do nor Have this product but Have the vitalumiere Éclat instead. How would you compare double perfection with the vitalumiere éclat that you purchased in Paris which is my HG foundation ?

    • Hi Honor–it’s lovely to hear from you! Double Pefection is for oily skin and gives a very matte effect. Vitalumiere Eclat is designed for normal (to dry) skin, and seems to have more life on the skin. There is more luminousity with Vitalumiere Eclat (compared to Double Perfection). I hope you are having a lovely summer!

      • Thank you Amy, I mentioned it earlier but it is so nice to have you back. Early June I went to Chanel to buy the byzantine collection and m’y first reaction was to think about what a nice review you would have written about it. Your blog was really missed. Enjoy your summer. H

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